Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A snowy end to the month?!

Well as this month draws to an end & January is soon to be February in a matter of 13 hours 25 minutes I sit here wondering if we will end up getting a blanket of white settling on the ground to wake up to in the morning tomorrow?!

On the walk to school this morning (Tuesday 31-01-12) the children got all excited by the few tiny flakes that started falling as we walked the short distance down the street.

The sky most definitely looks promising of snow, now I know lots of drivers don't like the snow but personally I think it is beautiful & we're so lucky to get to see it. England doesn't necessarily get the best weather in the world we know that, but we are lucky enough to experience a little bit if everything... Wind, Rain, Hail, Storms, Sunshine, Breezes, Clouds, Rainbows

I admit I'm a naturally cold person, I don't mean cold in personality or heart I just feel the cold an awful lot (you'll often see me wrapped up like an Eskimo to have a cigarette outside shivering like I'm naked).

I like a bit of sunshine just so long as it's not too hot, this is only because I'm so fortunate to suffer from heat rash & heat stroke... I also tend to burn in the sun due to the medication I take (even have to use sun protection when its cloudy) lol!

Now I seem to have digressed from the title of this blog, this is alas due to life getting on the way as normal... There was school runs, household chores, a trip to town, etc, etc.

The chance of waking up to a blanket of snow (overnight) diminished over the morning, the clouds ended up looking decidedly like rain & it just got colder throughout the day.

It is now Wednesday morning as I finish off this blog, it is mighty cold & there was a definite frost this morning... But no snow, how the sky fooled me so yesterday morning!!!

Love my nails, except.....

Now you all must know by now how much I love my girlie nails?!

I have been going to USA nails since my birthday in 2011 & I must say they do a beautiful job. I have gels on my natural nails as mine are too weak & brittle due to the amount of washing of my hands (the disadvantage of being a creative cake maker & decorator).

I generally go for a nice vibrant base colour & then have some pretty nail art done to finish them off perfectly, I do love a bit of sparkle too so you'll often notice a splash of glitter thrown into the nail art just for good measure!
Now, I had my nails in-filled last week (where the natural nail grows & leaves a gap between the gel & nail) on Friday as I get them done every 3 weeks, although in hindsight I really should have had a take off & new set... I broke my thumb nail on my left hand on Sunday & today I broke my little finger nail on my right hand this morning!

Will this set last me until Friday 17th Feb when the are next due to be done??? I really hope so, but I'm not very confident that they will...

Here's just a few pictures of my beautiful nails, from my current design going back a few months:

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Loosing sight of important things?!

I have not blogged since Tuesday & that's simply because I have been so busy baking that my blog brain had gone AWOL!!!  Now I can't take credit for the subject of my blog today as I was inspired by my bestie & fellow blog writer Jason, but I thought to myself with his current blog of Friday that he does in fact have a fair few points that I can familiarise myself with & also put down from a woman's point of view too.

Here's Jason's blog if you haven't had chance to read it: Frustration

Now you will notice that Jason's blog title sounds slightly more aggressive than mine, well actually quite a bit more aggressive than my title... but I think that's because it is just a one word title, just my opinion of course but that's how I perceive it.

Isn't it easy to lose sight of those things that are so important?!  What I am talking about is how people in relationships (ie/ marriage) forget the important things like their partners needs because everything else gets in the way...

The home-maker is always looking after the children, keeping a tidy home, doing daily chores & such like, so often forgets to ask the partner how they're day has been at work as they are so focused on these other things that you wouldn't think take up much time - but alas indeed they really do, it is a constant battle one thing after another, 1 child needs attention for something & then another needs some attention for something else or the others start squabbling, the dinner needs cooking or the washing needs to be done it is never ending constant work - Yes, it is work... just unpaid.

Now I am quite self-concious of how easily this happens so I try to make an extra effort to not forget what's important, my husband, but I am only human & not by any means perfect, so even I do lose sight of this every now & again, especially if I have had an over demanding day... for example; kids to get to school, cakes to make/decorate, washing to be done, housework to do, pets to be fed, dinner to be cooked, kids playing up after school, after school clubs etc, etc!

