Friday, 1 February 2013

Facebook consumes everyone & everything...

Yes it's true it does, even people who say their life does not evolve around it - they're lying!

I deactivated my account as of yesterday as it was the end of January & time for a new month, something had to give... I chose Facebook.

Why did I do this?! Basically although I think it can be a very useful tool to market yourself or your business, stay in touch or get in touch with people or relatives you don't often get the opportunity to do so with it is a curse!

It takes over, rules your life without you even realising... Every other app developed is now linked to the god forsaken thing - it's taking over the world (a bit like apple with the iPod, iPad, iPhone).

So yes as I like to be different I'm breaking free from these chains & escaping the blackhole! Before Facebook was developed I survived absolutely fine without it & I will survive absolutely fine without it again!

There's more to life than knowing who is having a bad day, who's walking the dog, who's down the pub etc, etc.

Certain things I will miss is my family that are overseas, but for that there's snailmail or eMail... Even the phone!!!

Enough is enough & nothing is going to rule my life except me... Break the mould people, you can be saved too!


  1. Absolutely 100% agree with what you have said. I am taking mine offline while I away soon, though quite honestly, as you've probably noticed, I hardly go on it all now anyway!

    The whole news feed is full of absolute rubbish, all of the time. Trivia and crap about people's lives that's 99% of no interest. Couldn't care less what song someone's listening to or where they are having lunch!

    It has its uses, but I've "broken free" of the slavish nature of it, for some time now.

    Fair play to you, bestie x x

    1. Thanks bestie, can always rely on you reading my blog - doubt others will see it now I've broken the chains... but I'm free & I can do what is intended with my blog now, much better than a brief status update don't you think?! Lol x

    2. Yes, absolutely, anything you write on your blog is of far greater validity and longevity than anything put on facebook - you can elaborate at length and you know it will be read by those with a genuine interest. Like me! x x

  2. Two new blogs today bestie... it's the way forward!!! X

  3. I agree 100%!!! I have deactivated - soon to delete mine as well. I am a single mother of 2 and Facebook can consume your thoughts, actions and most of all the time that could be spent with your children.

    Facebook - even if you plan on just checking your messages... I have found that I read more and more about people, their lives, what is happening then spending much needed time with my girls. I have been off Facebook for 1 week and our home life is excellent. No more, "just one minute girls", we actually sit there and enjoy our time together without any interruptions. Sad to say, I was allowing this website to consume time that could be better spent. A few minutes, turned into hours added up, in which I could have enjoyed the outdoors with my kids or even caught up on cleaning.