Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Grrrrrr, stooopid app & weight loss... Or not!

Wasn't going to blog today, but I'm thoroughly peeved...

Firstly, I log in to Blogger via the app on my lovely new phone (almost a month old & I'm still in love with it) & I look at my list of blogs, then notice the OMG blog I wrote & published last week (Thursday I believe) was marked up as a draft on the app.

Now I know I published this blog as it appeared on my Facebook timeline courtesy of Networked Blogs & I can remember my good friend Jo Jo & my bestie Jason had both left comments on it!

Anyway, I figure as this copy on the app says it's a draft I should check it out & if needs be, delete the offending article... Sure enough when I go in to look at this said 'draft' blog article it was only a part written blog & not the completed blog that I had published. So I think to myself, yes it's a draft, it won't matter if I delete it... It has been published, all will be ok.

WRONG!!!!! Not only did it delete the draft but the complete published blog too - Arghhhhhhhh, so not happy! Stooopid bloody app "/

Secondly, most of my readers will know I attend Slimming World every Tuesday night & have been for almost 6 years now.

I don't profess to stick rigidly to plan every single week & I do occasionally go completely off plan, but generally as a rule I'm a pretty good member & stick to the plan as much as I possibly can.

However, this week I've been fairly good... Only deviating slightly off plan, but the couple of times this happened I made up for it with extra Body Magic (for those not in the know, this is exercise). I've walked a lot more, done Wii Fit, done Just Dance... There isn't much I haven't done on that front this week to be honest!

So why is it I can't put on a measly .5lb to get back in the bottom of my current target (or better still, loose 2.5lb to shift my target down to the next level) - this is so frustrating!!! Just staying stagnant normally doesn't bother me so, but that's when I'm in target... As I'm under target it is not good, I have to pay till I'm back in target or shift my target!

Now I should be thankful, I'm still a lot slimmer than I used to be, I eat a hell of a lot healthier & I am lighter than I was when I fell pregnant with my eldest Cameron (lost about 4-5 dress sizes). I'm far more concious of what I eat these days too.

When I think back to what I used to eat it makes me cringe with fear, I don't think I could do it now. For a brief example, I used to eat the following on a daily basis: Full Fat milk in coffee, hot chocolate, on it's own to drink, Gold Top (Jersey) milk on my breakfast cereal, Full Fat cheese & butter, White bread daily for sandwiches, countless packets of crisps, bars of chocolates, packets of sweets, Cheesy Chips (from the pub) & of course prior to kids I used to drink too, spirits, alchopops, cocktails... All this & more piled on the pounds!

I now hardly touch alcohol at all, rarely eat crisps or bread for that matter, occasionally I will treat myself with a few sweets, biscuits or some chocolate (but I know when to stop), I also generally drink/use either 1% fat milk or better still skimmed milk although I do on occasions use semi-skimmed at a push, I use lighter butter (when I have it) & where possible I use half-fat cheese. I also use extra lean mince & remove fat from other meats like bacon for instance.

Now a lot of people will say I don't need to loose any more weight, that I look fine as I am... But I do not feel fine, I've been 11.5lb lighter than I am now back in 2008 - I want to get to at least 9.5lb lighter & I will be happy. I want to look & feel good for me, not for anyone else. It's me that is not happy with the way I look & with sheer determination (& a lot of will power) I will again get there... It just might take a little time!

A few little rants, but ended positively... Hope you enjoy this blog & I won't be so stupid to delete any posts (drafts or otherwise) from the Blogger app on my phone ever again - doh!

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  1. I think karma deleted that blog as it was being mean about me.

    Anyway bestie, keep up the good work, I think you look fab on it!