Monday, 9 September 2013

Stress, Stress & more Stress

That's all that consists for me at the moment, I always find getting the balance back to routine after the long summer holidays daunting & stressful... I can't begin to imagine how the children feel these days?!

It's one thing after another, uniforms, lunches, arriving on time, after school clubs, swimming, school trips, residential trips it really is all go, go, go this year!

On top of which this week I've a mammoth cake request for my good friend Louisa's wedding which is happening Friday - yes Friday 13th of all days, I'm a little superstitious & having nightmares of caketastrophes happening...

Tomorrow is the start of the big bake off, 10" chocolate, 8" lemon, 6" vanilla, alongside 20 of each chocolate, lemon & vanilla cupcakes for a contrasting cupcake tower to go next to the main cake!!!

Cascades of butterflies to adorn the main cake & contrasting butterflies for the cupcakes, ribbons, pearls it's all going to be beautiful but I can't help but panic & worry till it is all completed, set up looking lovely in situ.

I'm desperately trying to make it feasible to attend the evening celebrations, but due to transport, babysitters & an impending funeral on Monday too, I'm not sure I'll get there - I am trying though, with all the will in the world.

I'm as tense as can be, so as soon as I've helped put the children to bed & the shopping away, I think a long soak in a nice relaxing bath is most definitely in order tonight...

Number one son is as hyper as an energizer bunny, no idea why but it is pushing me to my limits & some right now - is this just a sign I'm getting old I wonder?!

Just a brief blog as so much to do & so little time, but wanted y'all to know why I just may be a little awol this week!!!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Back to the Blogger app

As you may know from my last blog here I'd swapped from an unstable version of the Blogger app over to Bloggeroid...

Now it was ok as an app, but any photos I'd posted using that app magically disappeared (must get round to re-adding these sometime soon) so I figured, let's reinstall the Blogger app & see if it's more stable again these days?!

So far, so good... I'm currently using the app while cooking the minions dinner, yes it's later than usual but Youth Group doesn't prevail me making it earlier as I like to spend time with the little lady while the older siblings are having fun at the hub.

Quick tea tonight, pasta, pesto & frankfurters... They're all happy with that, so that's what they're getting!

Another gloriously sunny day today, caught up with not one, not two but three good friends which was lovely.

First a final dog walk with Sam & the wonderful Tommy, he sure is going to make a brilliant guide dog - I will miss him as will Sam & her family, but the walks won't stop as me & Sam want more energy & to be healthier :)

Next I went to see Sally with some wool for her next masterpiece creation ooak for me... We had coffee, chatted & it was bliss!

Finally, walking through town I briefly bumped into the lovely Kay... We had a short but brief catch up, which was well overdue & we're going to try & squeeze a coffee in somewhere, who knows where but we will try so we can really catch up.

Dinner is cooked & I must serve up, so I bid you a good evening.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Long time, no Blog?!

Not strictly true as I've been keeping up with my blogging over at my WordPress blog...

... But boy have I neglected this little baby?! Considering this was my firstborn blog I feel quite dreadful for leaving it out for the past few months.

The fact of the matter is, I tend to blog mostly from my phone these days as I have no time to set the laptop up & the PC is gathering dust too... But the title with mobile blogging is the apps!

Now WordPress has a remarkably stable app, I never, ever have a problem with it whatsoever. On the other hand, I swapped from the,blogger app to bloggeroid as the last blogger app update had too many bugs, wouldn't load or crashed & was too unstable both on Android & Apple (before anyone quips in with I should have an iPhone, I have an iPod touch & the app is just as unstable as it is on Android). So I started on Bloggeroid, but for whatever reason my photos have disappeared from my blogs which is,damn right frustrating!

Yes, I'm using Bloggeroid as I type but safely not putting any photos or pictures of any sort in this entry - so fingers crossed the blog stays as I type it, else I'll be don't some editing when the children are safely settled back to school.

I think it's time to retry the Blogger app & see if it is going to play ball, as I do miss sharing with y'all over here!

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Am I missing it?!

No, nope, not one incy, tincy, itty, bitty, bit...

I'm talking about Farcebook, sorry should I say Facebook?!

Now aside from the specific family members (you should all know who you are) I was in touch with regularly & a few dear friends (also I hope you realise who you are?) that I can actually say are friends.

Sadly I can say the majority of people that requested my friendship were either old school pals, nosey beggars or just fraudsters - hence I call it Farcebook!!! So many people abuse what was a good social network when it started out, these days there are so many that I will term as 'Cyber Trolls'

Most of these 'Cyber Trolls' sadly do not even realise what they do is so detrimental to others, as most people will not pick up on the subtle tell-tale signs some individuals post that things aren't just right: in fact even when the tell-tale signs ate blatantly obvious most people will overlook it or think things as 'he/she's just a drama queen, out for attention, wanting to be noticed' - but it is not as 'Black n White' as this.

Sometimes people just need some understanding, a friendly ear to listen, someone to talk to, a bit of empathy or just a hug. 'Cyber Trolls' rarely have a nice word to say, they keep quiet most of the time on what others post & then they just make little digs, chipping away at the person who may not be in the best of places, they could be suffering with anxieties, their self-esteem could be low & these 'Cyber Trolls' do not realise the damage they do...

Little digs when a person is vulnerable like this have a knock on effect (sometimes catastrophic effects) which is just awful. I'm sure they don't mean harm, but I'm also sure most are unaware of what damage these little digs can to ones soul. It is mental bullying & can be soul destroying & I for one have come across too many examples of pages, cakey friends & friends that have been subjected to such 'Cyber Trolls' that I have removed myself from such a negative environment.

There's enough sadness & negativity all around these days, so I'm talking a positive step to eradicate some from my life. I have my blogs, where I can write my thoughts down about anything & everything - after all I've freedom of speech, so therefore I'm speaking albeit in text form!

I still use Twitter as its not so offensive or full of 'Cyber Trolls' & of course I couldn't stop my Instagram antics as we all know how much I love my photos!!!

As for the dreaded Farcebook, I miss certain friends, family, cakey friends, my cakey hobby page, a couple of groups, a select couple of games but as for the endless drivel that sometimes certain individuals would gripe about & mindless 'Cyber Trolls' polluting the used to be nice social network - I do not miss it at all! In fact I can categorically say I miss smoking more & I don't actually miss that so Farcebook is well & truly off the cards for the foreseeable future for me.

Those that know me well enough & actually call me a friend that mean it, have my number, have my email, know my address & those that don't - who cares?! Not my problem anymore, I am creating my own happiness from now on. If you want cake there's ways to get in touch, but if you don't well I'm not complaining.

I may head back one day you never know, but which account I use I haven't decided... I've had 3 different accounts over the years, so it could be anyone of them if I return. But as I say it won't be in the foreseeable future, so don't hold your breath waiting - miss my photos?! Princess_Lyndypops is my Instagram... Miss my updates??? Lady_Cupcakez is my Twitter & you obviously know my blog if your reading this or you can look up my other on WordPress it's called: Photographic Opportunities

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Theme Park Frustration

Now if you've followed my blog for some time, are friends with me on Facebook or are privileged to know me in person you will know I'm a complete thrill seeker...

I love rollercoasters FACT!!!

Now last year we took a year out from getting Merlin Passes, we'd been avid Merlin Pass holders for 3 maybe 4 consecutive years (I forget as I'm getting older, that & my frazzled epileptic brain there's no hope for an elephants memory in all areas)...

So needless to say when the opportunity arose to renew our passes this year thanks to my thrifty saving up of Tesco clubcard vouchers & Nectar points, we had enough to get the whole family of fives passes!

We went to Legoland on June 8th & had a fantastic time with the children, the weather was perfect - this year it was even better, thanks to being non-smokers we didn't have to head over to the only smoking area ironically at The Fire Academy - more fun ride time & we watched the 'Pirates of Skeleton Bay' from a good vantage point.

Of course we still ran out of time to get everything covered in a day, but with Merlin Passes that's no big issue - Windsor is not so far away & we can go as and when we please within reason.

Sadly for the unforeseeable future there will be no more theme parks until we get family transport now... You see our beloved trusty family car has died a horrible death on June 11th.

Arghhhh, to have but a teaser taster of a theme park day is torture to me... I've been tracking progress of Alton Towers new epic World First fantastic ride 'The Smiler' for months & months - now I can't see getting there, let alone try out the new ride.

