Monday, 9 January 2012

A little blog from the kitchen!

Well, it seems I have been as busy as ever & still have yet to find enough time to sit at the laptop to write a proper blog!!!

As the title suggests, I am currently in the kitchen cooking dinner for the three children... But hey, lucky for me I have the blogger app on my phone so I can blog away (even if it is just a mini taster blog again) while I cook - multi-tasking, got to love it!

Not a hard dinner to cook for the little cherubs today, they're having pasta, red pesto & chicken. Nice & healthy, they all eat it & they all eat without any complaints... Perfect meal time =)

This week is increasingly busy for me, I had PoSCh this morning (a support group for parents of children with additional needs), this afternoon I've spent on two school runs, hoovering, polishing & bathing the dog, now of course it's dinner duties...

Now tomorrow I get to see my very good friend Sam, she is one of the most amazing people I know & is one of my very closest best friends. It doesn't matter if we don't see each other for a few weeks or more, we always pick up where we left off & it never seems like we've been parted that long either! I've also got to talk cakes with someone & of course being Tuesday, I've got Slimming World in the evening - let's hope the scales are kind?!

Wednesday I have a Dr's appointment in the morning... First the nurse, then the doctor - can't wait!!! Still, I don't go unless I have to so I'm not a frequent visitor thankfully. Have to see a doctor never seen before though, always a but daunting but nothing overly personal to chat about fortunately!
I'm hopefully meeting some good friends for coffee on Thursday, just hope they can all attend as will be lovely if everyone is there. You know who you are people (I'm sending a text after this blog) x

Friday anything could happen yet... I'm hoping for an easy day, but when does that realistically happen when you have a home, children & husband to look after?! In between all the aforementioned tasks I will of course have household chores on a daily basis, they're never ending & always require a little work day to day!

Well, the dinner is ready for the little kidlets so my time blogging has come to an end as theyre now sitting down to eat at the table... I'll go have a quick cigarette as I'm going to eat with my hubby when he gets in from work & the kidlets are in bed.

More blogging soon, but not soon enough... Still got a few blogs stored in my head that I must get to a laptop to do!

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