Friday, 27 April 2012


As the title suggests I am a little excited about 'blogging' at the moment...

I can blog on the PC, the laptop, my iPod touch & my HTC Sensation XL, it's a bloggers dream!!!  Although I still don't have the time to actually blog as much as I want to, there's always 'work' to be done, there's housework, chores, children, meals & all the other little menial tasks one incurs throughout day to day life when you are a SAHM - never-ending & the time just flies so quickly while the children are at school, you just can't get it all done & still have time for you!  Well, I can't manage it - maybe I am doing something wrong?!

So whats all the fuss about then?  I just love writing about anything & everything, I think I am quite creative in my writing too (but maybe I am not, who know's - maybe some comments at the end of this blog could help me verify this?) - I have a few blogs of my own including this one that I write, the 2nd blog I write alongside this is really about my cakes: *So·phis·ti·cakez! & then there is a new blog I recently started up due to some random Facebook status's that I used to put up (& sometimes occasionally still do) about Fairyland: *•°*˜☽ ☆ Sparkle 'n' Shine ☆ ☾˜*°• - I did start up a blog for my hubby's discos/karaokes, but I am not so good at up-dating that: Big Fun Entertainment Blog Spot... Perhaps I should up-date this one soon?!

I also follow a fair few blogs too (20 in total, I think that is more than enough (good job some don't post too often hey?!)), some local, some further afield - my personal favourites though are these: *Bicester Blogger (Jason (bestie) of course yours is in the top spot), Cook Along Kids (Chef Paul, I love the concept of this & the blog is great, I look forward to stage 2 where both Cameron & Hermione can sign up for more exciting cookery classes with you), Literacy Stuff (Mr Hill (our school's headmaster) set this blog up for when children are off school sick - great idea) & last but not least Laura's (Former) Expat Adventures (Laura, I miss you & really wish you would start blogging again (great to see all your updates on FB, but it's not the same)).

Recommended reading are any blogs that I have put a * before the link, don't get me wrong they're all great links, but some need updating & the others are very specific, but I like them as I have a connection with them through my hubby, children & the children's school.  But hey, if you have the time do look at all of them - I just don't have the time (most of the time, although sometimes I do get the time) Lol!

Well on that note & talking of time, I had best make a start on the children's dinner, as I have said it's never-ending here & there's always something to do!

Have a great weekend whatever you may be doing, let's just hope the weather improves so we're not all like drowned rats - it's been absolutely awful here in Oxfordshire for what seems like forever... Rain, rain go away now - PLEASE!!!!!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

2 Down, Only a dozen or so to go!!!

What am I twittering on about now?! Blog, Blogs, Blogging!!!

I've today managed to type up 2 blogs so far, but still have another 12 or so to type (including this one I'm currently typing) Lol!

Will it indeed be possible I hear you ask???  Probably not today & will no doubt take me a couple of days to completely catch up with it all, but I am trying...

If you are familiar in blogging, you will both realise & know it is not just as simple as just sitting at a keyboard & letting it flow, well it isn't in my case at least!!!

I actually take time to think out my wording & grammar, I am quite meticulous in my writing & with my OCD I do try to get it perfect first time, every time - sometimes I come across little glitches that I just can't correct & they niggle me endlessly for example I tend not to look back at my previous blog about 'Herman causes kitchen chaos!' as there's a big background glitch that I just can't sort out & it bothers me no end :(

The glitch probably doesn't even bother anybody else as much as it bothers me, but ask my hubby Duncan how much silly little errors/glitches like this annoy the hell out of me - I'm sure he finds my quirks amusing but it really does bug me!

Now what other subjects do I have to cover?!  Well there are many varied topics that I am to blog about including the following: Fake ices, Hits, Followers, Blogs, Toilet humour, Children, Time, Weather, Cakes, KK's, Photo project, Fairies, Social networks to name just a few of the stored blogs in my backlogged blog bank!!!  Hahaha

I don't always type the lengthiest of blogs but most are generally at least 2-3 paragraphs minimum, which I think is highly acceptable when you have such a hectic lifestyle as I do... I just wish with all the rushing about I do that some weight would drop off now & then, I may get to a perfect size 10 & be happy about myself!

Following on...

Now, as I sit at my own laptop to type up some of the blogs stored in my head (that is about to overflow from countless blogs taking up space amongst all the other bits of information a mum has to try & remember) yet another idea & blog has popped into my mind...

But on with this blog I am about to write.  As the title suggests I am about to follow on from something previously written, in fact this is following on from the blog I wrote this morning: No photos..., but also could also be following on from a blog I wrote in December: Photos, photos, photos...