Looks awesome right??? I so, so, so want to go on it... Forget the epilepsy, I'm riding it - I've not officially had any indication of photosensitive epilepsy in previous tests (even though since my medication started this year I've had quite a few unexplained incidents which could possibly indicate I'm getting an epileptic problem in that area of my brain too) but NO, epilepsy does NOT own me & I shall ride The Smiler!

I'm just increasingly frustrated having not done Alton Towers since 2011 & it's by far my favorite theme park (of all I've tried, aside Disneyland Paris) - I want to go!!!

So if & when we are mobile again that's where I'm heading for sure... Who's up for coming with me???

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

All the Fun of the Circus!

What a treat!

Tonight for the first time EVER in my life I went to the circus!

I've wanted to go for years & years, but never got the opportunity or money to do so.

By luck, I'd been alerted by The Hub as OYAP Trust had a limited number of Free tickets for Young Carers & their families - first come first serve basis.

I'd received a text yesterday lunchtime & thought what the heck, let's try & by luck I was one of the lucky ones.

My friend Sam's father-in-law had also posted on Facebook, but I'd already reserved our tickets... I was so pleased today when I found out how much this would've cost us as a family of five!

It would've cost us £84, so I am so, so thankful to OYAP Trust... Albeit I think I want to join the circus now, what a wonderful way of life - these people had a wonderful time performing together & wow they were so talented.

A donkey, a goose, chickens, horses, a magician, jugglers, acrobats, a rope walker, puppeteers it was absolutely brilliant!

I was mesmerized by a lot of the acts, my favourites were the jugglers & their fire batons the juggled & balanced. I also thought the rope walker was spectacular & as for the ladies costumes, I'd love a pair of the purple velvet shorts!!!

Of course my phone was out (on silent), photos were taken & I've made a few collages of some of the snaps for you all.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed the show & if you do by chance get the opportunity do visit Giffords Circus, it is well worth the money a 90 minute show suitable for all ages... Under 3's go free & sit on your lap! Adults £21, Children £14

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Unsatisfied with S4

It has been a long while since I blogged (well it feels like it to me & I started this on Sunday, yet it is now The early hours of Wednesday), but life's been as hectic as normal here & still is... I shall try n blog more this week with a brief round-up of all the family life going ons, but for now this is all about my recent phone upgrade.

For the past 17+ months I've had an HTC Sensation XL which I've loved 99.5% of the time (only .5% of the time it's had minor glitches from user error, ie/ I take far too many photos & was filling it up so that it ran slow - Ooops)

Now on my 18 month contact I was able to upgrade with O2 at 17 months, I'd been toying for over a month between the Sony Xperia Z & Samsung Galaxy S4 -I'd opted for the S4 for purely cosmetic reasons... You see I'm a girlie girl & the S4 looked slightly more girlie in White Frost (even though the Z is exclusively in Purple for O2) the S4's more curvaceous you see.

So on ordering this new Samsung S4 (on Fri 31st May) I was happy with my bartering technique online (I'd bagged a great deal) unlimited text, unlimited calls & 2gb of data on a refresh 2 year contract all for £37 a month (cheaper than my then current contract, with loads more data & unlimited calls as opposed to 600 mins & 500mb data) brilliant I thought...

I was overly excited when the package arrived by courier on Monday 3rd June I instantly took some photos to collage & Instagram as I do... But instantly found out I needed to a) do a sim swap & b) I wouldn't use it till I had a screen protector & silicone case to protect it. This phone is not cheap it's a top of the range 'Smart'phone at RRP £450+

So I didn't actually start using the phone till Tuesday afternoon when I finally decided to take the plunge & swap my sim to the new micro sim (I'd picked up screen protectors & a silicone purple cover from Poundland).

Now the first major glitch I disliked was the linking of contacts, I ended up with well over 1000 as it pulled contacts from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Windows Live & created new contacts even if they were of the same name! Some friends ended up in my new phone 4 or 5 times!!! I then tried to Bluetooth over from my old phone, but could only send 10 at a time... This was tedious but meant I could have who I wanted.

The next thing I hated about contacts, apart from not merging links into one contact, it didn't put profile pictures on so everybody was this awful tacky head - yuk! So unless I saw the person to take a picture of them they were all this head with a different coloured  background!

Now it doesn't come with Facebook as a standard factory installed app, not necessarily a bad thing but I like to access my page & as I don't often get chance to turn my laptop on these days it's a must for me, great I'm used to the android app & once installed seemed just as it was on HTC - Fab! I then downloaded some other frequently used apps by me: Instagram, Twitter, PhotoGrid, Blogger, WordPress, Subway Surfers, Bejeweled Blitz, Candy Crush, Amazon Kindle Reader to name a few favs.

Twitter worked perfectly fine, as did the Amazon Kindle Reader. Bejeweled Blitz seemed good - I've not installed on my HTC but I will now it's available, keeps crashing on the iPod!!! Now I didn't try Blogger, I did try WordPress - blogged today you can check it out here: Photographic Opportunities

Onto my next gripe...

Typing on the S4 - arghhhhhhh!!! Qwerty keyboard fine, but what's not fine is only having a . available on the main keyboard & not a , this is awful in my opinion, as I a) txt a lot, b) use FB for statuses/messages/comments & c) I blog using my phone so a comma is essential if you ask me! I pride myself on good English, in fact I think my grammar is pretty darn good... This cannot be so without the humble comma though. It actually takes 7 steps to get from main keyboard to enter a comma & get back to the main keyboard on the S4 - that's ludicrous, seriously!!!!!

I'll slip in a small good point here... It did have two pages of special characters including the infamous middle dot - which my HTC does not have (much to my disapproval), but that wasn't a big enough reason to keep a phone I was not entirely satisfied with!


So next I try out the trace typing, I've been a HUGE fan of this since finding it on the HTC... It sure can make writing mighty quick with this feature & rarely on my trusty HTC does it make many errors (in fact most of this blog has been written by trace typing) but my word the Samsung made some big errors, maybe I was too quick for it? After all I've used this system for nearly a year & a half on the HTC & it can keep up with me!!!

I figure I'll have to give voice recognition typing a go (I've never needed it on here, although the feature is available) but I figure maybe just maybe that feature will work for me... Wrong!!! More errors than you can shake a stick at, but at least if nothing else the combination of using all 3 typing styles on the S4 it made for an amusing little blog earlier?!

Now there is a text related feature that I did like about the S4, although it was rather limited, you could actually change the font you viewed the text on your phone in. So instead of plain Ariel you could have a funky lil font instead, I do believe you could download others but whether that would affect the phones performance or not I don't know... I didn't download extras as I found a font named Choco Coco (or something like that) which was very me indeed!

Now as you may or may not know, I'm a keen amature photographer... I have 2 cameras a pocket & a semi-pro but it's the main other reason I have a 'Smart'phone - for the camera. Now my HTC is 8mp which produced very good photos, the Samsung boasted a clever 13mp camera! Now yes this was true of non-moving photos they were great, but slight movement not so great... out of focus, blurred not good. It did have some gimmicky features (I didn't try them all) but I did try the dual screen photo where it takes your reaction to the picture you're taking - not a bad feature, except it framed you in a stamp frame & as far as I'm aware you couldn't change that :(

The next gripe about photos is the Instagram app, now I use this on my iPod, I use it on my HTC... No problems on either, both perfectly working fine & dandy. On first go all is well on the S4, but although I tested the filters I hadn't tried the sharpen feature... On second go I decided to use this & boy what a surprise! If you wanted Android green added around your photo in patches too - Great - NOT!!!

You will notice that this blog will have an array of collages of photos taken with my HTC not the S4 but of the S4 & lots of my gripes (some of the good points too)... Yes, you will see just how snap happy I can be!

Now a good point about the S4 is the sound quality, absolutely magnificent. Crystal clear, beautiful, faultless, it also had some lovely ringtones, txt alerts & alarms (of course there were some rough dodgy ones too) but the sound I could not fault at all - Well Done Samsung!

The screen was clear & precise (unless displaying a blurred out of focus photo) which was nice, but it didn't feel nice to touch - I've got a screen protector on my HTC & it feels lovely trace typing or regular typing, but the Samsung just didn't feel as smooth... Maybe I'm just weird?!

