Friday, 6 January 2012

Blagging behind...

Yes, I know... I said I would blog a couple of days ago, but hey I have a home to keep, 3 young children to care for & a family to keep happy, so with that in mind they all come first!

I still have plenty stored in my grey matter to blog about, it's just finding the time to do so!!! I am currently residing in bed with my iPod touch & the blogger app, happily tapping away just to give my avid blog followers something to read in the interim till I can sit at my laptop & actually type up a couple of good solid blogs on the subjects that are stowed away in a tiny corner of my brain amongst all the other info that is swirling around... S general mundane things such as Dr's appointments, vets appointments, after school clubs, husbands disco gigs, what I'm doing one day to the next, cake requests etc, etc, etc - it's all go!

I am trying to make a real conscious effort this year to do plenty of blogging as I love to read others blogs & feel sometimes I get so wrapped up in everyday life, when quite frankly a few minutes blogging gets things of my mind, puts down a record of events & generally releases some of the mental stresses - it's a good thing, do why don't I do it more?!

On that note, as this was only going to be a brief little blog (I feel I am rambling on about nothing) I think I should retire for the night & let you enjoy this little teaser taster blog... When I get the time to write a more comprehensive blog you won't know what's hit you! Lol

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