Tuesday, 24 April 2012

2 Down, Only a dozen or so to go!!!

What am I twittering on about now?! Blog, Blogs, Blogging!!!

I've today managed to type up 2 blogs so far, but still have another 12 or so to type (including this one I'm currently typing) Lol!

Will it indeed be possible I hear you ask???  Probably not today & will no doubt take me a couple of days to completely catch up with it all, but I am trying...

If you are familiar in blogging, you will both realise & know it is not just as simple as just sitting at a keyboard & letting it flow, well it isn't in my case at least!!!

I actually take time to think out my wording & grammar, I am quite meticulous in my writing & with my OCD I do try to get it perfect first time, every time - sometimes I come across little glitches that I just can't correct & they niggle me endlessly for example I tend not to look back at my previous blog about 'Herman causes kitchen chaos!' as there's a big background glitch that I just can't sort out & it bothers me no end :(

The glitch probably doesn't even bother anybody else as much as it bothers me, but ask my hubby Duncan how much silly little errors/glitches like this annoy the hell out of me - I'm sure he finds my quirks amusing but it really does bug me!

Now what other subjects do I have to cover?!  Well there are many varied topics that I am to blog about including the following: Fake ices, Hits, Followers, Blogs, Toilet humour, Children, Time, Weather, Cakes, KK's, Photo project, Fairies, Social networks to name just a few of the stored blogs in my backlogged blog bank!!!  Hahaha

I don't always type the lengthiest of blogs but most are generally at least 2-3 paragraphs minimum, which I think is highly acceptable when you have such a hectic lifestyle as I do... I just wish with all the rushing about I do that some weight would drop off now & then, I may get to a perfect size 10 & be happy about myself!


  1. Combine some entries into two? I often have a double blog like my current one - a smaller subject to start with (The Marmite) and then a main topic (Brain apps)

  2. Noooo, I don't do double blogs bestie - I like individual blogs or mixed bags with a mish mash of little topics in! Lol