Now on the other hand it is just as easy for your spouse to lose sight of these things too, they spend all day out at work & can have demanding jobs that cause them stress, they have the worry of bringing the money home to provide for the family - it is just too easy to forget that your partner is the most important person in your life & a simple hug or asking 'How's your day been?' can make the whole world of difference if they're having a tough time for whatever reason.

These are the ways I have been self-concious today: I posted on my hubby's FB wall this evening: 'Mwah, just because I think you deserve it xXx', I asked him how his evening at work was going, I told him I loved him, I made him a cup of Tea for when he returned from work & obviously I waited up to see him!  It's not a lot, but I am sure all these little things count for an awful lot in a relationship although sometimes they do get forgotten & half of the team feels forgotten about.

Today my husband has done the following little things that have made a difference to me: He brought me a cup of coffee in bed, he did household chores while I got bits from town, he told me he loves me, he made the lunch, he sent me texts while he was working & he just said 'probably the most amazing cup of Tea he's ever had' - Now I feel really great after that 1 comment, it's only a stupid little comment about a cup of Tea, but it's the best comment ever & makes me feel like I am an awesome person that looks after my husband.

When you first start a relationship, nothing gets in the way it is just the two of you & there are hardly any stresses or strains, but then as you get older children arrive each one causing a little more strain on the relationship as while they are very young they take up a lot of your time & can be quite demanding of attention at times if not all of the time & that's when things break down & you forget the little things that you used to do constantly, they dwindle off to just once or twice a month if you are lucky & that's when the couple often feel like they are unloved & unappreciated.  You forget that first & foremost you & your spouse are a couple, of course you are parents & you put your children first, but you must remember to take time for yourselves.

It isn't always easy to get that time to be a couple, when you have children unless you have amazing in-laws on both sides that live local & can help out at the drop of a hat with childcare, it can be quite an inconvenience in all honesty as you don't get people that will just have the kids so you can go out for a meal & a show, babysitters as we know cost money so if you wanted to take a trip to London that would in itself cost a small fortune & a babysitter on top would be another small fortune as you would want to be gone early afternoon & possibly not back till late at night or even the early hours of the following morning.  It's when you know these things that aren't that easy to organise that those little gestures, comments, hugs & such like are the moments that matter for you both as a couple.  Each person in the relationship feels like they belong, that what they're doing is worthwhile & that they too are in fact a person with feelings & is appreciated by their spouse.

On the other hand when these tiny little gestures get forgotten it is so easy for the respective spouse to feel worthless, unloved & unappreciated... I am sure we're all guilty of neglecting our loved ones as surely nobody can be that perfect once they have had children to keep up the level of affection that they gave before said children came along?!  It just isn't possible, but it is possible if you put your mind to it, to try & remember to make these little gestures - you just have to remind yourself to do it more often so you get a nice balance in the marital relationship.

Just because you have children you don't have to stop being a couple, I am sure that is why a lot of marriages end in divorce or separation - because people lose sight of each other when children come along, they get so focused on the children or their work & they forget about each other... If you want a marriage to last this can't be so, you must not lose sight of what each of you mean to each other or how you used to behave towards each other.  Take a few minutes a day to just have a hug, ask how their day has been or to tell your partner you love them - not a quick 'Love you' as you run out the house to work or before you hang up the phone, say it like you mean it... it means so much more & is sincere, don't get stuck in a routine of saying it just because & say it because in fact you still love your partner & you mean it!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Grrrrrr, stooopid app & weight loss... Or not!

Wasn't going to blog today, but I'm thoroughly peeved...

Firstly, I log in to Blogger via the app on my lovely new phone (almost a month old & I'm still in love with it) & I look at my list of blogs, then notice the OMG blog I wrote & published last week (Thursday I believe) was marked up as a draft on the app.

Now I know I published this blog as it appeared on my Facebook timeline courtesy of Networked Blogs & I can remember my good friend Jo Jo & my bestie Jason had both left comments on it!

Anyway, I figure as this copy on the app says it's a draft I should check it out & if needs be, delete the offending article... Sure enough when I go in to look at this said 'draft' blog article it was only a part written blog & not the completed blog that I had published. So I think to myself, yes it's a draft, it won't matter if I delete it... It has been published, all will be ok.

WRONG!!!!! Not only did it delete the draft but the complete published blog too - Arghhhhhhhh, so not happy! Stooopid bloody app "/

Secondly, most of my readers will know I attend Slimming World every Tuesday night & have been for almost 6 years now.

