Friday, 23 November 2012

And..... Ta Dah!!!!!

So I guess you're wondering about the title eh?! Well let me elaborate on this...

... We all get bogged down with day-to-day life, a few years ago another mummy friend of mine (thanks Sarah MacKay) that instead of dwelling on the things you don't manage to get done, focus on the things you have accomplished!

It's not a 'To Do' list, it's a 'Ta Dah' list!!!

Still don't get it?! Let me show you:

Ta Dah List, Fri 23rd Nov

1. Cleaned up cat sick (7.15am)
2. Had a coffee
3. Made hubby a travel mug of Tea
4. Got girls dressed
5. Sent boy to school
6. Gave girls breakfast
7. Did girls hair
8. Made bed
9. Got dressed
10. Sorted clean washing out
11. Sorted dirty washing into colours
12. Put 1st load washing on
13. Took girls to school
14. Loaded dishwasher
15. Emptied oven
16. Put dishwasher on
17. Sprayed oven with cleaner
18. Got ingredients out for Flapjack
19. Got Hoover out
20. Writing blog! (9.40am)

So as you can see it's already been a very productive & busy day here at Sharp Residence, it's only 9.40am & the Ta Dah list is growing by the minute.

Now you may feel this is silly, but in fact it's a real motivational boost that doesn't take much effort. Writing a list takes a few minutes, but when it's a list of boring every day mundane household chores it puts a complete downer on the day - turn it around & make yourself feel positive about it, make a Ta Dah list instead!!!

It's astounding the actual amount of things we do as stay at home parents (it's not always us girls that do it, there's some house husbands too) but do we often get any credit for it?!? You bet your life no, it is often unnoticed but we carry on working like troopers to keep the home nice & working perfectly like clockwork!!!

So every once in a while, sit back & take a minute to reflect on your achievements in the day, it really does open your eyes to how much we do on an average day. We all deserve more appreciation for our accomplishments, rather than just taken for granted.

Now my blog is pretty much finished (it's 9.50am) so it's back to the chores... Time to hoover & then to scrub the oven clean!

Have a great day all & wear a proud smile for all you've achieved so far, you're all amazing parents - whether you do a day job for a living or look after the home (& children).

Friday, 9 November 2012

Stoptober & beyond!!!

So it's a whole month since I stopped smoking... Go me!

Although it's not as simple as that - I've actually tried to quit 3 times in the past year (I did manage 3 months & 3 days back around Apr-Jul time)!!!

That's after quitting back in Nov 2000 when I quit for almost 9 years, yes 9 years! I should've stayed quit then I know.

But, I stupidly restarted in Oct 2009 & I have pretty much regretted it ever since! I've not shown my children a good example at all really, apart from never smoking in the house.

But this is it I am determined now, the past month has not been that easy... there's been quite a few occasions where I could've buckled & given into temptation but NO I WILL NOT - I'm a non-smoker & proud!!!!!

I just thought I'd share this with y'all as I really am proud of the fact that I've not buckled & been weak, there have been times I've walked to town thinking I could just buy 10 - but my will power has been strong & I've carried on walking, I may have had an extra coffee or two in the process (my poor Costa card is not so flush these days) but it's been worth it!

I will continue on being a non-smoker & encouraging/supporting both my husband who's also smoke-free now, but also our friends who've quit as well! Some have done longer than us: well done Wifey, I am extremely proud of you!!! Others have just started their smoke-free journey, but I am sure they can do it if they put their minds to it & stay focused.

It's so much better for you, clothes smell fresher (so does your breath), your senses improve (better smell & taste), no more standing in the cold or wet when out socialising, the health benefits are great - the only downside is boredom & not getting into the trap of over eating to compensate!

Forever a non-smoker now & I will endeavour to teach my children right from wrong, in the hope that they never take up this bad, ugly habit EVER! I wish I'd never had & I really hope they never do!!!

Here's to not smoking, being a non-smoker & becoming smoke-free for life... Good Luck to all others trying to quit or quitting, it's not simple but it is worth it in the end.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Notes of Positivity

What a nice pleasantry I was greeted with as I went too post a letter this morning...

There stuck to the post box was a post-it note style heart with a little quote!

It brightened my day as I'd had a bit of bother before school with Miss Hermione & I was feeling a little deflated with the weather, not having smoked for 29 days either so I couldn't stress relief (don't get me wrong, I'm NOT going back to that EVER) - the note said: The most time wasted is the time spent thinking we are alone :)

'The most time wasted is the time spent thinking we are alone'

At that moment I thought to myself 'not a truer word said' I'm not the only parent that goes through battles with their children before school - but actually when you're at home having whatever issues/arguments/battles with your child/children it sometimes actually feels like you are!

I bumped into bestie Jason & pointed it out to him, saying I'd been inspired by it to blog: both on here & also on my photographic blog too!

We walked down Sheep Street I spotted another on the bench (opposite D2), then another on the town clock & bestie spotted another down Crown Walk on 'The Works' window!!!




As we parted ways bestie said to keep my eyes peeled for more post-it hearts... I spotted 3 others but the 2 I read weren't as inspiring as the 4 I'd already took photos of & the third I didn't manage to get close enough to even read it!

I am curious as to where these notes came from, as the handwriting is different on each note... Was it a project? Did someone think it was just a nice idea? I just don't know!!!

All I know was: it caught my attention & brightened my day, for which I am thankful... How many other people spotted these little cute quotes dotted around town today?!

A truly delightful little surprise on what turned out to be a dreary day, my find is STILL making me smile :0)