Thursday, 16 February 2012


No, I just was so tired earlier that I slept for about 5-6 hours on the sofa & am now wide awake at 1:46am!!! What better thing to do to help send me back to sleep than blog???

What to blog about though?! Well I suppose a little recap of the past few days might be a good start... It's been fairly busy all in all, what with half-tem, sickness, trips out, birthdays & everything else in between!

Saturday was a double surprise whammy of celebrations, we set off for Sharp Seniors Place with cake & cupcakes in arms ready to surprise Duncan's little brother Stuart for his 40th birthday but little did Duncan's parents know we were also surprising them for their 65th birthdays & retirements, when the whole family had arrived we surprised them with a trip of a lifetime that we'd all clubbed together to get them - it was a lovely day except it was the start of almost 4 days of sickness for little Anneliese.

Anneliese was sick from after lunch on Saturday until Tuesday morning, which has been quite worrying as nothing was staying down & she was so lethargic, sleeping lots & generally not herself at all (fortunately she is better now & starting to eat small portions again). She did miss our day out on Tuesday though, but she got to spend the day with Nanny instead.

Tuesday, Valentine's Day we had a lovely day trip to London we took the kiddies to McDonald's (their choice) before heading on the tube to Olympia for the Doctor Who Experience... We've been before but that was almost 5 years ago when it was in Earls Court! I must say what a transformation from the previous experience & the interactive walk through was amazing with 3D Daleks, Cybermen & Weeping Angels attacking from all angles it was great! I suppose I should point out that at the exhibition, we met up with my bestie Jason & Claire so it was almost a double date apart from the kiddies! We went on to the London Sealife Aquarium after (again, we've been but not for a fair few years so lots of improvements) thankfully no queuing as our trusty Merlin passes got us straight in, it was very busy though but good none the less & I have a good selection of pictures on my camera from both places!

So what did I do today Wednesday?? Well I had a couple of cakes to decorate (can't divulge any information on these though yet) which took up most of the day, but I must say I am suitably pleased with myself again & really hope the two recipients will be pleased with the outcome too?! I can't wait to see their faces & the camera is already on charge to capture the moments.

I have a fairly stress free day tomorrow (Thursday, or today depending on if you're being pedantic or not)... The older two children will be at youth group from 1pm-6pm so will find something nice to do with Anneliese as she has been poorly the rest of the time & missed out on all the fun, maybe a trip to Costa is in order with her?! But I am looking forward to some karaoke at the Kings with my hubby, just got to sort out the babysitter problem & it's a good un!

Bit of a mixed bag blog today, but hopefully it's kept you amuses for a few minutes rather than sent you to sleep (which is what I should be doing at 02:14am, lol!)?! Right I think I will go to the bathroom & try to sleep now...

Monday, 13 February 2012

Blogs, Cakes & Pages...

As the title says, I will be concentrating on my Blogs, my Cakes & my Page - I'm taking a well deserved break away from Facebook, I will of course check-in to So•phis•ti•cakez & update the page & I'll respond to PM's, other than that I really can't be bothered with it any more. I have so little time as it is & I'd rather concentrate on what's important to me: my family, my hobby, close friends & finally ME!!!

I don't concentrate on me a lot, I'm always bottom of the list & actually I should be top, so I'm making a change & if people don't like it well then that's their problem, not mine.

I'll probably upload some photos to my actual profile, but that's about the size of it for the time being... My page will get the most exposure & air time out of me, I will be creating new things from Lynda's Little Kitchen that I'll need official tasters for as & when I don't have other projects that take priority - so pay attention to my page, you could be invited to try delicious treats!

As for my blogs, I've neglected them recently so I feel I should take the time out to just add a little blog when I can... I've managed both a cakey blog & obviously this blog today, so feel back in touch with the blog world - its very easy to get wrapped up in everything else, not anymore... I know what makes me happy & that's what I am focussing on.

Further ado, I have Brownies to bake & Flapjacks to make, a card to create & chores that can't wait, children to entertain & a dinner to prepare, some time for me?! Well, I'm aiming for some PS3 or Xbox or Wii, but well just have to see if that's possible!!!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Busy, busy, busy... But still smiling!

Yes, I'm busy, busy, busy... Household chores, school runs, cakes, birthdays there's so much on this month & we're already a week into the shortest month of the year - then it's my baby's 5th birthday, where did those 5 years go?!

So far this week I have already done a 4" square fruit cake & a 10" square fruit cake, I've still got an 8" round chocolate cake to decorate, a 10" square vanilla sponge, 12 vanilla cuppies & 12 chocolate cuppies to bake & decorate by Friday afternoon this week along with 2 x 5" round vanilla sponges that need baking, that's Weds, Thurs & Fri busy!

An easy day tomorrow as only day off from kitchen! Although not that easy, HSL worker on morning, birthday cards to write & send, washing to put away, washing to do, vacuuming, polishing you know all the normal chores got to strip n change girls beds too... The fun never ends here, lol!

How am I still smiling?! Well we're out on Friday as Dunk's not working, there's a family gathering this Saturday, it's half-term next week so an easy week without the school runs, we're also away overnight at the end of the month & going out to dinner with some very good friends - plenty to smile about =)

TV is also at its best at this time of year, we had the brilliant Sherlock, we've currently got the ever brilliant Hustle, there's Wild at Heart, a new series of Being Human just started, of course there's Dancing on Ice too... TV is just fab at the moment!!!

Happy, happy, happy... Don't burst my bubble now, ok?!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pinch, Punch..... February has begun!

Yes, it's the first day of February & what will it have in store for everyone?!

For me it is a frantic month, I have loads of birthdays coming up requiring cakes & cards, there's half-term where I have to amuse the children for a week, pancake day of course that cannot be missed or forgotten, hopefully my neurology appointment, Valentine's day, on top of that is all the normal household tasks & chores, then anything else that should crop up as well!

Currently today I am sat in the waiting room of Belle hair & beauty awaiting to have my eyelashes tinted. I was supposed to be having my eyebrows waxed too, but they just need a bit of a tidy as I needed to shape them last week - so having my top lip waxed instead.

So it's mid morning now & I'm home for a little bit, a load of washing in drier, another load in machine & a final load waiting. I've got online shopping to finish & then back to town for 1pm to see if USA nails can sort mine out (had more breakage since my nail blog & am not happy about it at all).

Cakes to plan & organise, I really want to do a little Wii Fit before the children finish school today - tried some yesterday but they're such a distraction my Wii Fit age was awful (normally in my 20's but was in the 40's yesterday). Still I am 1lb off changing my target at Slimming World, even though three Wii said I'd lost 3lb yesterday... Scales at group only said 1.5lb!!!

Good job with all the cakes I have to make this month I'll only get a little from one or two of them, else I'd never loose that lb!!! Lol

Well it's now 19:46 & no I didn't get round to any Wii Fit, although spent 2 hours in the nail bar having broken ones taken off & new tips with gels put on - wish they'd done this Friday so I didn't have to waste 2 hours sat board on my bum in nail bar... Still got a black crackle effect over a pale metallic pink, so they look pretty again!

Facebook is being naughty this evening, so I've given up with it for today... Think this blog is going to go the same way as I appear to have lost sight of the title & am just waffling on about the 'ins 'n' outs' of my day - sent you all to sleep yet?!

The fire is roaring, it's cosy & warm, LDTV is soon to commence, last load of washing to fold, must be time for a coffee & some chillaxing on the sofa!!!