Widgets: Arghhhhhh! Now the Samsung S4 came with a multitude of widget gizmos, so I rearranged the 5 pages down to 3 & put the widgets most useful to me on instead of the factory defaults. Blurgh... The calculator & calender were much more inferior than those on my HTC, also the weather widget didn't amalgamate the clock & alarm feature (as my HTC does) so another alarm/clock widget had to be added on a separate page.

Now I found some widgets that I thought would be absolutely brilliant for me, they all run under the S Health app... There was a Active widget, Food widget & Walk widget (forgive me I forget the exact names now) so I try to install these - Big Mistake! The widgets either loaded correct but the app wouldn't run properly & kept crashing or if you uninstalled the widgets the app would still crash even after a phone restart (hadn't even run the app, but it came up with errors still) or if you reinstalled widgets they wouldn't load correctly & only part install... Very poor if it's a pre-loaded widget you cannot delete from the phone.

My next gripe is the apps.... Now the preinstalled ones cover approx 3-4 pages, I downloaded some favourites & deleted those I could that a) I didn't like, b) I didn't need & c) I'd never use - thinking the Samsung would be smart as a 'Smart'phone should be, it would rejig the apps to take up as little room/pages as possible... Nope, it kept them spread out with gaps! So I think ok I can move these like my iPod let's me - wrong again, they stay put & don't move unless you just delete them, FanFreakingTastic!!!

Now as previously mentioned I'm a big snap happy armature photographer & take what could be considered as plenty of photos... I sometimes think I don't actually take enough, but that's just me! Anyhow, Samsung decide that this new S4 'Smart'phone with it's amazing 13mp all singing, all dancing camera should have a preinstalled app called: Story Book - you can create albums of lots of photos from specific events to them print as an actual memory album. Great if you can choose to do this or not, but I don't want to be told or have albums suggested every 5 minutes cause I take plenty of photos! Sheesh, let me decide please?

Now active apps, tell me how is it an app can start over & over & over again by itself when a) you've never opened it & b) you keep ending the app?! I don't get that at all... But the S4 decided Galaxy Play Music should be constantly running, draining the battery power with it's processors etc. Sort it out!

I did like that the S4 had a Micro SD Card slot, so I could put my old Micro SD Card in from my HTC predecessor the Sony Aino & managed to get photos of some cakes done a few years ago back to Instagram... Happy Days. However, I didn't like the fact that the photo gallery now had created god knows how many albums from the camera, the card, Facebook, Dropbox, anything that actually had a picture included I now had an album for - talk about using up all the memory before you've even started using the phone.

I liked one particular feature which meant you could swap between tasks easily or close all tasks quickly... You held the home key & a task manager or running windows pane opened where you could close all or instantly jump to the task you wanted - that was mighty useful.

To read email there was a nifty eye sensor which was tricky to control with your eyes, but you could tilt the phone so you could move the page up or down - that was pretty cool.

I really didn't like the fact the volume keys were on the left side not the right side, the power button was now on the right instead of on the top... These things were all niggling me but the final thing that tipped me over the edge to send it back was the non-working Air motion feature! Apparently to take a screen shot you just glide your hand sideways over the screen & voila... Nope, it didn't work at all :(

I use the screen shot function a lot so this was a disaster & somewhat extremely frustrating.

So with a sad heart the phone I'd set my mind on had failed me in an epic way & I set fourth to back-up the small amount of photos I'd done in just 4.5 days (all 122 of them) then I did a factory reset after deleting all contacts, downloaded apps etc. I finally powered it down to package up & send back to O2.

It wasn't the phone for me, but it could be perfect for someone else... I hope you've not fallen asleep with this rather in depth review blog, but I had to get it all out, in sure I've missed something?!

Marks out of 10??? I give it a score of 4.5, a few nice features, looks pretty, but not perfectly functioning for my needs - poor show.

Oh if you have an S4 & love it great, if you know me & want the purple silicone cover just txt me & I've a spare screen protector you can have too - free for the taking!!!

Here's the photos, I'll try to prettify this up & rearrange the pics when next on the laptop... Whenever that will be!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Lightening does strike twice...

Well it does in this house! Just almost 6yrs to the day my youngest Anneliese had the mildest case of chicken pox ever - 1 solitary spot on her head, bear in mind she was just over 2 months old, so I was rather pleased with this!

If you look through my previous blogs, back to 2007 you'll see an entry titled 'Why Does It All Go Wrong?!'

Hermione was the first to get 'The Pox' on April 30th 2007, she would've been a cute almost 3yrs 9mth old then! Cameron got it next on May 16th 2007, he was 5yrs 10mth old & suffered awfully - he was covered head to toes & the spots were all over even in every mucus membrane too, including the whites of his eyes!

I don't have a record to hand of the exact date I noticed Anneliese's solitary spot back then, but I think it was only a day or two after Cameron broke out in his rash. I remember the health visitor saying she may have got away with this mild case & never get them again, but she could actually suffer with them later in life if this wasn't the case.

I had actually thought myself lucky up until today as since she started nursery in September 2010 we've seen 'The Pox' come & go each year through the school but never had it return to the house... That was until now, getting ready for school this morning Anneliese complained of an itchy spot on her left foreseen  & another above her left breast bone (not that she has boobs yet), on inspection we counted 6 spots of varying sizes from tiny to just over the size of a pin head - to me these two itchy spots looked like chicken pox, but hubby was thinking insect bites... The more I looked the more I was concerned & decided to keep her away from school.

I myself had an epilepsy meds review this morning, so thought I'd try n get her in with the Dr to double check while there... I managed to get her an appointment 40 minutes after mine, not too bad. Before leaving home I decided to recount spots & draw around them - this way I'd know if any new spots appeared, there were 10 spots now!

So the Dr confirmed 'The Pox' & we're now stocked with calamine lotion, the two main spots are starting to blister fill now & more first stage spots are appearing, no doubt in a day or so she will be spotty all over.

I know she's itchy & with just a few spots she's not complaining that much yet, I think she is mist chuffed to be home with me alone, no school & just to be able to not do much at all.

I'm going to try n get photos throughout, got 3 this morning & going to take a few more now... I'll take some more maybe twice daily for the next few days at least, I'll do a collaboration collage with a blog write up once she is all crusty & scabby - she won't be contagious then x

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Am I the only one?!

I wonder if I am??? It appears at times I'm the only living sole in this house that has a) common sense & b) optimal organisational skills.

I keep trying to drum in the importance of these two necessary life skills to my family, but as much as I try I get nowhere... Or so it seems (hopefully it is slowly drip-feeding into them)?

Every day I remind hubby to take his medication, he is on 3 different tablets daily, every night I full up his pill pot & my daily pill separator (I take meds morning & night), every morning I make my bed & ask the children to make theirs (since my mega blitz last week), also I get them to pull the curtains in their rooms - it's not hard (or at least it shouldn't be) but they're so forgetful... If I don't remind them constantly to do these things, guess what?! Yep, they don't actually get done. It's a bit like getting them to actually put their dirty laundry in the washing basket!!!

Since the weekend I've started a new washing regime this week, I am washing a load a day or every other day now instead of doing 2/3 days of multiple loads... It's being washed, dried & put away straight away - so much less daunting & if the kids don't assist then I can do it quickly without it taking over a full day (I did have to clear the back-log first yesterday) working a dream so far!

It's a little like the new tidy rooms rule; I've only had to pull rank once with Hermione today (she left all the play animals strewn across the girls room) but I only told her once & she put them away, I even helped her saying "you only have to ask & I'll help you"

I hope eventually the longer I persist with this tidy room rule, clean kitchen sides, washing daily  regime etc, soon it will rub off on the children & become second nature to them...

As for the hubby??? Well, I think he's a lost cause now - he does try (he is in fact very trying, lol) but take the kitchen sides... I often have to clean up after him both before bed & again after his toast/tea in the mornings. I don't mind that much, it's just frustrating!

Common sense, I think people have it or they don't... I have a lot (at least I think I do), Dunk has a little & well if the children have any, it is not yet developed - I need to try & channel this life skill quickly, if there's to be any hope of my children developing it at all.

Now of course I'm not being derogatory to my little family at all, I love & support them dearly. It is just a very tiring for me trying to remember all the menial things for 5 people - I often miss taking my own medication on time due to fussing over the other 4 in the house (no I know this is not good for me, but what else can I do?!)

