Friday, 13 April 2012

A morning for it!

Yes, a morning for blogging... As I've said in my previous couple of blogs, I have a fair few stored up in the blog banks.

I've given up smoking as of 8pm, Thursday 12th April & although I'm not in anyway missing it, I'm missing doing something worth my hands... Now I wasn't a heavy smoker before you take that last statement the wrong way, but it's funny how bored your hands get when you're not using them!

I pretty much got up to date on all my washing yesterday, the house is looking reasonably tidy, our bed was changed Wednesday, the.children's needs have been striped today (yes, the bedding needs washing for the kidlets beds & they need making again) but my friend is not here till gone 1:30pm & I need something to pass the time.

Blog, blog, blogging is the only way... It gives,my hands plenty to do & also keeps my mind active in the process. I fancy a bit of Wii Fit or maybe some Just Dance this morning too - must keep up with the exercise now I'm off the fags!

The end is in sight too... It's Friday 13th & the kidlets are back to school come Monday 16th, it's been great having them off but a normal daily routine needs to be restored now!

Happy Friday Y'all, have a great day & enjoy the blogs!!!

1 comment:

  1. Enjoying them as ever bestie, and fab news on the fags!

    And look I am being so good not even a rude comment about things you can do with your hands! Now that is unlike me! LMAO!

    Jason x