Sunday, 20 May 2012

Bathtime Blogging for Bicester Blogger!

Yes, I know the title sounds somewhat disturbing but believe me this blog will be nothing but clean (apart from the face mask I'm wearing, which looks like I'm plastered in mud)!!!
Scary, huh?!

Originally I was going to give this blog the title of 'Blissfully Bathing' but alas, that has about as much chance of happening in this house as I do of winning the lottery - absolutely not a hope!

Already I can hear the wonderful, joyful sounds of the children arguing with each other (shouting, screaming... If you have kids you'll know where I'm coming from) as I'm in the tub & Duncan is lovingly preparing the Sunday roast in the kitchen.

I am blogging from my bath why I hear you ask?!

       1) because of the blogger app on my phone
       2) because I'm awaiting the time my face mask needs to stay on &
       3) because bestie feels his fellow bloggers are blagging

Now I've dedicated this blog to bestie Jason (Bicester Blogger) because he was disappointed in the lack of blogs on his return from holiday... I often go periods without blogs, quite simply because I don't have time.

Yes, I have the means... PC, Laptop, iPod & Mobile all with the capability of being able to produce a blog (albeit with not so many bells n whistles if using the app on iPod or Mobile, such as I am now) but you still need a minimum of 5-10 free minutes to produce just a short mini blog.

The past few weeks I've barely had that to sit down, let alone blog. I don't like to blog in front of company or family... It's rude & I get distracted, so I really only have opportunity to blog during school hours.

That has it's own limitations with 3 children of various ages, different productions, trips, sharing assemblies, sick children, appointments etc. There's status's something to stop me in my blogging tracks.

Then there's the household chores, baking, helping friends out, shopping, support meetings it's never ending for example last week I had the following appointments:
                  Mon   - PoSCh (support group for children with special needs)
                  Tues  - Supporting a friend with a child that has similar                                  

                            difficulties to Cameron (recently diagnosed)
                  Weds - Meeting with Home-School-Link worker
                  Thurs - I had a day off & went to Oxford
                  Fri     - Sorting office, Dentist & then assisted a friend with 80 

                            Cuppies & 2 Giants (cupcakes that is)

I obviously had all the household chores on top, wash dog, put bins out, copious loads of washing, shopping, vacuuming, washing up, dinners, feeding dog n cats... So apart from Thurs I've been non-stop literally!

Hold on, I have to remove face mask it's been on too long now - 20 mins instead of 10 mins, see blogging isn't a quick task especially on the Mobile or from the bath! Lol

Now, I've retired from the bath & am currently sat in a towel on my bed in my purple boudoir! It's approx 45 mins since I paused to was off my face mask (the gorgeous 'cupcake' face mask from Lush I may add). I figured after that I should wash my hair seeing as I was beginning to resemble a mature prune & was as wrinkly as a 200 year old person, if not more!

So, I washed my hair with the gorgeous 'Jumping Juniper' shampoo bar from Lush, followed by the 'Jungle' solid conditioner bar (also from Lush) - now being a girl with hair just past the shoulders this is approx a 15 minute job start to finish as I comb through my conditioner thoroughly & rinse twice!

'Lush' products =)

I should point out I bathed in a beautiful bath that contained 'Hearts Desire' bath creamer from Bomb Cosmetics - similar company to Lush... The bath creamer is a mini bath bomb that contains Cocoa & Shea butters to moisturise skin!


I've just moisturised my arms further with 'Soft Coeur' from Lush & I feel wonderfully clean, softened, relaxed (strangely enough, even though it wasn't an overly relaxing bath with blogging & excess noise from the children) but I smell absolutely gorgeous - well I think so anyway!!!

Ordinarily, I'd put some 'chill out' tunes on my iPod but I just didn't get round to it today - oh, well I'll listen when I straighten my hair later! Lol

Bit of a mammoth blog this, but I think bestie deserves it as he's been knocking them out thick & fast since his return, 5 in a couple of days I think at my last count!

Just had another pause of about 45 minutes while we ate as a family, Duncan's roasts are the best... I don't care what anybody says, they truly are!!! Thank you hubby for a gorgeous meal =)

Mmmmmmm, looks good yes???

I've taken some pictures for this blog, so I can add those... But I'll have to pretty this up & reposition the pictures from my laptop in the week (hopefully) - I will also try to write some more blogs as I've got a few in my blog bank just waiting to be blogged!

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this 'little' blog & that it will keep your blog tastebuds going for now? So until next time blog fans..... & just lookie here, in less than 24 hours I have managed to get the laptop on & edit this blog to make it look pretty, pretty =)

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