Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Love my nails, except.....

Now you all must know by now how much I love my girlie nails?!

I have been going to USA nails since my birthday in 2011 & I must say they do a beautiful job. I have gels on my natural nails as mine are too weak & brittle due to the amount of washing of my hands (the disadvantage of being a creative cake maker & decorator).

I generally go for a nice vibrant base colour & then have some pretty nail art done to finish them off perfectly, I do love a bit of sparkle too so you'll often notice a splash of glitter thrown into the nail art just for good measure!
Now, I had my nails in-filled last week (where the natural nail grows & leaves a gap between the gel & nail) on Friday as I get them done every 3 weeks, although in hindsight I really should have had a take off & new set... I broke my thumb nail on my left hand on Sunday & today I broke my little finger nail on my right hand this morning!

Will this set last me until Friday 17th Feb when the are next due to be done??? I really hope so, but I'm not very confident that they will...

Here's just a few pictures of my beautiful nails, from my current design going back a few months:


  1. arrgghh...bestie, you've just outblogged me for January, that's 10 - 9 to you unless I can come up with something before midnight - which bearing in mind I'm mega busy today looks unlikely!

    xx Jason

  2. Hahaha, 11-9... Whoop'd ya ass bestie!!!