I don't profess to stick rigidly to plan every single week & I do occasionally go completely off plan, but generally as a rule I'm a pretty good member & stick to the plan as much as I possibly can.

However, this week I've been fairly good... Only deviating slightly off plan, but the couple of times this happened I made up for it with extra Body Magic (for those not in the know, this is exercise). I've walked a lot more, done Wii Fit, done Just Dance... There isn't much I haven't done on that front this week to be honest!

So why is it I can't put on a measly .5lb to get back in the bottom of my current target (or better still, loose 2.5lb to shift my target down to the next level) - this is so frustrating!!! Just staying stagnant normally doesn't bother me so, but that's when I'm in target... As I'm under target it is not good, I have to pay till I'm back in target or shift my target!

Now I should be thankful, I'm still a lot slimmer than I used to be, I eat a hell of a lot healthier & I am lighter than I was when I fell pregnant with my eldest Cameron (lost about 4-5 dress sizes). I'm far more concious of what I eat these days too.

When I think back to what I used to eat it makes me cringe with fear, I don't think I could do it now. For a brief example, I used to eat the following on a daily basis: Full Fat milk in coffee, hot chocolate, on it's own to drink, Gold Top (Jersey) milk on my breakfast cereal, Full Fat cheese & butter, White bread daily for sandwiches, countless packets of crisps, bars of chocolates, packets of sweets, Cheesy Chips (from the pub) & of course prior to kids I used to drink too, spirits, alchopops, cocktails... All this & more piled on the pounds!

I now hardly touch alcohol at all, rarely eat crisps or bread for that matter, occasionally I will treat myself with a few sweets, biscuits or some chocolate (but I know when to stop), I also generally drink/use either 1% fat milk or better still skimmed milk although I do on occasions use semi-skimmed at a push, I use lighter butter (when I have it) & where possible I use half-fat cheese. I also use extra lean mince & remove fat from other meats like bacon for instance.

Now a lot of people will say I don't need to loose any more weight, that I look fine as I am... But I do not feel fine, I've been 11.5lb lighter than I am now back in 2008 - I want to get to at least 9.5lb lighter & I will be happy. I want to look & feel good for me, not for anyone else. It's me that is not happy with the way I look & with sheer determination (& a lot of will power) I will again get there... It just might take a little time!

A few little rants, but ended positively... Hope you enjoy this blog & I won't be so stupid to delete any posts (drafts or otherwise) from the Blogger app on my phone ever again - doh!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Monday mornings...

What is it about Mondays??? They're at the start of every week, take exactly 144 hours (6 days) to come round & still they're the brunt of everyone's lives... People who work Monday-Friday hate Mondays after having a relaxing couple of days off & then having to go back to work, housewives/househusbands have to get back into routine of getting the children ready for school & making sure they get there on time, it's just a right old pain to be honest.

I suppose shift workers & people without a regular job or responsibilities of children don't fear Mondays as much as the rest of us though, I wonder if there is a day that those people fear & on what day does their week actually start?!

As for those poor people that do day shifts & night shifts... Well I guess their weeks are just completely messed up so do they even worry at all about any day in particular???

I find Mondays generally ok, a little mundane every other week & complete chaos the weeks in between... But ok in the whole, yes it's a struggle some Mondays after a karaoke night out & uncooperative children, but that doesn't happen every single week thankfully - they're normally very good at getting ready for school & back into routine, only occasionally if we've had a particularly busy or disruptive Sunday do Mondays take on that dreaded 'it's Monday' feeling!

Today was fairly ok, the children were a little uncooperative which meant we were slightly late for school... But only by a few minutes & the rest of the day has been pretty ok on the whole.

Just a little blog for today, more to come soon though blog followers... Enjoy!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday 13th... Superstition or something more?!

Now I've always been in two minds about superstition. There are lots of weird & wonderful old wives tales & sayings about what you should & shouldn't do in certain circumstances, for example here's a few that spring to my mind:

1) Break a mirror = 7 years bad luck
2) Salute a singular magpie = Avoids bad luck/news
3) See a black cat = Good luck
4) Walking under a ladder = Bad luck
5) Crossing paths on stairs = Unlucky
6) Finding a four leaf clover = Good luck/fortune
7) Never shun a gypsy = They'll curse you
8) Throw salt over shoulder = Good luck
9) Rabbits foot = Good luck
10) Find a penny = Brings good luck

But today being Friday the 13th January, I have had my fair share of what some may say is ill fate or is it just circumstantial?!  Here follows the 'Bad Luck' I have received so far today...

