Monday, 11 June 2012

Toilet Troubles...

Is there an easier way???

Now I thought of writing this blog while cleaning the bog... Excuse my feeble witty attempt!

Now my eldest Cameron (almost 11) struggled as an older baby/toddler with constipation, he was given various advice ie/ eat more fruit/veg, drink more water, drink prune or apple juice etc, etc & then the Dr prescribed Lactulose followed by Fybogel, he wasn't on meds for long & although he still doesn't go daily (he goes most days, occasional has 1 or 2 days without going) he has never struggled with pain or sitting for hours without movement since his short course of meds.

My middle child Hermione (almost 9) has NEVER suffered in this area, although her diet is exactly the same as the rest of the family - well apart from Cammy his diet is the same with the exception that he consumes a vast amount of sugar in his diet (but that is another blog entirely).

Now the main reason of this blog is my youngest Anneliese (5) as a baby & up until just after she was 5, so up until April this year, she had NO problems at all... None, but in April the fun started!

Pretty much every night at either tea time or bed time she would say the needed the toilet, sit on it then start screaming & crying in pain, shouting "it hurts"

So we went back to apple juice instead of squash, a week later no better so on to the trusty prune juice, this helped a little but not that much... We persevered for approx 2 weeks with the prune juice, much to Anneliese's disgust (she didn't like the taste much) but we would get 1 or 2 normal days & then the rest were still badly constipated.

So on May 4th a trip to the Dr's was in order (it's so sad to hear your baby crying in pain & there's nothing you can do to help them) - now since Cameron was a youngster things have changed & now they prescribe different meds...

First she is given Movicol paediatric plain oral solution - she has to have 1 sachet daily mixed in 62.5ml water (we use squash too, to make it slightly more palatable)...

It's only 1/4 of a cup but oh my word, this caused so much chaos in the first few weeks! You would've thought I was trying to poison her (in fairness she had a point it is vile, imagine drinking a 1/4 cup of water/squash/tea/coffee (whatever drink you fancy) but with 2 teaspoons of salt in it & you may be close to what it is actually like) - it would take an absolute age to get her to drink it & somedays a damn right battle too, refusals, tantrums you name it!!!  I mentioned all this in a blog on May 22nd, when she'd only been on it 2.5 wks - you can find that blog here: I surrender!!!!!

Anneliese has actually got used to this now thankfully, but for the past 2 weeks she has had to take the addition of 2.5ml of Senokot syrup every night too (which strangely she likes) & takes no problem at all... We actually don't have too many issues with the Movicol now (good job as I've just put in for this months supply)!

Now on the meds she is fine, doesn't have a problem & it doesn't hurt one little bit... but should she (or should I say I) forget her meds for a day (sometimes 2 if we've been really busy) the problems & occasionally the pain start again - Only on Friday did she suffer & produced what could only be described as a torpedo (Hermione had great delight in saying it was so BIG it had blocked the toilet!) poor little Anneliese though.

Now, how can you convince children to drink more fluids, eat more fruit & veg etc if they really don't want to?!  I am sure I am in no way alone here, but all of my children since reaching school age have dropped the amount of fluids they consume immensely - they all used to drink gallons of water, very dilute squash & diluted fruit juice but now they pretty much drink a cup with breakfast, a carton at lunch & a cup at dinner - That's it!!!

I don't like to rely on meds, but what else can I do?!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Meltdowns... What they mean to me

Just one word - STRESS!

That's what causes them & that's then what they cause.

Currently (Mon 08/06) Anneliese is having a meltdown (she's 5) which has lasted approx 10mins so far, crying, screaming, shouting, kicking, hitting out... Need I go on?!

Continued Fri 15th June:
                   Now she had a fair few of these episodes but she didn't really have many 'toddler tantrums' so I guess she's just a little behind (well I am hoping really) lol!

Our middle child Hermione doesn't do meltdowns but as she is a budding actress she tends to be a complete drama queen if something sets her off, this in itself too causes problems...

