Friday, 27 April 2012


As the title suggests I am a little excited about 'blogging' at the moment...

I can blog on the PC, the laptop, my iPod touch & my HTC Sensation XL, it's a bloggers dream!!!  Although I still don't have the time to actually blog as much as I want to, there's always 'work' to be done, there's housework, chores, children, meals & all the other little menial tasks one incurs throughout day to day life when you are a SAHM - never-ending & the time just flies so quickly while the children are at school, you just can't get it all done & still have time for you!  Well, I can't manage it - maybe I am doing something wrong?!

So whats all the fuss about then?  I just love writing about anything & everything, I think I am quite creative in my writing too (but maybe I am not, who know's - maybe some comments at the end of this blog could help me verify this?) - I have a few blogs of my own including this one that I write, the 2nd blog I write alongside this is really about my cakes: *So·phis·ti·cakez! & then there is a new blog I recently started up due to some random Facebook status's that I used to put up (& sometimes occasionally still do) about Fairyland: *•°*˜☽ ☆ Sparkle 'n' Shine ☆ ☾˜*°• - I did start up a blog for my hubby's discos/karaokes, but I am not so good at up-dating that: Big Fun Entertainment Blog Spot... Perhaps I should up-date this one soon?!

I also follow a fair few blogs too (20 in total, I think that is more than enough (good job some don't post too often hey?!)), some local, some further afield - my personal favourites though are these: *Bicester Blogger (Jason (bestie) of course yours is in the top spot), Cook Along Kids (Chef Paul, I love the concept of this & the blog is great, I look forward to stage 2 where both Cameron & Hermione can sign up for more exciting cookery classes with you), Literacy Stuff (Mr Hill (our school's headmaster) set this blog up for when children are off school sick - great idea) & last but not least Laura's (Former) Expat Adventures (Laura, I miss you & really wish you would start blogging again (great to see all your updates on FB, but it's not the same)).

Recommended reading are any blogs that I have put a * before the link, don't get me wrong they're all great links, but some need updating & the others are very specific, but I like them as I have a connection with them through my hubby, children & the children's school.  But hey, if you have the time do look at all of them - I just don't have the time (most of the time, although sometimes I do get the time) Lol!

Well on that note & talking of time, I had best make a start on the children's dinner, as I have said it's never-ending here & there's always something to do!

Have a great weekend whatever you may be doing, let's just hope the weather improves so we're not all like drowned rats - it's been absolutely awful here in Oxfordshire for what seems like forever... Rain, rain go away now - PLEASE!!!!!

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