1) Pebbles is sick on the sofa & a cushion - So that has to be stripped & washed (the lovely hubby stripped it for me, so that was a stroke of good luck)
2) Oliver or Colin caught a pigeon & left feathers all over the garage - Need to pick all the bird debris up!
3) Forgot to take Anneliese's cooking money into school - Twice today (morning drop off & afternoon pick up... that will have to go in on Monday now)
4) Went to post a parcel (in same packaging it came in) back to supplier via recorded (the same way it arrived) - Was told the price, then asked to measure package only to be told it was too big to go recorded & would have to go Parcel Force at nearly £12 or Standard Parcel at £4.41 when it originally only cost £4.29 for recorded delivery when ordered
5) Went to PO straight from school & came home - Had to go back to Boots & Tesco as forgot
6) Go to Boots - Forget something I need to buy
7) Went on yet a third trip to town to M&S - Still forgot to go back to Boots!
8) Try to call the supplier who I sent the package back to - Just get answer machine
9) Try to log in my email to see if they've responded to my email sent first thing - I've been blocked due to being hacked!!!
10) Can't bloody type - Keep making major typo errors?! (this is soooooo unlike me & I have had to correct everything a million times before posting)

Now I know these are all little trivial things, but seriously how can so many things happen in just half a day?!  No doubt there's more to come given the course of events over the day so far, but I will not let it get the better of me.

Do I believe in superstition??? Yes & No, there's certain things I do without fail: I always salute singular magpies, I pick up pennies I find, I cross my fingers, I blow candles out on birthday cakes, I have a lucky pig... there are various other quirky things that I inadvertently do without even thinking about it & there are some things I think really?!?  So I don't worry about crossing people on stairs or walking under ladders etc - after today maybe I should???

Just a few moments ago another bit of ill fate happened to me... the phone rang, my brother went to grab it for me & then dropped it on the laptop thus shutting it down mid-blog - I then had to restart laptop as it said hadn't been shut down properly & then Google chrome had to restore the web page, by a sheer stroke of luck, the majority of the blog was still as I'd left it... Thanks Blogger =)

Right, let's see if I can actually cook the dinner without something going terribly wrong - I am glad I had no cakes to cook or decorate today & I only have to avoid two more Friday 13th's this year - so don't expect to find me in April or July on Friday 13th as I will be hiding after today's antics!!!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A festoon of festivities

A little later than I would've liked to blog about the festive period, but as I have not had that much laptop time since the event I had to wait until I could sit down & blog properly, with some good tunes playing & the ability to upload pictures from my camera onto my blog!

Here's a festoon of festivities, it all started for me really on Wednesday 21st December... Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve, Eve!!! Lol

So what happened I bet you're all wondering?!  Let me reveal an incite into my little magical world of festive bliss =)

(thank the stars for my constant FB status's as my memory isn't what it was 10 years ago)

I changed my hair colour on Wednesday 21st, now I normally go for Mystic Violet but the children had talked me into going for Cosmic Blue instead... I was a bit worried that: 1) it would be too black on me & make me look ghostly white, 2) it wouldn't suit me - to my surprise I was wrong on both counts, yes it was dark & quite black but it actually looked good & I thought the blue tint to it somehow managed to make my eyes stand out more.  We then went round to my bestie's place for Pre-Christmas nibbles, it was wonderful to see Claire, Jason & the kiddies, what was even better was the Mince Pie taste test between M&S Lattice Mince Pies & Heston Blumenthal Puff Pastry Mince Pies with Pine Sugar Dusting (I previously blogged about this HERE). After a very enjoyable afternoon, I had my nails Minx'd for a little Christmas treat to myself - I've never had them Minx'd before, but they did look beautiful for Christmas I must say.  We had a fairly chilled out evening after my nails had been done, Aisling joined us & we had the funniest conversation between her, Alison, myself & Duncan all sparked off from the Christmas Card I had brought Duncan!  Lol

