Thursday, 19 April 2012

Procrastinating... What was I going to do?!

As the title suggests today I have been doing such, I did my chores first thing this morning...

Put the washing away, washed my eldest's bedding, bathed the dog, cleaned the kitchen & then I planned to do some blogging while the bedding was in the tumble drier & the 2nd wash load was in the machine - so what did I do I hear you ask?!

I pottered around on Facebook for a little while, arranged to meet my friend Emma in the morning, made a few cups of coffee & then set up a new Neopet!

Now if you haven't heard of Neopets I have no idea where you have been or if you have children but it is a cute little website that has been running for years to my knowledge as I first found it when Cameron was just a baby, May 14th 2002 so almost 10 years ago!

The reason for creating a new Neopet is the simple fact I cannot log in & for whatever strange reason when I request my password I never receive an email to my AOL account where that profile is registered - this is very upsetting as I love my 2 original pets: Battu1a the female Korbat & Blunic0rn the male Uni, I also have 2 Grundo's on that profile too Grund0g (male) & Grund0lyn (female) but I cannot get to any of these pets :(

So now under my hotmail profile, I kicked out the old Neopet I had as I didn't much like the pet I had chosen & thought I would start from scratch, I now have a beautiful male Lupe called Lupiscuous:

Isn't he beautiful???  Now this is a very child friendly site, but juvenile adults can get hours of fun out of this site too, care for your pet, feed your pet go on quests, play games, gain NP (this is Neopian money), you can go to the auction house, bank your cash - there's absolutely everything there!

If you want to create your own Neopet or find out more for your children head to: Neopets

You can add me as a Neo friend too if you like, my used ID is: LyndaJane

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