Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A festoon of festivities

A little later than I would've liked to blog about the festive period, but as I have not had that much laptop time since the event I had to wait until I could sit down & blog properly, with some good tunes playing & the ability to upload pictures from my camera onto my blog!

Here's a festoon of festivities, it all started for me really on Wednesday 21st December... Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve, Eve!!! Lol

So what happened I bet you're all wondering?!  Let me reveal an incite into my little magical world of festive bliss =)

(thank the stars for my constant FB status's as my memory isn't what it was 10 years ago)

I changed my hair colour on Wednesday 21st, now I normally go for Mystic Violet but the children had talked me into going for Cosmic Blue instead... I was a bit worried that: 1) it would be too black on me & make me look ghostly white, 2) it wouldn't suit me - to my surprise I was wrong on both counts, yes it was dark & quite black but it actually looked good & I thought the blue tint to it somehow managed to make my eyes stand out more.  We then went round to my bestie's place for Pre-Christmas nibbles, it was wonderful to see Claire, Jason & the kiddies, what was even better was the Mince Pie taste test between M&S Lattice Mince Pies & Heston Blumenthal Puff Pastry Mince Pies with Pine Sugar Dusting (I previously blogged about this HERE). After a very enjoyable afternoon, I had my nails Minx'd for a little Christmas treat to myself - I've never had them Minx'd before, but they did look beautiful for Christmas I must say.  We had a fairly chilled out evening after my nails had been done, Aisling joined us & we had the funniest conversation between her, Alison, myself & Duncan all sparked off from the Christmas Card I had brought Duncan!  Lol

Thursday 22nd itself was a pretty non-eventful day at home... well, unless you take into account the children were already very hyper before Christmas & Duncan was at work for his last day before his Christmas break & I was pulling my hair out!  Still the evening came & we were going to Funky Mike's karaoke down The Kings Arms, we hadn't been out on a Thursday since November 3rd so it was a very pleasant change... so pleasant that Duncan was drinking with Sparky Mark & shall we say, he ended up a little worse for wear much to most peoples amusement - thankfully he doesn't do this often, he deserted me & left me at the pub while he staggered home alone!  LMAO

I spent a day in the kitchen on Friday 23rd (7.5 hours to be precise), busy baking & decorating a selection of cupcakes for my gorgeous adopted daughters 25th birthday as she was celebrating that night at karaoke - so it was obvious it would be a cupcake-oke instead!  Alison had decided that as she always had a winter birthday she would have a change & go for a Hawaiian Beach Theme instead, so the cupcakes had to be fitting.  I had some icing cupcake toppers to link in with the theme & also made the following flavours: Strawberry Daiquiri, PiƱa Colada, Coconut & Chocolate!  It was a fabulous atmosphere in the pub that night, people out just before Christmas, people celebrating Alison's birthday & people just celebrating everything & having fun =)

Saturday 24th (Christmas Eve) was a good day as I managed to get my phone upgrade after waiting the best part of 2 years... never again will I have a 2 year contract, my last phone went for repair no less than 4 times & still needed repairing when I upgraded!  The joys of faulty phones... No less I love my new one though.  We popped round to see the Funky Fulfords & spread some festive cheer... only myself, Duncan & the girls went as Cameron wanted to stay home with Alison. After finally getting the children into bed at about 9.30pm I managed to chill a little by packing our bags to go to the In-Laws & finally playing Mrs Christmas - I couldn't wait to see the children's faces in the morning, think I was almost as hyper as them by the time Duncan got in from work!!!

Sunday 25th December... Christmas Day, Yay!!!  Posted a cheery Christmas status on FB just after midnight, opened my 1st present from my wifey Becky at 01:36 & proceeded to post a picture of my gift on FB, then at 02:00 I posted pictures of the piles of presents Santa & Mrs Claus had delivered to us & the children, finally at almost 03:00 I posted a picture of 3 Terry's Segsations that I opened before going to sleep as they said: You're Incredible! You Star & Big Kiss.  Got back up just after 07:30 with the kiddies & we opened our presents with Alison - I got the most beautiful 'Charmed' watch from Duncan amongst various other great items.  The children were pleased with the presents they received & all in all it was a very happy house on Christmas Day, we then headed over to Sharp Seniors Pad for Christmas lunch (Merlin was coming along with us too) with Mum & Dad Sharp & Granddad Doug (he is doing incredibly well for a 91 year old) as always lunch was bloody brilliant with home cooked Christmas Pudding which I videoed flaming this year instead of the obligatory photo!!!  We all watched the Christmas Dr Who special, which was absolutely amazing (the best yet in my opinion) - an all round fabulous day =)

Monday 26th December, Boxing Day... An almost complete Sharp Family Christmas with Mum & dad Sharp, Richard, Tim, Stuart, Treena, Nathan, Bronwen, Imogen & of course the five of us, me, Duncan, Cameron, Hermione & Anneliese.  It was full of fun, food, games & lots of laughs with silly prizes - The children behaved well & played with their cousins, the adults were as behaved as they could be, with the star of the show being Tim & his comedy impressions... job well done sir!

All in all Christmas 2011 was one of the best yet & I am already looking forward to Christmas 2012 to see if it can get any better?!  We'll just have to wait & see, only another 348 days to go: Countdown to Christmas 2012


  1. Wow Lynda that really was a mega blog! I'm really glad you & the family had such a fab Christmas, here's to many more x x x

  2. I did warn you it was going to be HUGE bestie... There was so much more I could've put in too, but I thought I better keep it to a fairly sensible level - Lol! x