I can organise pretty much anything I put my mind to, trips out with the family, holidays, parties, events you name it I'm your girl! Common sense, I have a lot but it's not overflowing but I wish more people had this skill.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

All in a days...

Oh should that actually read 'all in a daze' I am not entirely sure about this title, as I do undoubtedly feel crazily dazed if I'm honest?!

This is my semi Ta-Dah post, I actually started this current housecleaning frenzy yesterday when I spent no little than 8 solid hours blitzing the girls pigsty - how can they live in such squalor is beyond me!

Anyway the chores continued today & over the past 35 hours I have totally annihilated 2 children's bedrooms into submission & they both look habitual now - this included stripping bunkbeds & a midsleeper, making all 3 beds again with fresh clean bedding.

I have washed & dried & put away 6 loads of washing & also put away another 2 loads that had already been washed & dried previously! How these children go through so many clothes is a mystery, some actually don't look like they've been worn & others are hideously dirty!!!

I have vacuumed the house top to bottom, cleaned the kitchen no less than 5 times, found a hidden pile of clean clothes stuffed in the bottom of number one sons wardrobe that needed hanging up, made sure the children didn't starve, arranged a birthday cake, packed an overnight bag for the kidlets, attempted to get a nice meal on the table at a reasonable hour (only for my super powers to fail & one item not being quite cooked in time - epic failure).

I would normally go to karaoke with the Funky one tonight (haven't been in a fortnight, as was away last Thurs) but I'm in no way motivated, it is freezing cold, I've not had my caffeine quota, I'm knackered & still I have an outfit to find for a wedding reception that I'm attending tomorrow night!

I feel absolutely bloated & fat today, hence finding an outfit I can actually fit into. Maybe I should just dress up as a pumpkin, it would hide all the flab on show - lol!!!

My skin feels awful as I've been overdoing the Creme Eggs & Chocolate - Easter should be banned next year... I've decided! I best take my meds in a minute, was very late in taking yesterday morning (it was in fact 2pm by the time I got round to it) Ooops.

I'll rest when I'm dead, either that or fall asleep on the sofa this evening! Fingers crossed I don't have to rush out & buy anything to wear tomorrow!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Purple & Blue for Me & You

Interesting title yes?! But what does it all mean? Well in the space of just a week I have supported two causes very close to my heart...

Firstly March 26th this year was 'World Epilepsy Awareness Day' for which Purple is the supporting colour (my fav colour) as you may know I suffer with epilepsy & have done since I was young, although it wasn't diagnosed until the year 2000 & formally diagnosed only last year 2012 - I'm now currently on medication which controls it somewhat. I wore a bright purple top all day, along with a purple bra!

Secondly, today April 2nd is 'World Autism Awareness Day' for which we must 'Light it up Blue' myself & my son (who is High-Functioning Autistic) both wore blue in support & I'm about to have a nice relaxing bath with a blue glo-stick for ambience too! But although it's officially 'World Autism Awareness Day' the whole month of April is devoted to Autism Awareness too, which is just great.

Not nearly enough information or awareness about these conditions is known to all so spreading awareness & information is high on my agenda with both myself & my son having a condition each...

I post a lot on both subjects on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest (I have 2 specific boards) which most find useful, although a few people have in the past not favoured the awareness/support/information I share. But why should these conditions be overlooked or frowned upon like they're a taboo subject?

There are an awful lot of people & families affected by these incurable conditions, that can often disable sufferers in daily living - simple tasks for neuro-typical people can be quite difficult to others whose brains are wired differently or that malfunction regularly.

For example; my short-term memory is dreadful & my brain backfires regularly so I don't always remember details like names, numbers & suchlike - only today I couldn't do my online banking as even though I've done this for years today I couldn't get my online bank ID in the correct order - I had to phone up & look like an incompetent fool as I had just 2 digits round the wrong way!!! I sign in weekly too, but my brain wasn't playing this morning.

So you see, sometimes things are much slower for people like me or my son as our brains take longer to process things - it can be quite awkward at times & frustrating too.

Now before I write a novel instead of a short blog, I'm off to have my relaxing soak by the light of a blue hue courtesy of a glo-stick!!!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter Exertion

Arghhhhhh, school holidays... I dread them! Not because I don't love my children, I absolutely adore them 100% but life with a special needs child is extremely demanding.

Easter holidays are particularly troublesome with all the extra sugary confection, now had I only had one child I could quite happily get around this problem... But, I have three - I cannot withhold treats from one, that just wouldn't be fair & as for withholding from them all?! Where's the fun in that???

I'm going all out this year, as I want my children to have a happy childhood that they remember with fondness. Fun, Fun, Fun that's what it should be like for a child.

My eldest however has high-functioning autism which in itself is challenging, but add excitement, visual stimulus & high quantities of sugar well that just adds to the equation.

Hyperactivity runs rife & is very tiring for the rest of the family... Try to withhold favourite tasks such as electronics games from him & then you get meltdowns, but what can you do?

If the weather had been warmer then I would've got the families Merlin passes for this year (we had a year off last year so the Theme Parks are calling) so that would make it a little easier to manage with something else fun to do with the children.

We had to prize the iPad from number one son today, just to get him in the bath... Now it's time to get him out that very bath, which always prove much 'fun' to whomever is assisting - fortunately, I don't have to do this so much now given he is almost 12 & it wouldn't be correct to carry on when his father is usually available to do the awkward task!

Well, here's to a Happy Easter to all... Don't over-indulge in too much chocolate, but most of all if you have children enjoy the time you spend with them for the next fortnight x

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Planning Easter

So I want to do things a bit more exciting this year, so I've been strategically planning Easter with the kidlets a bit more carefully...

I do however need to pay a visit to Hobbycraft for some supplies, speak nicely to my Papa for a small quantity of a particular item we have in hopefully abundance.

Obviously I'm not giving too much away by means of this blog, now number one son is at secondary school & quite a techno geek, it wouldn't take him long to discover this post on my Facebook wall & read it!

I'm planning an Easter Tree to bring some colour into the house, with the weather so dismal & gloomy, it should brighten things up a little along with everything else I'm planning...

Hopefully the children will appreciate my efforts & really enjoy the fun celebrations this year, rather than just gorge themselves on chocolate.

Of course there will be photos a plenty during the set-up process & Easter weekend, so do watch out on Instagram for them if you're at all interested in what I'm doing this year.

Try to enjoy this dreary weekend, I'm going to make the most of it... I'm determined!!!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

One of those days.....

Yes the title has a hint of sarcasm, but for me it HAS been exactly that 'one of those days'

Now I guess 'one of those days' could mean a number of scenarios to a number of people, but for me it means a day where I've almost got to the point of saying "enough is enough, I quit!"

I bet you're all thinking why?! Why is today so much tougher than any other day??? In fairness I don't think it is & now I'm blogging to calm myself (strangely for me this is a technique that works) I can reflect & say "is it THAT bad?"

Actually as calm as I'm getting, yes it is! What the outside world sees is what it wants to see: the blissful married couple, 3 lovely children, a nice/safe family home, financially ok... What the outside world doesn't see: a depressed husband, a high-functioning autistic son, a stressed out wife/mother, all the chaos that goes with this too.

So why today? Why 'St Patrick's Day'? Top of the mornin to ya, by the way! Lol

Maybe the moon is in a particular phase, maybe it's the random weather patterns (freak snow showers this morning), maybe it's just a build up of the last few weeks, who knows?!

What I do know is my husband struggles every Sunday & hits a downer with the ever looming Monday morning back to work syndrome, add to the mix a non-compliant/non-conventional thinking autistic son that has been very argumentative & refusing to do homework or he at all helpful in anyway - well it's an all scale warfare to be precise.

Does that sound dramatic?! It's meant to... The morning started ok, but suddenly plummeted. We awoke, hubby toasted hot-cross buns (courtesy of M&S, they're the best in my honest opinion (but I've yet to try my hand at making my own)). We all ate, I had coffee life was good!

Then we ask number one son to do his homework (that should've been started on Friday after school, but alas arguments then, arguments yesterday too) guess what?!? Yep you bet ya, agreements again!!!

It got so heated that both male inhabitants stormed off to their bedrooms... Great! The littlest female inhabitant had a party to get to & I had a cake to delivery for said party - so given the drastic change in weather front, yes we had heavy snow showers at that time... I text my friend to let her know I'd walk the cake & girls to hers, drop lil lady n cake off for party (I'd then planned to take middle child to Costa).