I am a bit of a photo fanatic & love to take photos everywhere, I think maybe I'd like to develop my photography skills a little so that I can take even more shots.  Until then I have discovered a fabulous little app that is available on both my iPod touch & as it's an Android app too, I can use it on my HTC phone also - it's called 'Instagram'

I absolutely love it & have 91 photos in my Instagram album in exactly a week... it's sooooooooooo easy to use, take a picture either on your iPod touch (or iPhone) or your phone (Android compliant) then open the app & import the picture that you wish to use or you can take a picture via the app itself, then you can edit it in a flash (unless you just want to use the original)... 

Various filters such as: Amaro, Rise, Hudson, Sierra, X-Pro, Lo-Fi, Earlybird, Sutro, Toaster, brannon, Inkwell, Walden, Hefe, Valencia, Nashville, 1977 & Kelvin instantly transform your picture, add a frame, pick out more detail it's just a fab little app & even if you're not a photographer this app can make you look more of a photographer - it's great!!!

Here's a few of my favourite pictures that I have put through the app

No Photos...

Not really a big blog this post, but a quick blog to say that although I am currently trying to up-date my blog & get some of the dozen blogs that are stored in my head up out on to this page, there will actually just be words for the time being as I am currently sat round bestie's house minding Jamie while he is at a meeting & Claire is on a training course (waste of time writing this blog, bestie Jason has just returned, only just finished typing this up... lol).

I don't mind not having photos on my blogs, but a few of the blogs I am going to put up do actually have photos on my laptop at home, so I will have to add the photos in the next day or so instead - I do hope this doesn't detract from my blog at all?!

Now I don't always put photos in my blogs, but I do feel they add to them in a lot of cases - sometimes a blog is nothing without a photo to compliment it, I wish I had taken a photo for my 'Herman causes kitchen chaos!' blog... Now none the less it was a funny blog, but it would have been absolutely hilarious with photos so you could actually see the amont of chaos Herman actually caused!!!

Enough said on this matter I feel, on with the blogs - just hope they turn out ok, as it's weird using bestie's laptop which is an Acer like mine although a different model & a couple of inches narrower than mine, I am not typing as well as I do on my own!

Don't forget to read the small print below, hahaha

NB/ bestie you really need to clean your keyboard with the hoover... it's giving me issues (I won't add a picture to this blog, but I will point it out to you when you return) Lol!!!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Maybe tomorrow?!

Well, just a very brief blog today readers... I've just had so much on as always & not sure if I'm coming or going!

But I'm looking after bestie's youngest Jamie tomorrow morning, so I figure if I take my laptop with me I may just be able to get a blog or two written up if I'm lucky!

I've sooooo much still to blog about & I really don't want to leave anything out, but having had 3 children the brain isn't what it used to be... I swear they remove brain cells when they give you caesarean sections, I've had 3 so figure I don't have many brain cells left!!!

The weather is not motivating me to do much at the moment, but being a mum we carry on regardless (cause we're good like that) but I do really feel like starting in bed for a week at the moment & hoping that when I awake the rain will have stopped, lol!

Well, I did say this was going to be brief. So I'll end here for today & keep everything crossed that I get chance to offload some of this blog backlog tomorrow.

Tooddle-oo x

Thursday, 19 April 2012

A day at the races...


Saturday, 7th April 2012

A fun filled family day at the races at Kempton racecourse... Myself, Duncan, Cameron, Hermione, Anneliese all set for some fun at the races, we also invited along bestie & his family but alas the lovely Claire was working & he thought baby Jamie would not be up for it, so we took along Jason & Ollie with us.

Ollie introduced my children to a new car game that he plays 'Counting Sticks' - basically what Ollie means is counting the supports to bridges over roads (see picture)

The above motorway image (supplied via the modern technologies of Google) has 3 sticks, the highest number of sticks that got counted on our trip was the M25 bridge over the M40 slip road with a whopping 18 sticks!!!

Now being Easter Saturday & a family fun day there was lots going on, FREE face painting, Peppa & George (from Peppa Pig), Horrible Histories, an old fashioned sweetie stall with candy floss machine, a colouring competition table & various other things for the kiddies... They were even handing out little Lindt gold bunnies to all the children all day too =)


A selection of pictures of Peppa & George.    

After meeting & greeting with Peppa & George, the adults grabbing a quick coffee & the children getting sweeties from the old fashioned sweet stall, we headed off from the club house down to the picnic area to have our lunch - it was rather chilly to say the least!