Thursday 22nd itself was a pretty non-eventful day at home... well, unless you take into account the children were already very hyper before Christmas & Duncan was at work for his last day before his Christmas break & I was pulling my hair out!  Still the evening came & we were going to Funky Mike's karaoke down The Kings Arms, we hadn't been out on a Thursday since November 3rd so it was a very pleasant change... so pleasant that Duncan was drinking with Sparky Mark & shall we say, he ended up a little worse for wear much to most peoples amusement - thankfully he doesn't do this often, he deserted me & left me at the pub while he staggered home alone!  LMAO

I spent a day in the kitchen on Friday 23rd (7.5 hours to be precise), busy baking & decorating a selection of cupcakes for my gorgeous adopted daughters 25th birthday as she was celebrating that night at karaoke - so it was obvious it would be a cupcake-oke instead!  Alison had decided that as she always had a winter birthday she would have a change & go for a Hawaiian Beach Theme instead, so the cupcakes had to be fitting.  I had some icing cupcake toppers to link in with the theme & also made the following flavours: Strawberry Daiquiri, PiƱa Colada, Coconut & Chocolate!  It was a fabulous atmosphere in the pub that night, people out just before Christmas, people celebrating Alison's birthday & people just celebrating everything & having fun =)

Saturday 24th (Christmas Eve) was a good day as I managed to get my phone upgrade after waiting the best part of 2 years... never again will I have a 2 year contract, my last phone went for repair no less than 4 times & still needed repairing when I upgraded!  The joys of faulty phones... No less I love my new one though.  We popped round to see the Funky Fulfords & spread some festive cheer... only myself, Duncan & the girls went as Cameron wanted to stay home with Alison. After finally getting the children into bed at about 9.30pm I managed to chill a little by packing our bags to go to the In-Laws & finally playing Mrs Christmas - I couldn't wait to see the children's faces in the morning, think I was almost as hyper as them by the time Duncan got in from work!!!

Sunday 25th December... Christmas Day, Yay!!!  Posted a cheery Christmas status on FB just after midnight, opened my 1st present from my wifey Becky at 01:36 & proceeded to post a picture of my gift on FB, then at 02:00 I posted pictures of the piles of presents Santa & Mrs Claus had delivered to us & the children, finally at almost 03:00 I posted a picture of 3 Terry's Segsations that I opened before going to sleep as they said: You're Incredible! You Star & Big Kiss.  Got back up just after 07:30 with the kiddies & we opened our presents with Alison - I got the most beautiful 'Charmed' watch from Duncan amongst various other great items.  The children were pleased with the presents they received & all in all it was a very happy house on Christmas Day, we then headed over to Sharp Seniors Pad for Christmas lunch (Merlin was coming along with us too) with Mum & Dad Sharp & Granddad Doug (he is doing incredibly well for a 91 year old) as always lunch was bloody brilliant with home cooked Christmas Pudding which I videoed flaming this year instead of the obligatory photo!!!  We all watched the Christmas Dr Who special, which was absolutely amazing (the best yet in my opinion) - an all round fabulous day =)

Monday 26th December, Boxing Day... An almost complete Sharp Family Christmas with Mum & dad Sharp, Richard, Tim, Stuart, Treena, Nathan, Bronwen, Imogen & of course the five of us, me, Duncan, Cameron, Hermione & Anneliese.  It was full of fun, food, games & lots of laughs with silly prizes - The children behaved well & played with their cousins, the adults were as behaved as they could be, with the star of the show being Tim & his comedy impressions... job well done sir!

All in all Christmas 2011 was one of the best yet & I am already looking forward to Christmas 2012 to see if it can get any better?!  We'll just have to wait & see, only another 348 days to go: Countdown to Christmas 2012

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Blog in progress.....

Just a very quick brief tiny incy mini blog to tell you all that a proper HUGE blog is on it's way imminently, it's still in the writing process & awaiting some pictures to be put in (got to upload off camera first) - sorry for delay, but these things take time to fit in amongst everything else I try to get done in the week!

I have sorted out my Networked blog feed on FB though, so with any luck I won't need to post a link myself today... Fingers crossed anyway!

Well duties call being Tuesday there's plenty to do before I head off down the road to Slimming World - how will I have done this week I wonder?!

Monday, 9 January 2012

A little blog from the kitchen!

