Wednesday, 2 May 2012

On the go... But trying to make time!

Exactly that, I'm always on the go with so much to do but I really am trying so hard to make time... I need to do this for me too, but hey you can't have it all can you?!

I'm currently sat in Belle Hair & Beauty (it's 9:25) waiting for my eyelash tint & eyebrow wax... Amazingly I was early, although the morning has not been that plain sailing at all!!!

I had a rather stressful morning before school, my eldest has High-functioning ASD/Asperger's & can have challenging behavior at times... This morning was no exception:
      He took almost an hour to get out of bed, then refused to get dressed as didn't want to go to breakfast club, making the girls late in the process, he continued to argue/back chat about random unimportant things before school & then spent forever cleaning his teeth, getting his shoes, searching for his pe trainers (which were at school) etc, etc, thus making us a few minutes delayed!

I had to walk him to his class door so he could find his trainers, which was making me have less time so no time for breakfast - thankfully Dunk had made me a coffee before he left for work, which I drank taking the girls to breakfast club... Must've looked odd walking up n down the road with my mug, but I wasn't going to not drink it!

Now I'm making time to blog as & when I can, so much so that's why I started this awaiting my beauty treatments - the joys of the blogger app on my phone! Gotta love it, eh?!

Albeit the time is now 2:17pm, so out with the laptop to try & get another blog or 2 done before school... Got 2 loads washing done & another to do, also the children have haircuts straight after school & Cameron has netball! Chloe (hairdresser) is not coming till 3:30 & netball ends 4:15, let's hope traffic is bad as girls just need a trim... Lol

NB/ 11-05-12: Note to self..... Don't start a blog on your phone app & then publish from your laptop - why? It is still saved on phone as a draft, which confuses the hell out of you if you don't manage to blog frequently! Lol

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