Friday, 7 February 2014

Blogger App is driving me away

I actually think I may move my BlogSpot blogs over to WordPress... Although their app had a few minor glitches (all sorted now, thanks) this Blogger app is just the pits!

Takes forever to sign in, problems saving drafts, then the keyboard glitches so it is actually driving me to insanity trying to do anything on here... Maybe this is the reason I took so long to install on the phone as it drove me crazy before?!

What is a blogger to do that wants to update all her blogs to a good degree & play fair with them all???  I just don't know... Frustrated & some is all I can say :-/

Blogging Frustration

So as you can see I've not actually blogged on here since September... Why?!  Lack of PC, a laptop that needed reformatting,  changing mobiles not one but twice,  mobile app being a complete pita (pain in the ass) & then only just installing the app on my current phone as I got so fed-up of everything getting in my way I had a break from Blogger!

If you are going through old blogs here you may well notice missing photos, no editing,  mismatched fonts, lack of colour & such like... I shall try to get my laptop on this arvo to edit & change all this - no promises though as it has already been one of those days!!!

I am all about being positive this year though & have put in place some fantastic tools to assist in this,  it's not to say I don't have off days - it's to detract from the negatives though whilst looking at the good in life.

So far in 2014 the weather here has been awful,  only a couple of frosty mornings,  a couple of dry days & an awful lot of rain, rain, rain... This can drag you down if you think of it to much but there is so much to be happy about to!

Family, friends, love, laughter, beauty, achievements all come for free & are part of everyday life,  let's try to embrace these things more... My eldest may have difficulties but he is a truly amazing boy with many talents,  he not only achieved a 7c in his Maths test but he also achieved a 7b in Science too -  Very Proud Mommy here, Well Done Son xXx

We've had 2 new additions to the household in the form of tiny kittens Molly & Jack, hours of fun, cute, cuddly, Peterbald Crosses.

It'll be half-term soon & shortly after that the little one will turn 7yrs old,  best start planning what to do for her birthday,  just hope the weather picks up!

Final year of primary school for the middle one (who turns 11 in the summer) & the eldest will be a teenage boy come July too - where did my babies go?!

Last year was a rollercoaster for us,  we lost 3 dear people in our lives,  had to say goodbye to a beloved old cat, saw some great friends get married, celebrated a milestone family birthday, met some wonderful new friends & lots of other high/low points throughout... So that's why I decided to change my outlook this year,  too many of us get stuck in daily rut routines as it is all too easy but in taking steps to prevent me getting caught in that trap.

Lots of exciting opportunities this year with making people smile,  having fun,  enjoying life to the full... What is stopping me??? Absolutely nothing!!!