Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The curse of the fluffy chocolate rug!

I thought this blog needed a very catchy title as it's not at all going to be a glamorous blog! 
The Beautiful Fireplace!

We have a gorgeous open fireplace in our lounge, which we keep a rug in front of:
                   a) because it looks nice
                   b) saves the carpet from
                       rogue sparks
                   c) why not?! Lol

Well, this rug that we keep in front of the fire inevitably needs replacing every year-18 months due to everyday wear n tear!

Now I believe the current rug we have in situ is our 4th or 5th (but please don't quote me on that, you know what my brain is like) - I buy all my rugs from Next (generally in the Winter sale at a good price) & we changed to this rug when we decorated in December so it's only 5 months old!

But this rug has a terrible curse on it I am sure, since it has been down it has most definitely been put through it's paces without a doubt.

The dog, Merlin has p'd on it, the kitten, Colin has p'd on it, the old geriatric cat, Pebbles has p'd on it... It has been scrubbed & scrubbed with the floor brush, vanish carpet mousse & then it has been saturated in pet stain n odour remover spray too!

Today the curse struck again... At around 08:30 just before I was going to get Anneliese some breakfast all of a sudden she said she was going to be sick. I asked her to go to the bathroom, fortunately ours is downstairs, so it is only through the lounge... Alas, the poor little mite got up from the sofa & as she stepped on the rug - VOMIT!!!!!

She practically managed to cover the whole damn rug too & her school uniform, with a few splashes only reaching the surrounding carpet - so out came the floor brush, vanish mousse, bowl of soapy water & I'm scrubbing the rug yet again!

Now I like this rug, it is a dark chocolate brown & has a very fluffy boarder to the main rug, but as I say it is cursed... Every time you scrub it, the floor brush is covered in rug pile & needs detangling afterwards!

I'm not sure this rug is going to last it's full term out in front of the fire if this run of 'luck' continues... A massive rogue spark will no doubt fly out of the fire & set it alight!!!!! Lol

The 'cursed' Rug!

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  1. I think Jamie might have been sick on that at one point as well but I wiped it up with a baby wipe while you weren't looking.