Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Will you look at that?!

Yes bestie, I'm catching you up with the blogging again... 4 blogs in 4 days so far, actually if you count this that makes 5 blogs!

Sorry Jason, it had to be done - I do hope you're keeping up?!

There's no stopping me at the moment, albeit I'm painfully blogging from my phone... I know bestie you're not too keen on this method.

Now this isn't really that painful for me, I like the versatility that I can pretty much blog whenever & wherever (so long as time allows) but what I don't like about the mobile apps is:

             a) no bells or whistles - ie/
                  can't change font, colour,
                  size, style
             b) can't position photos
                  where you want them
             c) predictive txt has a lot to
                 answer for

I do as best I can, but it niggles me some as I like my blogs to look just so & I have to wait until I can log in from my laptop to edit them - this can be a whole week or more since I've blogged sometimes & if like this week I'm on a roll, then I can have a fair backlog of blogs to sort!

Still, the way I see it at present is it is saving my brain from the influx of blog backlog as there's a few that have been reserved in the brain storage bank for a fair while! I'm hopefully going to rectify that this week though...

I'm on a blogging mission now & I aim to succeed, failure is not an option - I managed to keep up with my mission of not smoking, I quit on Thursday 12th April... It'll be 6 whole weeks tomorrow & I am so proud of myself even if nobody else is!

I just have to get in my mindset to set a fitness mission & start doing more exercise again... I've been really slack & also, I have not been eating the healthiest as I've just not been in the mood for it!!!  It will happen, just not sure when.

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