Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Am I missing it?!

No, nope, not one incy, tincy, itty, bitty, bit...

I'm talking about Farcebook, sorry should I say Facebook?!

Now aside from the specific family members (you should all know who you are) I was in touch with regularly & a few dear friends (also I hope you realise who you are?) that I can actually say are friends.

Sadly I can say the majority of people that requested my friendship were either old school pals, nosey beggars or just fraudsters - hence I call it Farcebook!!! So many people abuse what was a good social network when it started out, these days there are so many that I will term as 'Cyber Trolls'

Most of these 'Cyber Trolls' sadly do not even realise what they do is so detrimental to others, as most people will not pick up on the subtle tell-tale signs some individuals post that things aren't just right: in fact even when the tell-tale signs ate blatantly obvious most people will overlook it or think things as 'he/she's just a drama queen, out for attention, wanting to be noticed' - but it is not as 'Black n White' as this.

Sometimes people just need some understanding, a friendly ear to listen, someone to talk to, a bit of empathy or just a hug. 'Cyber Trolls' rarely have a nice word to say, they keep quiet most of the time on what others post & then they just make little digs, chipping away at the person who may not be in the best of places, they could be suffering with anxieties, their self-esteem could be low & these 'Cyber Trolls' do not realise the damage they do...

Little digs when a person is vulnerable like this have a knock on effect (sometimes catastrophic effects) which is just awful. I'm sure they don't mean harm, but I'm also sure most are unaware of what damage these little digs can to ones soul. It is mental bullying & can be soul destroying & I for one have come across too many examples of pages, cakey friends & friends that have been subjected to such 'Cyber Trolls' that I have removed myself from such a negative environment.

There's enough sadness & negativity all around these days, so I'm talking a positive step to eradicate some from my life. I have my blogs, where I can write my thoughts down about anything & everything - after all I've freedom of speech, so therefore I'm speaking albeit in text form!

I still use Twitter as its not so offensive or full of 'Cyber Trolls' & of course I couldn't stop my Instagram antics as we all know how much I love my photos!!!

As for the dreaded Farcebook, I miss certain friends, family, cakey friends, my cakey hobby page, a couple of groups, a select couple of games but as for the endless drivel that sometimes certain individuals would gripe about & mindless 'Cyber Trolls' polluting the used to be nice social network - I do not miss it at all! In fact I can categorically say I miss smoking more & I don't actually miss that so Farcebook is well & truly off the cards for the foreseeable future for me.

Those that know me well enough & actually call me a friend that mean it, have my number, have my email, know my address & those that don't - who cares?! Not my problem anymore, I am creating my own happiness from now on. If you want cake there's ways to get in touch, but if you don't well I'm not complaining.

I may head back one day you never know, but which account I use I haven't decided... I've had 3 different accounts over the years, so it could be anyone of them if I return. But as I say it won't be in the foreseeable future, so don't hold your breath waiting - miss my photos?! Princess_Lyndypops is my Instagram... Miss my updates??? Lady_Cupcakez is my Twitter & you obviously know my blog if your reading this or you can look up my other on WordPress it's called: Photographic Opportunities

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