The first race was at 1:35 & off we went to place our bets, bestie tried his best to explain the 'placepot' which I got the gist of that it works sort of like an accumulator, our attempts at the 'placepot' failed abysmally as we dipped out at the start with the very first race!

There were 6 more races at Kempton that day, the 2:05, 2:40, 3:15, 3:45, 4:20 & 4:55... Not that I did very well with my pickings at all, but it's the thrill of the race & the fun & excitement I like best!

I did however get a winner in the 4:20 with Eastern Sun at 9/2 & bestie captured me taking my winnings off the legendary celebrity CH4 bookie, Barry Dennis!!!

Collecting my winnings!!!

What a great day it was, here are a few more pictures of the day...

Artistic Horses on display

Walking to the track & the pretty fountains

The 3:15

The 3:45

Procrastinating... What was I going to do?!

As the title suggests today I have been doing such, I did my chores first thing this morning...

Put the washing away, washed my eldest's bedding, bathed the dog, cleaned the kitchen & then I planned to do some blogging while the bedding was in the tumble drier & the 2nd wash load was in the machine - so what did I do I hear you ask?!

I pottered around on Facebook for a little while, arranged to meet my friend Emma in the morning, made a few cups of coffee & then set up a new Neopet!

Now if you haven't heard of Neopets I have no idea where you have been or if you have children but it is a cute little website that has been running for years to my knowledge as I first found it when Cameron was just a baby, May 14th 2002 so almost 10 years ago!

The reason for creating a new Neopet is the simple fact I cannot log in & for whatever strange reason when I request my password I never receive an email to my AOL account where that profile is registered - this is very upsetting as I love my 2 original pets: Battu1a the female Korbat & Blunic0rn the male Uni, I also have 2 Grundo's on that profile too Grund0g (male) & Grund0lyn (female) but I cannot get to any of these pets :(

So now under my hotmail profile, I kicked out the old Neopet I had as I didn't much like the pet I had chosen & thought I would start from scratch, I now have a beautiful male Lupe called Lupiscuous:

Isn't he beautiful???  Now this is a very child friendly site, but juvenile adults can get hours of fun out of this site too, care for your pet, feed your pet go on quests, play games, gain NP (this is Neopian money), you can go to the auction house, bank your cash - there's absolutely everything there!

If you want to create your own Neopet or find out more for your children head to: Neopets

You can add me as a Neo friend too if you like, my used ID is: LyndaJane

Friday, 13 April 2012

A morning for it!

Yes, a morning for blogging... As I've said in my previous couple of blogs, I have a fair few stored up in the blog banks.

I've given up smoking as of 8pm, Thursday 12th April & although I'm not in anyway missing it, I'm missing doing something worth my hands... Now I wasn't a heavy smoker before you take that last statement the wrong way, but it's funny how bored your hands get when you're not using them!

I pretty much got up to date on all my washing yesterday, the house is looking reasonably tidy, our bed was changed Wednesday, the.children's needs have been striped today (yes, the bedding needs washing for the kidlets beds & they need making again) but my friend is not here till gone 1:30pm & I need something to pass the time.

Blog, blog, blogging is the only way... It gives,my hands plenty to do & also keeps my mind active in the process. I fancy a bit of Wii Fit or maybe some Just Dance this morning too - must keep up with the exercise now I'm off the fags!

The end is in sight too... It's Friday 13th & the kidlets are back to school come Monday 16th, it's been great having them off but a normal daily routine needs to be restored now!

Happy Friday Y'all, have a great day & enjoy the blogs!!!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Always something that holds me back!

I'm talking about blogging... I must have almost a dozen blogs or so, now just stored up in my head. I am so busy with everything right now, that there is never enough time however hard I try to get just a few minutes free!

It's one thing after another, there's the house that constantly needs tidying/cleaning, there's never ending washing to be cleaned/dried/sorted/put away, there's 3 adorable kidlets that need feeding/watering/entertaining while on Easter holidays, there's cats/chickens/fish/a dog that also need feeding/watering/care.

The phone has been mental this week, but mainly marketing calls which is so annoying - I just wish landline phones had a decline button like mobiles, it would make life so much simpler!

I've really got to get moving today as my friend is over with her 3 little angels tomorrow... Hopefully the weather will hold & we can take all 6 down Garth Park to run off some energy.

Wish me luck, as I really want to get some of these blogs out of storage before they get lost forever - my mind is not as good as it used to be & there is much fear that the blog material I have will get jumbled up between 2 or 3 blogs, this  will then end up being a very random blog that makes NO sense at all!

Mind your would you notice any difference in my blogs?! Lol