Monday, 13 February 2012

Blogs, Cakes & Pages...

As the title says, I will be concentrating on my Blogs, my Cakes & my Page - I'm taking a well deserved break away from Facebook, I will of course check-in to So•phis•ti•cakez & update the page & I'll respond to PM's, other than that I really can't be bothered with it any more. I have so little time as it is & I'd rather concentrate on what's important to me: my family, my hobby, close friends & finally ME!!!

I don't concentrate on me a lot, I'm always bottom of the list & actually I should be top, so I'm making a change & if people don't like it well then that's their problem, not mine.

I'll probably upload some photos to my actual profile, but that's about the size of it for the time being... My page will get the most exposure & air time out of me, I will be creating new things from Lynda's Little Kitchen that I'll need official tasters for as & when I don't have other projects that take priority - so pay attention to my page, you could be invited to try delicious treats!

As for my blogs, I've neglected them recently so I feel I should take the time out to just add a little blog when I can... I've managed both a cakey blog & obviously this blog today, so feel back in touch with the blog world - its very easy to get wrapped up in everything else, not anymore... I know what makes me happy & that's what I am focussing on.

Further ado, I have Brownies to bake & Flapjacks to make, a card to create & chores that can't wait, children to entertain & a dinner to prepare, some time for me?! Well, I'm aiming for some PS3 or Xbox or Wii, but well just have to see if that's possible!!!


  1. May I apply for the post of "Official Taster" I have an excellent cv of experience when it comes to sampling tasty goodies!

    As for putting yourself first I can highly recommend that. I am also quite familiar with being bottom of the pecking order so look after #1 sounds like a good plan!

    Jason x x

    PS: PS3 - GT5 - anytime you want a bash come and join me in one of my dirty racing rooms, great way of working off a bit of frustration!

    1. You can be official taster, but only of nut free recipes... Can't have my bestie keel over on me now can I?!

      GT5 sounds great, but not sure when... Never seem to get any time for 'me' these days "/

  2. Good, concentrate on you for once hun! Nobody has seen me because I've not been well and I have learned that It is best I look after myself which is good for you too. Waiting for messages of support that never happen is so not fun. Yup number one is best. Luv ya xxx

    1. Luv ya too babes, hope your ok?! Txt me of you need me, you know you only have to ask... Mwah xXx