Take last night (14/06) for example: the scenario... Hermione went to the freezer (in the garage) to get choc ices after dinner, she needed to get 2 dark & 2 milk.

Well, she came bck in the house & Cameron ended up with milk instead of dark, she'd only got 1 dark she got upset cause Cameron was shouting how he wanted dark & through the tears, crying, mushed up choc ice we deciphered that on picking a box up all the choc ices had fell out of 1...

Not learning from this, the sake thing happened with the other box so both milk & dark choc ices were muddled in the freezer drawer - so she had no idea which was milk & which was dark!

But drama queen, this was a very dramatic display & she ended up dribbling choc ice & had snail trails from her nose, the choc ice was melting in her hand & well, to us it was comical, which in turn added fuel to the fire causing more hilarity to us (but of course not Hermione).

I had to compose myself & diffuse the situation, to calm her down. But it was funny!

Cameron on the other hand has plenty of meltdowns (due to his ASD) & well they are painful to me in many ways...

Not physically (although have been & potentially still could be) but mentally, emotionally & they're also very draining on me too.

His meltdowns can last anything from 10 minutes (if we're lucky) to an hour or occasionally just over! As he's bigger & stronger than Anneliese these meltdowns are noisey!

His voice is very aggressive, he slams doors, he kicks the wall in his room, shouts, screams, crys, bangs things, throws things - it's all fun!!!

We try to avoid these episodes but sometimes they're unavoidable & the silliest little thing will set him off which then upsets the whole balance of the house, sparks fly & tempers raise all over, as inevitably a meltdown causes delays whether we're about to eat, go to bed, go out etc, etc - they cause more problems,, thus putting me in turmoil inside!

My brain is on overload as I get upset, cross & angry a lot of the time cause its causing hold ups, I then try to understand why the meltdown has happened, I feel upset as I don't always fully understand why things have upset Cameron so much & as I already said this is very draining, cause I feel helpless a lot of the time.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Photographic Blogging

Yes, I'm going to venture into this too - it seems like the next step for me to take, due to the fact I love to blog & I love to take pictures with my cameras!

I say cameras as I own more than just 1... 1st there's my semi-pro Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 it's a few yrs old, but I love it even though it's only 10mp (it does have an 18x optical zoom). Then there's my pocket Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS42, now this is showing it's age, again it's a 10mp but only has a 4x optical zoom (pictures are ok, but sometimes not so sharp) & finally I have the camera on my phone, the HTC Sensation XL it's only 8mp, but takes wonderful pictures!

Now why a photographic blog?! Well I've actually been inspired by another blogger here, the wonderful Sallyann Rigby (you can find her blog here: Photographic Memories/ ) - now how did I get tempted into this blog of photography that I'm about to embark on???

Well, Sallyann stopped me in the street on 04/06 after the towns Jubilee procession (separate blog coming up about the Jubilee) & asked if she could take my photo for her blog! Being a fellow blogger & also a photo freak (what I like to call myself as I take so many shots of things) I said sure, just give me a link to your blog as I love a good blog!

Well, I've been following her blog on WordPress & I had to sign up to comment on the blog featuring me & I was inspired...

I thought oooh a photographic blog would be good, it doesn't have to be a lengthy blog like a lot of these blogs tend to be... I can just take a picture, publish it on my photographic blog & write a few words about my shot, what it symbolises to me, why I took it etc.

I'd still not 100% thought of a name for this blog when I started writing this entry for this blog & it's being hosted on WordPress rather than Blogger, so it's all new to me - but I'm rather excited by the new blog venture & hope you'll like it too?!

Here's a link to it & my very first blog entry is on it now 16/06: Photographic Opportunities

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Master of Surprises!

Yes, that would be me... I'm so sneaky, but only in a good way!

You see I love to make those I'm closest to happy, especially for birthdays... Too many people forget or hide birthdays when they're grown up, I don't see why myself?!

