Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Meet the Angels

Now if you're a friend of mine on Facebook you may well have already had the pleasure of meeting my angels either in the flesh or through my photos, if not you may well be wondering what on Earth I am talking about?!

Earlier in the year I came across a most talented lady Louise Clark, she is truly amazing in her work & I'm just working out what gifts I am ordering from her for Christmas. I digress, sorry...

As I said I came across Lou & her work on Facebook, I can't remember where I first saw her but I haven't looked back since finding this wonderful lady & artist!

My first piece of glasswork from Lou is a lovely little wall hanging of a cupcake, seeing as I bake a lot I thought it was an apt little thing to hang on my wall so I brought one.

Well, my love of Lou's work didn't stop there I ordered a beautiful hanging for Cameron's teacher with some tulips on (her fav flowers) & the wording Thanks Mrs Clark - she loved it! I also got a little Dino hanging for my friends sons Christening which also went down well (I don't have pictures of these pieces on my iPod, sorry).

But I spotted back in June I think it was that Lou made angels, they were so pretty then she shared a picture of Wonky a pretty little angel who's eyes were slanted & she was well a little wonky hence the name!

This inspired me as Lou had posted picture of Wonky in various scenarios & I thought what a good idea, I love my photos & a unique angel like Wonky would be ideal!

Lopsy was then born... She is gorgeous & my little lopsided baking angel, she has a cupcake on her dress!

Now Lopsy has been on many adventures, but she was lonely & Looby Blu her cousin soon came to stay -she is much slimmer & has a little mug on her dress, don't figure how she is so slim as she drinks gallons of hot chocolate from her mug!

Soon Lopsy's non-identical twin sister La La came to stay with us too, she has a little coffee bean on her dress as she loves latte as much as I do & is a little crazy cause of all the caffeine!

I've yet to take all 3 out on a day trip, but the day will come...

My glass collection is growing nicely & it's all thanks to Louise, you can find her website here: www.iridescentglassdesign.co.uk

She also has a gorgeous page on Facebook where you can follow Wonky's adventures too!

Almost over...

Yes it's true, the school summer holidays are almost over. The children finished on Friday, July 20th & already it is August 21st - just over a month & 4.5wks in!

6.5 wks is such a long time for the school holidays (especially if you have no holiday or short break away planned) now my children have been fortunate enough to have had 5 days at their grandparents in Hayes & my youngest Anneliese also had a weekend away with her best friend Trinity.

But the thing is after a couple of weeks off, they're put of routine, bored & driving each other crackers (in turn this drives me crackers) - I love my children & love spending time with them, but the summer holidays is my most feared holiday from school out of them all.

I never seem to 100% enjoy them, not only do I have the day-to-day chores of looking after the house but I also have to amuse the children all day every day for almost 2 months! That's a long time, the older they get the more demanding I find.

Now when they're tiny they're so easy to please, trips to the park, drawing, puzzles, pretend play, crafts, it's just fun... Not do easy now, the park is loosing appeal with the older two especially (Anneliese still quite enjoys it), playing outside doesn't appeal to Cameron much, also this year the weather hasn't helped.

Everything exciting is too far away or too damn expensive... I would hop on a bus to Oxford for a cinema trip but that would cost a small fortune for me & 3 children over 5! Mind you hopefully with the town development this will be not so expensive next year when we have our own cinema in town!

It's been an expensive summer without day trips out in all fairness though, with Cameron off to secondary school this September & the need for new lunch boxes, plimsoles, shoes, trainers for the girls, the cost of Cameron's kit for secondary school must've grossed £150 alone for uniform, bags, pe kit, shoes, stationary etc!

So what's in store for the next couple of weeks?! Nothing planned as such except on Saturday myself & Anneliese have eye tests (mine is not due till Nov, but been having issues with my eyes) fortunately both Cameron & Hermione had theirs earlier in the year & both have fine vision without the need for glasses (yet) - I fear I may need new glasses & possibly to have to wear full time "/

Well, I will try to blog about something more exciting before the school holidays are through... Not sure what it'll be about though!

Thursday, 2 August 2012


Quite literally, I don't have enough time or hours in the day to keep checking FB...

So if you want me text me, those that matter have my number & if you want my number you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to find it out!

If for any weird reason you cannot text me, send me an email (again no super sleuth skills needed to obtain this) I have far too much to do & just don't have the time to keep checking if I have PM's or comments on my page.

If it's cake related email me at: sophisticakez@live.co.uk please, otherwise with all my usual emails & spam it will get lost if you send to my normal email account!!! Lol.

You will probably notice blogs, instagrams or activity on my cakey page around FB, but that's about it as I just don't have the time right now - don't miss me too much?! Ok???