Monday, 21 May 2012

Tic, Tic, Tic.....

What's that noise?  Yes it's the second hand rushing round the clock, going faster & faster & faster... well, that's how it feels to me!

Hard to believe that I was up at 7am & already the day has passed & it's now 6pm - where do the days go?! I just don't know, the time flies by so very fast the older I get it seems.

As I type the time is just flying past & dinner is on route, we're having a Chinese this evening as we're taking a night-off from cooking & sort of treating the older two children as they both have 'BIG' parts coming up in their forthcoming performances at school.

This blog will have to be finished later as the table needs setting, the plates getting out, the drinks made, the dog fed & cutlery laid... Back Soon (18:06)

Well it's now... 21:58 - See what I mean?! almost 4 hours has passed & what has been done?  Well dinner was served & eaten, the children got ready for bed & then got put to bed, we watched a little TV together, we've had a cuppa, I've changed my FB password yet again (had to reset on Weds & twice today, doing my head in now) & I have checked my emails.  You wouldn't think that would take 4 hours would you???

Now I suppose I should elaborate on these parts & performances; Hermione (middle child, aged 8) is a budding little actress & landed herself the part of 'Ratty' in 'Wind in the Willows' which is being performed next week, she has had to learn 28 lines & a load of songs (including two solos)... Very proud parents already (her small part in Robin Hood last year was outstanding), I just hope the school records the performance so we can treasure this forever.

Cameron (my eldest, almost 11) comes home today (bear in mind he only has till July 20th at primary school) & has landed the 3rd biggest part in his performance... He is to play 'Slack' in 'Pirates of the Curry Bean' - He will have 83 lines to learn & lots of songs (fortunately no solos though), his performance will be the 2nd week of July I believe so he doesn't have long to learn his lines at all!

Unfortunately poor Anneliese misses out on her performance as we will be off on holidays, not that she is much of a performer (she is the shy one) - but we'll have a nice family holiday, so I am sure she won't mind too much.

Time really does annoy me as it goes so very fast & I am sure that is why I never have enough time to do half the things I would like to do, things always take longer than expected too - it's a very vicious circle & I just wish children would make the most of it (time is never ending when you are young) they always seem to be 'BORED' when in fact they should be enjoying all the 'free' time they have on their hands... it soon goes when you grow up!

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