I mean it's worth celebrating because you've survived another year, this day & age we all have far too many stresses & strains which take their toll on us - but we're still here, alive, breathing, with so much to live for & that should be celebrated every year!

I've been decidedly sneaky yet again this year, I wowed bestie on his birthday in Feb with an outstanding 'ham' cake, it's hubby Duncan's birthday on the 7th he has a surprise cake in store for karaoke (created & supplied by the lovely Anne)...

He said he didn't want anyone to know it was his birthday so removed it from view on FB but also changed the date too!

I have obviously made a birthday cake for us at home & posted a picture, but also wrote a status & tagged him, I also wrote on his FB wall! Ooops did I let the cat out the bag?! Lol!!!


I've also arranged another surprise for Sunday, our good friend Nigel is coming down to come to karaoke... So I've booked a babysitter & Dunk is none the wiser - ain't I evil?! Not really, I think these are nice surprises & it really shows just how much I care about those I'm closest to!

I started this blog on Weds 06/06, it is now Mon 11/06 & how did the surprises go down?! I bet you're wondering???

Well, the surprise cake Thursday night was a real hit & much appreciated too (so was my cake that we had at home on Friday) he was treated to a fair few drinks on Thursday night too, but after a few pints of Strongbow, a Gin n Tonic (don't think this got drunk), a fair few shots of various flavours & topped off with a shot of Southern Comfort n Tabasco (forgot what it was called) - Dunk made a sneaky exit from the pub & went home early, lol!

Yesterday was absolutely classic though, timed to perfection... Dunk was cooking the Sunday roast, I was relaxing in the bath, the children were playing nicely & everyone apart from me was unaware of a surprise guest arriving!

Dunk started dishing up, the children laid the table (for 5 as normal), I got out the bath & was drying in bathroom, then the doorbell went... I could hear Duncan say from the kitchen (it's right next to bathroom) "who's at the door at this time? We're just about to eat!"

The next thing I hear is the door opening & a majorly surprised voice on Dunk says "bloody hell, how the devil are you, long time no see, come in!"

Hahaha, got him good & proper, he even commented it was like a 'This is your Life' moment!!!

Nigel & Duncan at bestie Jason's karaoke!

I've surprised him on 2 milestone birthdays in the past, I did a surprise 30th for him in '99 & on his 40th I arranged all his family & friends to surprise him at his then regular Friday karaoke gig that was in '09 - you'd think he'd learn by now eh?!

Last year I aided & abetted my good friend Andy organise his girlfriend (my Wifey) Becky's 30th surprise party too, so if you need any help with springing a surprise on your loved ones I'm a bit of an expert & good at party planning, just ask I'll only be too pleased to help!!!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Why?! Sigh "/

This blog is in reference to the exact same named FB status I put up on Saturday 02/06 at approx 22:30...

It is now 03:50 on Sun 03/06

You may also recall that at approx 18:25 I put another status up on FB that said: is "/

I figured seeing as the two statuses are kind of related in one way or another I may as well combine the blog into one!

This will no doubt provide some entertaining reading for some, but at the times I was, let's just say - a little miffed, to say the least!

First problem at 18:25... I am subscribed to 'My Cake Decorating' magazine, mainly to get more equipment to use & of course it's also a good magazine for hints n tips on projects I've not yet tried out!

Now, being the Queens Diamond Jubilee we've decided to have our own family afternoon tea party tomorrow (today, Sunday) to celebrate this occasion.
The aforementioned magazine subscription produced a special edition for this occasion too, it came with some stencils, edible sugar diamonds, cupcake wrappers & cupcake flags.

We had purchased some nice food at M&S (& a few bits from Tesco too) earlier this morning (Saturday) but I had decided seeing as I has these cupcake/cookie accessories to hand I should make some jubilee cookies & cupcakes for our little celebration!

Shock, horror on checking the contents closer... The edible diamonds were discoloured (an iridescent pale yellow tinge to them instead of a clear clarity), but worse still the lovely jubilee cupcake flags had a big fault - 7 of the 12 had the flag stuck on upside down!!!

