Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday 13th... Superstition or something more?!

Now I've always been in two minds about superstition. There are lots of weird & wonderful old wives tales & sayings about what you should & shouldn't do in certain circumstances, for example here's a few that spring to my mind:

1) Break a mirror = 7 years bad luck
2) Salute a singular magpie = Avoids bad luck/news
3) See a black cat = Good luck
4) Walking under a ladder = Bad luck
5) Crossing paths on stairs = Unlucky
6) Finding a four leaf clover = Good luck/fortune
7) Never shun a gypsy = They'll curse you
8) Throw salt over shoulder = Good luck
9) Rabbits foot = Good luck
10) Find a penny = Brings good luck

But today being Friday the 13th January, I have had my fair share of what some may say is ill fate or is it just circumstantial?!  Here follows the 'Bad Luck' I have received so far today...

1) Pebbles is sick on the sofa & a cushion - So that has to be stripped & washed (the lovely hubby stripped it for me, so that was a stroke of good luck)
2) Oliver or Colin caught a pigeon & left feathers all over the garage - Need to pick all the bird debris up!
3) Forgot to take Anneliese's cooking money into school - Twice today (morning drop off & afternoon pick up... that will have to go in on Monday now)
4) Went to post a parcel (in same packaging it came in) back to supplier via recorded (the same way it arrived) - Was told the price, then asked to measure package only to be told it was too big to go recorded & would have to go Parcel Force at nearly £12 or Standard Parcel at £4.41 when it originally only cost £4.29 for recorded delivery when ordered
5) Went to PO straight from school & came home - Had to go back to Boots & Tesco as forgot
6) Go to Boots - Forget something I need to buy
7) Went on yet a third trip to town to M&S - Still forgot to go back to Boots!
8) Try to call the supplier who I sent the package back to - Just get answer machine
9) Try to log in my email to see if they've responded to my email sent first thing - I've been blocked due to being hacked!!!
10) Can't bloody type - Keep making major typo errors?! (this is soooooo unlike me & I have had to correct everything a million times before posting)

Now I know these are all little trivial things, but seriously how can so many things happen in just half a day?!  No doubt there's more to come given the course of events over the day so far, but I will not let it get the better of me.

Do I believe in superstition??? Yes & No, there's certain things I do without fail: I always salute singular magpies, I pick up pennies I find, I cross my fingers, I blow candles out on birthday cakes, I have a lucky pig... there are various other quirky things that I inadvertently do without even thinking about it & there are some things I think really?!?  So I don't worry about crossing people on stairs or walking under ladders etc - after today maybe I should???

Just a few moments ago another bit of ill fate happened to me... the phone rang, my brother went to grab it for me & then dropped it on the laptop thus shutting it down mid-blog - I then had to restart laptop as it said hadn't been shut down properly & then Google chrome had to restore the web page, by a sheer stroke of luck, the majority of the blog was still as I'd left it... Thanks Blogger =)

Right, let's see if I can actually cook the dinner without something going terribly wrong - I am glad I had no cakes to cook or decorate today & I only have to avoid two more Friday 13th's this year - so don't expect to find me in April or July on Friday 13th as I will be hiding after today's antics!!!

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