Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Am I the only one?!

I wonder if I am??? It appears at times I'm the only living sole in this house that has a) common sense & b) optimal organisational skills.

I keep trying to drum in the importance of these two necessary life skills to my family, but as much as I try I get nowhere... Or so it seems (hopefully it is slowly drip-feeding into them)?

Every day I remind hubby to take his medication, he is on 3 different tablets daily, every night I full up his pill pot & my daily pill separator (I take meds morning & night), every morning I make my bed & ask the children to make theirs (since my mega blitz last week), also I get them to pull the curtains in their rooms - it's not hard (or at least it shouldn't be) but they're so forgetful... If I don't remind them constantly to do these things, guess what?! Yep, they don't actually get done. It's a bit like getting them to actually put their dirty laundry in the washing basket!!!

Since the weekend I've started a new washing regime this week, I am washing a load a day or every other day now instead of doing 2/3 days of multiple loads... It's being washed, dried & put away straight away - so much less daunting & if the kids don't assist then I can do it quickly without it taking over a full day (I did have to clear the back-log first yesterday) working a dream so far!

It's a little like the new tidy rooms rule; I've only had to pull rank once with Hermione today (she left all the play animals strewn across the girls room) but I only told her once & she put them away, I even helped her saying "you only have to ask & I'll help you"

I hope eventually the longer I persist with this tidy room rule, clean kitchen sides, washing daily  regime etc, soon it will rub off on the children & become second nature to them...

As for the hubby??? Well, I think he's a lost cause now - he does try (he is in fact very trying, lol) but take the kitchen sides... I often have to clean up after him both before bed & again after his toast/tea in the mornings. I don't mind that much, it's just frustrating!

Common sense, I think people have it or they don't... I have a lot (at least I think I do), Dunk has a little & well if the children have any, it is not yet developed - I need to try & channel this life skill quickly, if there's to be any hope of my children developing it at all.

Now of course I'm not being derogatory to my little family at all, I love & support them dearly. It is just a very tiring for me trying to remember all the menial things for 5 people - I often miss taking my own medication on time due to fussing over the other 4 in the house (no I know this is not good for me, but what else can I do?!)

I can organise pretty much anything I put my mind to, trips out with the family, holidays, parties, events you name it I'm your girl! Common sense, I have a lot but it's not overflowing but I wish more people had this skill.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

All in a days...

Oh should that actually read 'all in a daze' I am not entirely sure about this title, as I do undoubtedly feel crazily dazed if I'm honest?!

This is my semi Ta-Dah post, I actually started this current housecleaning frenzy yesterday when I spent no little than 8 solid hours blitzing the girls pigsty - how can they live in such squalor is beyond me!

Anyway the chores continued today & over the past 35 hours I have totally annihilated 2 children's bedrooms into submission & they both look habitual now - this included stripping bunkbeds & a midsleeper, making all 3 beds again with fresh clean bedding.

I have washed & dried & put away 6 loads of washing & also put away another 2 loads that had already been washed & dried previously! How these children go through so many clothes is a mystery, some actually don't look like they've been worn & others are hideously dirty!!!

I have vacuumed the house top to bottom, cleaned the kitchen no less than 5 times, found a hidden pile of clean clothes stuffed in the bottom of number one sons wardrobe that needed hanging up, made sure the children didn't starve, arranged a birthday cake, packed an overnight bag for the kidlets, attempted to get a nice meal on the table at a reasonable hour (only for my super powers to fail & one item not being quite cooked in time - epic failure).

I would normally go to karaoke with the Funky one tonight (haven't been in a fortnight, as was away last Thurs) but I'm in no way motivated, it is freezing cold, I've not had my caffeine quota, I'm knackered & still I have an outfit to find for a wedding reception that I'm attending tomorrow night!

I feel absolutely bloated & fat today, hence finding an outfit I can actually fit into. Maybe I should just dress up as a pumpkin, it would hide all the flab on show - lol!!!

My skin feels awful as I've been overdoing the Creme Eggs & Chocolate - Easter should be banned next year... I've decided! I best take my meds in a minute, was very late in taking yesterday morning (it was in fact 2pm by the time I got round to it) Ooops.

I'll rest when I'm dead, either that or fall asleep on the sofa this evening! Fingers crossed I don't have to rush out & buy anything to wear tomorrow!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Purple & Blue for Me & You

Interesting title yes?! But what does it all mean? Well in the space of just a week I have supported two causes very close to my heart...

Firstly March 26th this year was 'World Epilepsy Awareness Day' for which Purple is the supporting colour (my fav colour) as you may know I suffer with epilepsy & have done since I was young, although it wasn't diagnosed until the year 2000 & formally diagnosed only last year 2012 - I'm now currently on medication which controls it somewhat. I wore a bright purple top all day, along with a purple bra!

Secondly, today April 2nd is 'World Autism Awareness Day' for which we must 'Light it up Blue' myself & my son (who is High-Functioning Autistic) both wore blue in support & I'm about to have a nice relaxing bath with a blue glo-stick for ambience too! But although it's officially 'World Autism Awareness Day' the whole month of April is devoted to Autism Awareness too, which is just great.

Not nearly enough information or awareness about these conditions is known to all so spreading awareness & information is high on my agenda with both myself & my son having a condition each...

I post a lot on both subjects on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest (I have 2 specific boards) which most find useful, although a few people have in the past not favoured the awareness/support/information I share. But why should these conditions be overlooked or frowned upon like they're a taboo subject?

There are an awful lot of people & families affected by these incurable conditions, that can often disable sufferers in daily living - simple tasks for neuro-typical people can be quite difficult to others whose brains are wired differently or that malfunction regularly.

For example; my short-term memory is dreadful & my brain backfires regularly so I don't always remember details like names, numbers & suchlike - only today I couldn't do my online banking as even though I've done this for years today I couldn't get my online bank ID in the correct order - I had to phone up & look like an incompetent fool as I had just 2 digits round the wrong way!!! I sign in weekly too, but my brain wasn't playing this morning.

So you see, sometimes things are much slower for people like me or my son as our brains take longer to process things - it can be quite awkward at times & frustrating too.

Now before I write a novel instead of a short blog, I'm off to have my relaxing soak by the light of a blue hue courtesy of a glo-stick!!!