Then cause I go to dress myself, hubby tells me I'm being ridiculous walking with cake, carseat & girls in this weather he'll give us a lift - Arghhhhhh! So I text my friend again, her partner comes to collect cake & we then have issues getting the boy to dress to leave the house.

Eventually he dresses, we get in A snow clad car & head to Banbury iKidz to drop lil lady (who is now The Dark Knight, it's a Superhero party) off for the party.

As is pretty standard these days in our car, the journey is never simple even if it's a short one in town... Kids arguing n bickering, I have no patience left since I quit smoking (Oct 9th 2012) give me strength please???

No, it continues so I start playing Emma B via my phone - hubby thinks it's amusing to change the lyrics & take the piddle out of me... Not happy & very vexed I stare out the window to watch the snow fall.

We drop little Anneliese at her party then head to Banbury centre, Castle Quay do a spot of shopping, some window shopping, then have trouble with hubbys stoopid iPod & Bluetoothing a photo to the printer in Boots (adding to my stress of our darling son being on form today). Before we know it the time has gone, we didn't even manage lunch before collecting Anneliese from her party!

We detoured past McDonald's on the way home, so we could eat... Lil lady was full from the party so just had a carton of milk - but even eating in McDonald's was not stress free & was fraught for me n hubby, as Cam decided the window screen that moved was of great enjoyment so kept sliding it back n fourth with Anneliese tugging the other side too. Tut, tut, much to our annoyance.

We finally finished & headed home in the car, still a few issues on the journey home - turn the stereo up, block it out! Once home we start back on the homework topic, eventually after much debate/protest/arguing we convince Cam to start it... Result!

The girls are playing happily, if a little loud, so they take their toys up to their room. We start to watch Corrie, homework is being started it is going well until - hubby drifts off to sleep, he's extremely tired after 2 nights work & early mornings after... Then the boy starts messing with deleting template pages from the document he is working on, not putting in any content so my stress levels rise again.

This is when I pick my phone up & play Candy Crush, then I start this blog as I'm getting more vexed with my son... Hubby wakes up, gets cross with son & goes to bath the lil lady - eventually son finishes homework, we have crumpets for tea & I have a cuppa then finish this blog off.

I'm unmotivated to go out this evening, but as I skipped karaoke Thursday night for feeling stressy I'm gonna force myself for Paddy-oke as a few silly Irish songs, good friends & bestie too should shove the stresses away.

I think I will tell my children when they hit their teens growing up is no fun, not to waste their time as youngsters with stress, anguish, arguments & just have fun, help one another, enjoy life while they can! So on that note, I'm outta here... Quick freshen up & tie the hair back, ready for some awful singing (from me) & a few decent tunes (from others, I hope) lol.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Spider-gram, Spider-gram!!!

Ewwwwww, freaky little (or large), scurrying, scary, eight-legged arachnids!!!


Sort of like Martine I suppose?! Love them or Hate them???

On a personal level & no I am not ashamed to say this, I am absolutely freaking petrified of the things: Arachnophobic I am!

I used to be a little afraid since a hair-raising, jump out of bed type of experience when I was about 7 or 8. At the time we (my dad, brother & me) lived in Chinnor & I can remember quite vividly the exact occasion that left me with this fear of spiders (one that has turned into complete arachnophobia with the exception of money spiders or red spider-mites (not technically arachnids) or furry tarantulas (kept safely in tanks at Zoos))...

Now I don't remember the exact date, day or time but the vivid memory I have is this: waking up one weekend morning in my bed, stretching, rubbing my eyes & then opening to see a what then was a colossal, huge house spider (the ones normally in the bath) running straight across my chest inches from my face - scary as hell, don't think I've ever jumped out of bed so fast!!!

Now, I try to be a damn good mum & love, protect, care for my children to my best ability. I don't want to pass my anxieties or phobias onto them, so I try to be as brave as I can be in front of them (especially where spiders are concerned) - I will grit my teeth, grab a pint glass & card, bravely catch any such nasty type creature & fling the thing out the door (or window) so it's back outside... Big sighs of relief afterwards & a mug of coffee for the nerves!

But alas last night my arachnophobia has reached an almighty new level (I knew it had been getting worse a couple weeks ago, when I saw what I used to deem as a harmless arachnid Peabody (Harvestman Spider) in my cupboard - I froze on the spot) picture this:

I lovingly make the school sandwiches for my 3 cherubs, 2 rounds of white & 1 of brown (Anneliese prefers brown), then I start packing the lunches with drinks cartons, mini kit-kats (orange), apples & a malteaser teaser mini bunny. I then get some snack bags ready to give the children a small portion of grapes (red seedless).

What happens next?! I snip a small bunch off the main bunch & two grapes drop from their stalks into my hand, no biggie I hear you say??? WRONG!!!!!

As I look in my hand (having put the rest in the snack bag) I spot a white-ish spider almost the size of the grape it was clinging to!!! WTF? I instantly jump a mile dropping the grape on the counter (the other rolled away) Eeeeeek!

So as the palpitations kick in & the breathing becomes rapid, me being me grabs the nearest photographing device - my iPod to take a slightly out of focus (I was shaking) photo of the darn thing... I had to use the zoom function, too scared to get any closer!

I didn't expect a bloody all singing, all dancing Spider-gram thrown in with my grapes!!!

Panic stricken, I alert Duncan (who was fast asleep on the sofa) that I needed help... He couldn't see the problem as the spider on grape had landed behind the big main bunch of grapes - I gingerly pointed out that he should look behind the bunch...

I'm sure he found it all mildly amusing, actually he found it largely amusing - people without anxieties or phobias have absolutely no idea of the severity of these things.

Anyhow, he took the offensive possessed grape & inhabitant outside with the compost caddy, emptying the contents & throwing the grape into the brown compost wheely bin... I was still absolutely petrified, so much so I refused to give the children grapes!

I busily tidied the kitchen, avoiding the bunch of grapes & anti-bacterial sprayed the sides down. OCD is often my friend & I embrace it more so when I need to, sprayed the sides down twice for good measure (as Spidey had seriously freaked me out).

Having calmed myself down enough to safely make a cuppa, I figured I should move the remainder of the bunch of grapes & clean that part of the kitchen... Epic failure!!! As I carefully lift the bunch, I notice an egg sack (or is it a nest?!) Oh my freaking days?!¿¡?!

That's it, I'm having nightmares... Panicking about sleeping, not funny, not funny at all!

I got my phone this time (it takes much better pictures) & with Duncan's aid of holding the grapes slightly apart snapped the offending foreign body - Ewwwwww, Yuk, Eeeeeek!!!

I had posted the earlier photo on Farcebook which had generated a lot of comments, my friends said to hand the spider back to store (I'd brought in Tesco in town) but alas it had gone to compost heaven, so I thought I may as well post the other new development of photographic evidence - my friend Helen Carruthers who works in the store bakey said I should take them back even without a receipt so they could investigate, but if it was to difficult for me she would inform them of this incident.

I tried to sleep on it... Although sleep was very broken, visions of the nest/egg sack breaking open & billions of tiny baby spiderlings attacking me in my sleep - sleeping with an eye open!

So after sorting out the girls for World Book Day (dressed as no less than Mr Bump & Little Miss Tiny) I proceeded to triple bag the bunch of grapes, ready to return to store after dropping the girls at school - my anxieties & arachnophobia start to rear their ugly heads, my heart starts racing & palpitations take over, I'm shaking & again my breathing starts to get rapid... No fun :(

With the outer bag stretched as far away from my body as possible in my hand, I drop the girls off to school & rapidly walk up to town - heading straight to Tesco!

There I queue in the customer service line (at the cigarette counter, quite an achievement considering I had just reached the 5 month mark since quitting the cancer sticks) - only two people in front of me, but I'm trying my hardest to stay calm & rational given the circumstances.

With my free hand I start tapping the barrier as I'm getting more n more on edge holding the outer bag, the more I try not to think about it the worse my anxieties grew!!!

Finally I get to the front of the queue (was only really a 5-7 minute wait, but felt a lot longer) & I quietly explain to the lovely Julie Dawson the delicate problem... After all my main concern was for the rest of the grapes to be checked in store, not for a refund or anything else - I'm not mercenary like you might think!

