Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tiresome Tuesday

So I've not blogged for a long time on here, for that one apologises but life has been pretty hectic & some for me. My eldest is now almost 13 & has various medical diagnoses but the most obvious is his Aspergers/High-Functioning Autism, my middle child is soon to be 11 & she is very hormonal, the youngest daughter recently turned 7.

In January 2013 I started medication for my epilepsy (this was the second lot of medication I've been put on as the previous if been put on in September 2012 I had a severe reaction to) I'm currently on Keppra which has just been increased again - it has some nasty side effects so for the next 2 weeks it'll be rough & then when it gets increased again in 2 weeks it shall also be tough for a while until my body gets used to these adjustments...

Today has been a tough day so far, first the middle child decided to be argumentative with me... She wouldn't come shopping & argued with every single thing I said - fortunately while out shopping she reflected on her actions, apologised (by note), had attempted to vacuum the lounge & made me a coffee, she is now behaving much nicer thankfully.

My son on the other hand started misbehaving as soon as we left for shopping, all because I said no to playing Minecraft... This is his current obsession & is out of control, we bought 'The Hobbit - the desolation of smaug' on BlueRay as it came with an exclusive Lego kit so he could have it, we also bought a lemon cheesecake that he requested too, but the behaviours got worse.

When home, he went & hid straight upstairs while the shopping was put away, the rest of us pitched together to do this & then had a Creme Egg Biscuit that I had already taken away a few weeks ago for his bad behaviour, he had to be persuaded to come down for that but soon went back into my room.

He then refused to come out of my room, so when told to come out & that he couldn't play Minecraft he had a complete anger outburst, throwing things downstairs, slamming doors, kicking walls, knocking over the rocking horse... He than opened his window & sat on the ledge (this was a regular occurrence last year), he was told of he didn't change his attitude then I would delete the game.

The behaviour continued more things were thrown the outburst didn't stop, so as I don't believe in empty threats the game went... Along with all saved data of worlds created. He is gradually calming down but I of course am the wicked mother for doing this, but I actually can't cope with this controlling behaviour of his anymore.

There are 5 of us in this house, 2 adults & 3 children... We all need to live together, communicate better, understand each other better, but because of the ages of the eldest 2 children being nearly 11 & 13, plus our sons issues times are trying on a daily basis.

High-Functioning Autism/Aspergers  is very challenging, like me with my Epilepsy on the outside we look normal but our brains are wired differently (mine just short-circuits, causing seizures or absences). I love my children dearly & do everything in my power to bring them up correctly, but being a parent is the hardest job in the world... There are no manuals, no 2 children are alike, no 2 children think the same, it is a massive learning curve.

I have decided now to take a silence vow for the rest of the day, that way I can do nothing more wrong to upset anyone. Doesn't matter if it upsets me, I am a robot now, cold & without feelings.

I shall hopefully come back soon with a nice cheerful blog for you to read, until then I apologise for any negativity but I'm just saying it as it is this isn't a complaint, it is just pointing out how hard it is living with a pre-teen boy with an autistic spectrum disorder & a middle daughter that's due to go to secondary school this September.

Life is a rollercoaster & you just have to ride it... Good job I'm a thrill seeker, hey?!