Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A snowy end to the month?!

Well as this month draws to an end & January is soon to be February in a matter of 13 hours 25 minutes I sit here wondering if we will end up getting a blanket of white settling on the ground to wake up to in the morning tomorrow?!

On the walk to school this morning (Tuesday 31-01-12) the children got all excited by the few tiny flakes that started falling as we walked the short distance down the street.

The sky most definitely looks promising of snow, now I know lots of drivers don't like the snow but personally I think it is beautiful & we're so lucky to get to see it. England doesn't necessarily get the best weather in the world we know that, but we are lucky enough to experience a little bit if everything... Wind, Rain, Hail, Storms, Sunshine, Breezes, Clouds, Rainbows

I admit I'm a naturally cold person, I don't mean cold in personality or heart I just feel the cold an awful lot (you'll often see me wrapped up like an Eskimo to have a cigarette outside shivering like I'm naked).

I like a bit of sunshine just so long as it's not too hot, this is only because I'm so fortunate to suffer from heat rash & heat stroke... I also tend to burn in the sun due to the medication I take (even have to use sun protection when its cloudy) lol!

Now I seem to have digressed from the title of this blog, this is alas due to life getting on the way as normal... There was school runs, household chores, a trip to town, etc, etc.

The chance of waking up to a blanket of snow (overnight) diminished over the morning, the clouds ended up looking decidedly like rain & it just got colder throughout the day.

It is now Wednesday morning as I finish off this blog, it is mighty cold & there was a definite frost this morning... But no snow, how the sky fooled me so yesterday morning!!!

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