After a detailed recollection of the previous nights events (such as just blogged, but in brief) & half an hour later, Julie had logged the complaint (as I rambled on about not poking the bunch of grapes as if the nest/egg sack opened I would scream the store down & run a mile like a crazed woman) took my details, gave me a refund for a full kg of grapes... I was just praying it would soon be over!

I had to walk down to Costa (don't start me on what I saw on route, but I didn't photo it so not saying another word except... Poor piggies) & grabbed a Sinny Mocha Latté (thank you Elliot & Ryan) before heading back to store to get a few bits that I needed, I was still traumatised by the whole event & it wasn't till I'd gone to the vets from town I'd finally calmed down enough (think I should carry some paper bags around for emergencies).

So now I await the outcome from head office... I don't dis Tesco a lot, yes I have my gripes with the company as a whole - but I can actually say the staff at Bicester Town & Pingle Drive are all friendly, helpful & welcoming.

Now I did make a small jovial reference to a Spider-gram?! Now you may wonder with my 'issues' I'd joke about such a thing?! It's simple & quite silly really...

It's what inspired me with the title of this blog, so as not to make it sound as scary as it is to anyone with a sever phobia of spiders such as myself!

Yesterday morning we were heading down to Middlesex for Duncan's dear old grandads funeral (he was such a true gentleman, I will miss him) & at one point (I think on it was on the way to the crematorium) we got stuck behind a rubbish truck - in the back was a stuffed toy of Spiderman, I kid you not!

I of course tried to capture a photo of this but missed as we overtook the truck, but I did get the corner & as I was about to delete the wasted photo from my phone I noticed another stuffed toy - this time a snake! Quite amusing really as you can see?! Lol

You can breathe easy now as this is the end of the blog... Have added the photos for those that can handle it, if not avert your eyes now!!!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Crapple, smapple, apple, apps n crapps!

No expletives in the title, hence the double PP's... But arghhhh, I despair I really, really do!

So long story short, phone is defunct after an accidental launch into orbit & crash landing on a bedside cabinet - not 100% defunct just 75%, ie/ most apps are now not playing ball despite restarting phone countless times (hence blogging from iPod as at present I can). Twitter has gone tits up, Farcebook is now Assbook as app gone belly up, blogger has been flushed down the bog too! Noooooooo, it's not funny!

As for Apple, Smapple apps being a pile of crapple (the main reason I will NEVER get an iPhone like the majority of Sheeple) it is preposterous!!! The Blogger app is currently working... Just, the txt is tricky to type as the autoscroll function is intermittent & the keypad keeps blocking my view of the text - so apologies for any typos that may sneak in here!

Assbook just isn't playing ball at all, if after 10 attempts the app launches then my posts go missing, I can't like or comment & it's drove me more mental than a March Hare... So it can Ass right off now!!! I knew I should've stayed off it & never reinstalled the stupid social media site.

Twitter won't load properly either so outta touch completely today, I don't like this at all as my fondly growing love for Twitter is now Tweetless.

A lot of games I used to play on my iPod the apps won't open or crash do much that I've just given up now too... But I do miss the old favourites like Bejeweled Blitz, Scramble, Words with Friends, Dream Zoo etc, etc.

At present I can still use Magic Piano, , Tree World, Candy Crush, Bubble Witch Saga, Word Trick & a few others but they all have their moments if crashing or not loading too.....

.... I think it is time to get the laptop out & back-up the iPod so I can wipe the data & reinstall to see if that helps?!

I'm due to upgrade my phone soon & it has insurance so if it keeps playing up I shall make use of the insurance I have been paying & get it repaired so when I upgrade later on I have a decent spare that is fully functional!

I'm getting more n more frustrated with technology these days, I can see the advantage in certain respects... Very good for businesses, mass inviting for events & such like but generally it is a royal pain in the ass!!!

We all rely on it far too much, smart phones, iPods, tablets, kindles everyone is becoming slaves to these machines - glued to them permanently. Well tonight I shall be without, my phone will be in my bag for contact with the babysitter but that is it.

Back to basics, I say... Children were more engaged in life & the great outdoors, people spoke to one another more freely & the world was a much brighter place!

Sorry it's a bit of an anti-techno rant kinda blog today, but it has become an ever increasing bug-bare as there are so many glitches & flaws, what's the point in it all?!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not?!

He loves me,
He loves me not,
It doesn't matter I'm what he's got!

Just a little silly poem from my head for Valentine's Day...

Did you know that St Valentine is the patron saint of epilepsy?! Look it up, interesting stuff!

A bit of a mixed bag today for my blog as I'm just not inspired with anything right now... having suffered with depression of various types in the past, having a very close friend with Bipolar & also supporting a seriously challenged hubby through depression, with a cousin that's constantly in the forefront of my mind who took his own life due to depression  (he was just 24) & also knowing plenty of family n friends that too suffer from depression - I know only too well that at times things can become overpowering in dragging you down.

But 'HOW?' do you pick yourself up out of that hole???

For me I like to keep busy & focused on things, such as my blogs, photos, baking, gaming, karaoke... Silly things I know, but I actually enjoy all these things so very, very much & they keep me on a positive generally speaking.

I'm not proud of all the things I have done in the past, coping with depression alone without support & not actually accepting the situation, but I have come through & out the other side now... Yes I have a few odd days a year where absolutely everything gets on top of me, but thanks to my children & my cousin Chad's memory I'm not at the lowest depths of despair anymore.

It is NOT easy to feel like this, in fact on those few odd days it is a real struggle - all I want is someone to hold me tight, telling me everything will be ok... I suppose to me it's like being a small child needing comfort & support again.

Whoever said being a grown up would be easy?!

I must apologise for this blog being a day late, but yesterday I was distracted much & this morning has been a real struggle for me - there's so much swirling around my head & the new medication I'm on for my epilepsy can make depression worse, so I constantly have to try & keep myself level headed...

The past 3.5 years have been particularly trying for me, but the last 18 months have been a very bumpy rollercoaster to say the least.

I'm not someone that asks for help often, as I like to be as independent as I can. I do however wish some if my family & close friends were nearer at times like these in particular: Ruth, Zoe, Kate, Laura, Rachael as these wonderful ladies all mean so very, very much to me yet live so far away!

Now this year has already gone out the window for me, so I'm writing it off!!! No point making plans now, it's too late... But next year is going to be completely different - that's a promise!!!

2014 is my year for so many reasons: on Jan 20th it will be the 20th anniversary of an awful ordeal that happened to me in 1994, on Jul 29th I'll turn 40 (life begins then, apparently), & if we make it through to Sept 14th I'll celebrate being with my true love for 20 years to - not many people these days manage to say that & we've had plenty of struggles along our journey!

I just hope in my heart that we can arrive at that point as happy as we were back in Sept 1994, during the past 18.5 years we have come so far, accomplished so much, but sometimes the way has been clouded & paths have been forgotten, that need to be found again so we can get back on track - let's get the fun back on this rollercoaster instead of screaming to get off please?!

As you can see from my blog, I don't shy away or hide from anything... I'm open & honest about my life, my feelings & me - I wish more people could open up so much, the world would be so much nicer & easier if they would just let people in to help them.

But first you have to pull yourself out of the sand or from under the carpet & stop hiding behind a mask.

Find something your passionate about that encapsulates your mind however silly you think it is, it really helps with self-help & self-esteem!

Life is short, love completely especially yourself <3

PS/ JoJo, thanks for this morning... So glad my message never arrived, I've missed my huggles with you x

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Positively Calming

So I'm now relaxing in the bath with a 'Twilight' bath bomb from Lush, I have an app on my iPod to help me relax, I have a subtle scented candle lit, soft lighting & generally I'm starting to melt into it all...

I have decided I need more relaxation time to get rid of the daily stresses & strains of everyday life, believe it or not I used to listen to whale music & gregorian chants which both if which are very relaxing.

I am currently suffering with an extremely bad head cold, I ache, my nose is streaming, my head is crushed by the congestion this cold has brought with it - so I need to pamper myself & that's what I intend to do!

I've got my facial exfoliator & a warming mineral mask to help my skin feel better. Stress has caused a lot of blemishes to which my medication is not helping much, so self help is now required...

The gentle movement of the warm water around me is calming along with the app which is helping immensely - I shouldn't be blogging as I'm not relaxing completely doing this.

