Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I absolutely 'LOVE' Instagram!

Yes I cannot lie... I am totally in love with Instagram, I just wish it had a few more features but I really, really love it!

Whoever came up with this app is a pure genius, so simple yet so effective - I only wish I had more followers, but maybe blogging about it may help me out here?!

I pretty much Instagram everything & anything, I'm always snapping away on my phone with Instagram, sometimes I use Instagram on my iPod touch too! It's fabulous, it really is.

What is it (for those of you that may not have experienced it yet) it is a photographic app, that let's you social network through your photos!

You can add your friends through Twitter Facebook or search for users - I like the fact that I'm following Anthony Cotton, Dynamo, Jamie Oliver & Leona Lewis (to name a few) thanks to my Twitter account.

Anthony Cotton actually puts some amazing photos up! He is one of my favourites, I've a lot of fellow bakers on mine & some of the pictures are so inspiring to me.

Basically how it works, you take a picture either as standard & then transfer it to the app or you can use the app's camera feature that's built into it... Then the fun begins!!!

You can leave the photo as is or you can enhance it with various filters & a few simple effects. It is marvellous & I've created no less than 239 pictures (to date) since April 17th when I first installed the app!

I'll give you a few of my favourite shots to enjoy & if you want to follow me my ID is: princess_lyndypops




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