Well, it seems I have been as busy as ever & still have yet to find enough time to sit at the laptop to write a proper blog!!!

As the title suggests, I am currently in the kitchen cooking dinner for the three children... But hey, lucky for me I have the blogger app on my phone so I can blog away (even if it is just a mini taster blog again) while I cook - multi-tasking, got to love it!

Not a hard dinner to cook for the little cherubs today, they're having pasta, red pesto & chicken. Nice & healthy, they all eat it & they all eat without any complaints... Perfect meal time =)

This week is increasingly busy for me, I had PoSCh this morning (a support group for parents of children with additional needs), this afternoon I've spent on two school runs, hoovering, polishing & bathing the dog, now of course it's dinner duties...

Now tomorrow I get to see my very good friend Sam, she is one of the most amazing people I know & is one of my very closest best friends. It doesn't matter if we don't see each other for a few weeks or more, we always pick up where we left off & it never seems like we've been parted that long either! I've also got to talk cakes with someone & of course being Tuesday, I've got Slimming World in the evening - let's hope the scales are kind?!

Wednesday I have a Dr's appointment in the morning... First the nurse, then the doctor - can't wait!!! Still, I don't go unless I have to so I'm not a frequent visitor thankfully. Have to see a doctor never seen before though, always a but daunting but nothing overly personal to chat about fortunately!
I'm hopefully meeting some good friends for coffee on Thursday, just hope they can all attend as will be lovely if everyone is there. You know who you are people (I'm sending a text after this blog) x

Friday anything could happen yet... I'm hoping for an easy day, but when does that realistically happen when you have a home, children & husband to look after?! In between all the aforementioned tasks I will of course have household chores on a daily basis, they're never ending & always require a little work day to day!

Well, the dinner is ready for the little kidlets so my time blogging has come to an end as theyre now sitting down to eat at the table... I'll go have a quick cigarette as I'm going to eat with my hubby when he gets in from work & the kidlets are in bed.

More blogging soon, but not soon enough... Still got a few blogs stored in my head that I must get to a laptop to do!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Blagging behind...

Yes, I know... I said I would blog a couple of days ago, but hey I have a home to keep, 3 young children to care for & a family to keep happy, so with that in mind they all come first!

I still have plenty stored in my grey matter to blog about, it's just finding the time to do so!!! I am currently residing in bed with my iPod touch & the blogger app, happily tapping away just to give my avid blog followers something to read in the interim till I can sit at my laptop & actually type up a couple of good solid blogs on the subjects that are stowed away in a tiny corner of my brain amongst all the other info that is swirling around... S general mundane things such as Dr's appointments, vets appointments, after school clubs, husbands disco gigs, what I'm doing one day to the next, cake requests etc, etc, etc - it's all go!

I am trying to make a real conscious effort this year to do plenty of blogging as I love to read others blogs & feel sometimes I get so wrapped up in everyday life, when quite frankly a few minutes blogging gets things of my mind, puts down a record of events & generally releases some of the mental stresses - it's a good thing, do why don't I do it more?!

On that note, as this was only going to be a brief little blog (I feel I am rambling on about nothing) I think I should retire for the night & let you enjoy this little teaser taster blog... When I get the time to write a more comprehensive blog you won't know what's hit you! Lol

Monday, 2 January 2012

Ready for a year of blogging, amongst other things!

Just a quick short blog as my fingers have been itching since December 27th, but I just haven't found the time to sit & blog... Currently using the blogger app on my new phone, so it's all good, just means if I by chance get a quick five minutes I can knock a brief blog out... Whoo Hoo!

I will be blogging properly tomorrow, I've a few subjects I want to cover that are stored in my head, not sure sure if I'll do separate blogs or just a great big mammoth blog... What do you all think?!

Well, this is a short blog by my standards but hopefully it's a little bit of something to keep my fellow bloggers happy in the knowledge that there's still blog left in me & I'm not disappearing for months on end again like I have done in previous years!

Keep enjoying the blog, commenting & giving me feedback... It's all welcome & very much appreciated! Also if you read but don't follow, don't be shy just click follow... It's nice to know who is actually interested in the things I write, makes it all the more worthwhile in my opinion!

So, until tomorrow bloggers... I bid you farewell temporarily, but rest assured I will most definitely be back in the morning!!!