So with that, I shall finish this blog & drift in to tranquility, pampering myself fully - hopefully helping the cold shift a little too!

A curse that cannot be avoided...

... So it seams I was right, Facebook is to take over the world & try as you may to break free from it's chains, you cannot avoid being part of it however hard you try!

I had started playing a game 'Word Trick' like Scrabble (or the other well known app Words With Friends) but with a tricky twist (much higher scoring) & this was linked to my Facebook account (which I deactivated) but as we know both Facebook & Apple rule the world, I was still getting notifications on my iPod to take my turn in these games or I would forfeit them! Arghhhhh

As if this wasn't enough to drive me to distraction, I couldn't play 'Words With Friends' with my good friend Sharla as that too was linked to my Facebook & it would not let me play unless I was logged in... This frustration goes further still, stick with it!

Then after writing a blog here & a blog on my photographic blog at Wordpress yesterday I get eMail through saying my blog syndication had failed as my blogs are set up to go to my Facebook page too! Grrrrrrrrr, getting majorly peeved with it all now!!!

But to top it off, even though my account was deactivated & I'd removed the app from both my phone & iPod (yet it reappeared as factory programmed to my phone) I got a text alert on a subscribed status (now this was my cousins so I wasn't too miffed about that, but it did tip me over the edge) Farcebook Rage!!!!!

Reluctantly I reactivated my account purely so I can get it closed down properly, all I want is a profile for my cakes... I don't mind having a personal profile for friends & family that live miles away but for anyone local I just don't see the point at all?! - I mean I see my friends at karaoke, on the school runs, meet for coffee... I have a phone, I don't need Facebook to contact my local friends.

You will not see any activity from me on the reactivated account unless its preprogrammed (like this blog) to syndicate up - so don't expect a reply or like from me, I'm not being rude & I'm not ignoring anyone I am not being ruled by Farcebook... Period!!!

Reasons for deactivating are on yesterday's blog, go have a read - it is not personal, nor have I blocked anyone... So don't take this to heart or think you've done anything wrong please.

Now I've got this out the way, I shall blog about what I was going to blog about & try to get in a more calmed state of mind, lol!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Facebook consumes everyone & everything...

Yes it's true it does, even people who say their life does not evolve around it - they're lying!

I deactivated my account as of yesterday as it was the end of January & time for a new month, something had to give... I chose Facebook.

Why did I do this?! Basically although I think it can be a very useful tool to market yourself or your business, stay in touch or get in touch with people or relatives you don't often get the opportunity to do so with it is a curse!

It takes over, rules your life without you even realising... Every other app developed is now linked to the god forsaken thing - it's taking over the world (a bit like apple with the iPod, iPad, iPhone).

So yes as I like to be different I'm breaking free from these chains & escaping the blackhole! Before Facebook was developed I survived absolutely fine without it & I will survive absolutely fine without it again!

There's more to life than knowing who is having a bad day, who's walking the dog, who's down the pub etc, etc.

Certain things I will miss is my family that are overseas, but for that there's snailmail or eMail... Even the phone!!!

Enough is enough & nothing is going to rule my life except me... Break the mould people, you can be saved too!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Getting older & Getting colder!

I'm 39 this year (July 29th) so believe me a big ass party is on the cards for 2014 or at least it better be?! Hint, Hint...

Now I for one at the moment have no problems with getting older, it just doesn't bother me as apart from my health issues I still feel pretty young & hope that I look it too!

What I do have a problem with is the cold though... The older I am getting the more & more I am feeling the cold - I uses to think it was to do with the amount of padding one has: ie/ the thinner you were the more you felt the cold whereas if you are more rounded you are better insulated therefore do not feel it as much

Wrong!!! Since quitting smoking in October (3 months ago) I've gained a good stone in weight am I any warmer??? Not at all if anything I am much colder & don't go telling me it's colder now than it was then either. I'm basing my findings on previous January's & Years I am like a freaking ice queen!!!

For example: right now it is 1pm, the heating is on, the lounge door is shut, the cavity walls have good insulation, I have my snow boots on, skinny jeans, a long sleeved top, a thick hoody but yet I am sat here bloody shivering & my hands n feet are like ice blocks, my nose even feels frozen - what's that all about?

Am I the only person that things about this??? I have to say I'm glad I quit the tags as just the thought of standing outside is about unbearable, I know that sounds dramatic but I really wish you could feel exactly how cold I am!

It's not as if it is THAT cold today, it's around 2'C so not even freezing but to me it may as well be -2'C or colder for how I'm feeling.

Is it normal to feel colder the older you get??? Answers on a post card to:

The Ice Queen
Freezing Lane
Cold City

I'm going to go get a quilt in a minute & cosy up as I feel ridiculously cold, still being cold has a great advantage for pastry making if only I needed pastry today?! I've a cake to do for Sunday I just hope my hands warm up a little as too cold hands don't help when kneading fondant to make it pliable!!!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A day in the life.....

Now this is written from my point of view rather than that of which it should, sounds confusing right?! Having a bit of a Cheshire Cat moment with riddles n suchlike, why you ask?! Well I imagine riddles, confusion, jumbles, mess are good describing words for the way my son's brain tics!

If I could sometimes just get inside his head to help him understand the simplest logic this would save a lot of aggravation on all sides, some days are just horrendous for no rhyme or reason - like today for example!

Am I right to blog about it?! Well, he is my son, he has high-functioning autistic spectrum disorder/asperger's syndrome, he is also dyspraxic & well at times can be very trying like most children, but other times even more so...

Not everyone knows this though, as with my epilepsy to the naked eye I look 'normal' it's only if you see me seizure that you know there is a problem. It's the same with Cameron, he looks 'normal' but it's only when he acts differently you can tell something isn't quite right.

So why did I choose today to blog??? It's Tuesday the 8th of January, the children are going back to school after the Christmas break & inset day... Finally some peace to enjoy a coffee & my own company!

What should've been a fairly painless morning turned into utter chaos within a few minutes!!! (I must point out here, that it is now Wednesday 9th Jan & I'm finishing this blog) It was quiet chaos non the less, but chaos it was & the day will be known as 'Traumatic Tuesday'

So the day starts as the alarms go off hubby's first around 6am I get woken (even though mine is set for 6.45!)... Everything is stress free at this hour as the children are yet to wake.

Hubby busily gets himself ready for work & leaves just before I am due to get up, Hermione is now awake & getting her uniform on nicely. I decide to quickly set a status on FB (big mistake) & then proceed to head too the bathroom before waking the other two.

I fill & boil the kettle while downstairs, feed the cats & then head back upstairs, Anneliese is bleary eyed but awake so I ask her to dress... I then go to wake Cameron (it's 7.15, so he has plenty of time to get sorted), he wakes, gives me a positive nod & grunt when I ask him nicely to get up & start getting ready - I then tell him I have to go get the lunch boxes packed, breakfast out, sort the girls hair etc!

Back downstairs I go, I tidy the kitchen to begin the lunches/breakfast & Hermione is ready for her hair, so I do that & then Anneliese's - it's now 7.45am but there is no signs of movement from Cam, back upstairs I trot...

He is still in bed, just laying there - I say "come on Cammy, Craig will be here soon get a wriggle on" but the response I get is "my alarm hasn't gone off" with a huffy grunt. So I check his phone, the time on it is 6.14 when in fact it is now 7.53!!!

I shout down to Hermione & ask her to pack the lunch boxes for me please, thankfully she was in a helpful mood & only too pleased to do this, Anneliese helped her.

I'm stood trying to coax Cameron out of his bed but he has now got the quandary in his head of how the clock was changed on his phone?! He starts saying "I never changed it" & I say "well somebody did but this isn't helping you get ready" - then Craig knocks on the door (8am), Hermione has to tell him to go on without Cam (who still hasn't moved).

Now when Cam was little & had days like this it was so easy, I could pick him up, dress him & he would get to school on time... Simple! But he us almost as tall as me now, he has a mid-sleeper bed that I just can't lift him out of as I'm too short & not strong enough for it now he is bigger & older.

I continue trying to persuade Cameron out of bed "it's the first day of school" "you don't want to be late" etc, etc but nothing is getting through he is still hung up on the alarm issue with his phone (which I reset to the correct time) but he us now complaining that I sent Craig ahead too! This is the moment I want to scream, but I resist & calmly explain that it wasn't fair to make Craig wait THAT long, if he had just been eating his breakfast it would've been fine for Craig to wait but he wasn't even out of bed.

