Monday, 23 April 2012

Maybe tomorrow?!

Well, just a very brief blog today readers... I've just had so much on as always & not sure if I'm coming or going!

But I'm looking after bestie's youngest Jamie tomorrow morning, so I figure if I take my laptop with me I may just be able to get a blog or two written up if I'm lucky!

I've sooooo much still to blog about & I really don't want to leave anything out, but having had 3 children the brain isn't what it used to be... I swear they remove brain cells when they give you caesarean sections, I've had 3 so figure I don't have many brain cells left!!!

The weather is not motivating me to do much at the moment, but being a mum we carry on regardless (cause we're good like that) but I do really feel like starting in bed for a week at the moment & hoping that when I awake the rain will have stopped, lol!

Well, I did say this was going to be brief. So I'll end here for today & keep everything crossed that I get chance to offload some of this blog backlog tomorrow.

Tooddle-oo x

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