Not a happy bunny & very annoyed, this wouldn't have been so bad if it had been 6 faulty (I could live with that) but 7?! OCD issues with my cupcakes now!!! Hence the status: is "/

Well, I figure I can't do much about it but put up with it... Dunk leaves for work just after 19:15 so I start sorting the kiddies out for bed, ready to bake! I then prep my ingredients for the cookies.

It's 20:10 & I'm beating the butter n sugar together when my phone bleeps... A txt from Dunk saying 'Fireworks at Garth about 10pm' - to which I respond 'Joy... Dog will go mental!!!'

20:15 Dunk txt's back 'take him & kids, walk up Launton Rd - he will love it x' - so I reply 'at 10?!' followed by 'girls have their PJ's on!!! Lol' (Cameron had been messing me around & not hot his on).

Anyway, 20:25 after all the txt's I continue with the cookie mix (add the vanilla & the egg) being assisted by Anneliese... at this point Cameron slopes off upstairs, I wasn't sure if he was going to play or put his PJ's on.

So I'm chatting with Anneliese & disaster strikes... You see I was wearing latex surgical gloves (to preserve my union jack nails) when I don't know how my glove on my left hand got caught in the hand mixer!!! It was getting tighter & tighter, fortunately I managed to turn it off & free my hand.


So after that little mishap, I carry on & mention to Anneliese about the Fireworks - she's excited & wants to get dressed, it's 20:35 now!

I get her to speak to the other 2 about it & they were in 2 minds cause they figured we've got our PJ's on now, but they decided yes they might like to go after 20 minutes!!! I'm back to the cookie mix, sifting the flour!

I finished mixing the cookie dough & am kneading it, get it wrapped in cling film & placed in the fridge to rest. It's 21:15, so I ask the children to get dressed if they want to go while I prep the ingredients for the cupcakes.

It's 21:40, children all dressed, I'm getting rain coats n boots out (as was raining, obviously) & Cameron brings Christopher down... Now Christopher is the class bear (he's pretty much as big as Anneliese) he has him for the half-term & has been told to take him everywhere!

I say, it's absolutely chucking it down... You can't take him! But he insists & back upstairs he goes to get Christopher a coat!!! At this point I hear the fireworks start & txt Dunk in a state!

Sorry, I had to pause here... It was late & I just haven't had time since to continue - it is coming though! It's now 06/06, Lol.

Cameron then had a complete meltdown, making me more stressed... The dog is going mental, not only cause the fireworks but cause Anneliese had got his lead ready!

It was what I'd call a major - Arghhhhhhhhhhh moment!!!

Another break here, it's now 08:55 10/06 - hope it's worth the wait for you readers?!

Anyhow to cut a long story short (actually this is quite a long blog on reflection) - we got out the house at 21:55, pretty much at the end of the display (I think I heard fireworks 3 go off while outside).

I'd decided the dog at least needed walking after the trauma of fireworks & the excitement of his lead rattling, it would've been cruel not to take him!

It was absolutely p'ing it down, Dunk was still texting, I was stressed, soaked & at the end of my tether, so we just walked the dog around the block (up Linden, down Withington, then home).

When home we're all soaked through, the kids are moaning, I still have the cookies to bake & cuppies to make (& bake) as well as get the kiddies changed & into bed!

It was 22:28 when we'd all got inside & I sent Dunk this txt 'U told me 10 at 8pm... Yes & dog went crazy, Cam was pissing bout with bear & Pooks was being an ass lookin after Colin who just came in from rain! The only good 1 has been Anneliese xXx'

Finally got back in kitchen at 22:42 to finish off my baked delights, which ended up being finished by 03:03 - although wasn't completely finished as had more icing detail to put on cookies once base coat was dry & cuppies needed frosting when cool (they could wait till morning)!


Yes, it may all sound trivial... But if you'd been in my shoes, you'd understand where I was coming from with my status!