I decide that as I've explained nicely & time is getting on I should really go get myself dressed as I can't have the girls late, so I say "I'm going to get dressed now, please can you get up & get your uniform on while I do that else I will have to call school as you WILL be late"

It's around 8.15 now, I call to ask Hermione what she's doing & bless her she is getting herself & Anneliese their breakfast, fantastic at least something is fooking right!!! Off I go to get dressed, even though I'm in a flap, stressed to the hilt I am still not shouting & pretty calm - amazing, right?!

I've got a Dr's appointment booked for myself at 9.20, there's not a hope in hell I will get there so after throwing my clothes on I call & cancel my appointment - that's when it hits me, I'm an awful mum, I can't cope, I'm not doing this right, if I was this wouldn't be happening, Cam would've been on his way to school ages ago etc, etc.

I manage to keep my emotions at bay while on the phone to the Dr's, it's nearly 8.30 now so I go to check how Cam is doing... STILL not moved an inch, apart from he has wrapped himself up in his duvet like a cocoon!!! So I go call his school, the receptionist told me to get the girls to school don't worry & they'd get his house welfare manager to call me (I'll tell you I was in tears at this point as I felt such a failure).

I'm getting my boots on, Ellie knocks for Hermione but I sadly say to her to send Ellie on cause I need to make sure they've got all their bags etc... Then I hear the dustcart coming up the street, I had asked hubby at 7.20 if the bin was out & said I'd sort it, but in all the chaos I hadn't had chance - yup, I ran out grabbed bin & hurtled up the drive past Louise's car (she'd parked on drive as road was manic with nowhere else to park) & just got it out in time!

It's 8.50 the girls need to be at school in 5 minutes, they hadn't got their shoes or coats it was a nightmare... Bless them it wasn't their fault, they'd worked bloody hard. So frantic search for Anneliese's shoes but so much mess so she wore trainers (these are blue suede boys trainers, she's a girlie boy lol).

By the time both girls had their shoes on, got their coats, brushed their teeth, got their PE kits, had their packed lunches n water bottles, grabbed their book bags & made it down the road it was 9.20 by the time I signed them in! I just kept it together in the school office explaining how it wasn't their fault & that I was having extreme difficulties with Cam...

Mrs Woods seemed quiet concerned & asked if it was just overwhelming to Cam after the Christmas break, having to get back into routine etc?! (I suppose yes it could be, but that doesn't help me sort the situation does it???) I just said in reply to her maybe it was as simple as that & we'd know in a few days.

I bumped into Rachel & Liz at the gates, Rachel said Sam (or was it Jacob) had trouble getting up today, but I said that's it he is not up he is STILL in bed doing nothing!!! Then my friend Pasty came past (we've been trying to arrange a catch up since Nov, but both been so busy) 'Happy New Year' she greets me with.

Have a quick catch up in the street, a brave face doesn't last long so a quick cry on her shoulder & then I say I must dash back as am waiting for the school to phone back still! Get in go check what's occurring with the boy - NOTHING...

I sit on my bed at a loss, a failure, send a few texts to my friend Sharon, play a few games on my iPod & just try to not let it bother me, but the time is ticking away & before I know it the school finally phone at 11.15... 11.15?! I called then at 8.30 before school started, it's almost break time & where's my boy??? Still laying in bed.

So I try to talk calmly, rationally to the welfare manager but I think I ended up sounding neurotic as I was in such despair that I started crying on the phone to her. She was really nice & not worried, just said tell him to make a choice he can come to school, see his friends or he can stay there in bed.

Now I've done choices time n time again, but they hardly ever work when I offer them... So I asked if she would speak to him please as I was worried that my calm approach was soon to break & that wouldn't help at all. So I took the phone to him, her words helped & he agreed to get up & get to school.

But it took him an absolute age to dress, to eat, to get his bag n lunch. Then he informs me he doesn't know where his key is, I start to look in his pit of a room & blurgh it's a hideous mess under his bed, dirty clothes, rubbish - Cam is just standing there watching me do it all not worried about time or his key, so I tell him he can come straight home from school & help me tidy his pit so we can hopefully find the key!

He got to school around midday as I told him to get welfare to call me so I knew he got there, his behaviour was infuriating me. The called at 12.20 after speaking with him.

So I had 3 hours without the children, I started this blog but then Sharon popped to see me which was nice for a bit of normality. Then a couple of cups of coffee, a slice of Christmas cake later & 2 loads of washing it was soon time to go pick up the girls.

Picking the girls up was peaceful enough, I explained after the mornings fiasco caused by their brother that we could watch something nice together if we all pulled together to tidy both theirs & Cameron's rooms as it shouldn't take too long.

We got home sorted coats, bags, lunch boxes out, then Cam made it home (for a change he had listened & I thought great we can turn this around). I explained what we were going to do & all was good at that point, the girls went to start theirs & myself n Cam went to do his...

That's when it started again or should I say stopped again??? Yes, you guessed it I was doing everything while Cam just sat there back chatting, arguing, making excuses, doing nothing. A simple job that together should've only taken an hour maximum ended up taking about 3 hours it was a war zone!

I ended up loosing my rag & shouting, hubby came home to it all which is NOT what I had envisaged happening. It was going to be calm, tidy, spotless, happy all round cause we'd helped each other & Cam had redeemed himself, but that just wasn't so...

The behavior spiralled out of control mainly the boy but there was a touch of misbehaving from the girls too, can't blame them really as I was absolutely at my wits end so they must have been fed up with it as he'd had all of my attention all day while they'd had none.

This continued to bedtime, Dunk's mum phoned as I had took it upon myself to do the Christmas thank yous (Cam was going to, but it wasn't high on his list of priorities) so I needed an address for his Grandad... Dunk had to hang up & call he back as it was beyond a joke by that point!

By 8.45pm the house was calm again, but boy it was such a 'Traumatic Tuesday' & I pray it never happens again... This morning although raised voices were in the house went much better in comparison, but hubby didn't have to leave quite so early.

I got up, made the sandwiches, packed the lunch boxes, he helped the boy get up & dressed, he left at 8.10 so was on time. Hermione went with Ellie & Anneliese got rushed up the street but got there in the nic of time - so much improvement.

I've managed to catch up with Corrie, write this blog & tried to chill today, as my stress levels need to reduce or a seizure could be on the cards. Well it's 2.30 & as Cam's school has a short day today I expect he will knock on the door in the next 10 mins or so... The key is still missing, but it's in the house somewhere!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Christmas is gone, the New Year has dawned!

So Christmas 2012 was just 11 days ago?! Not really that long ago is it, but yet the decs are down, hubby is back to work, Creme Eggs are in the shops & it's all just a bit of a blur really!

Shall we take a look back at the highs n lows of 2012? No let's not, I want to focus on all the positives this year so what great things happened for me last year then???

My eldest child Cameron started secondary school, my middle child Hermione gave an amazing performance in her school play, my youngest child Anneliese moved into year 1 at primary school, my good friend JoJo got engaged, my biatch Elaine found love, my niece Tiffany turned 18, my wifey Becky gave up smoking (as did myself & my hubby Duncan), I made some amazing new friends both online & in the flesh (too many to mention, but if they're reading this they should know who they all are), I learnt some new decorating skills, made some cakes to be extremely proud of, survived some very troubled times so all in all it wasn't such a bad year!

I didn't make any resolutions for New Year, what is the point anyway?! Most get broken so it is just better to try & stay true to yourself. I am going to try my hardest to look at all the positives in life rather than the negatives, this won't always be easy as I know all too well that things can get on top of you & drag you down, but I will try my hardest - I've managed to stay focused through some very bad difficulties while quitting smoking, but through sheer determination I've stuck to my guns & not crumbled on that, so I should be able to do this too.

I'm also going to really try n keep up with my blogging, didn't do too bad last year did I?! I think I managed 50 blogs on here alone, as for my other 3 blogs I've not checked & my brain is not as good at keeping all these statistics as my bestie Jason's brain - maybe he will chip in on the comments of my overall blog count for 2012?!

Well that's the highs of 2012, I wonder what lies in store for 2013??? Only time will tell I suppose!!!