Thursday, 12 April 2012

Always something that holds me back!

I'm talking about blogging... I must have almost a dozen blogs or so, now just stored up in my head. I am so busy with everything right now, that there is never enough time however hard I try to get just a few minutes free!

It's one thing after another, there's the house that constantly needs tidying/cleaning, there's never ending washing to be cleaned/dried/sorted/put away, there's 3 adorable kidlets that need feeding/watering/entertaining while on Easter holidays, there's cats/chickens/fish/a dog that also need feeding/watering/care.

The phone has been mental this week, but mainly marketing calls which is so annoying - I just wish landline phones had a decline button like mobiles, it would make life so much simpler!

I've really got to get moving today as my friend is over with her 3 little angels tomorrow... Hopefully the weather will hold & we can take all 6 down Garth Park to run off some energy.

Wish me luck, as I really want to get some of these blogs out of storage before they get lost forever - my mind is not as good as it used to be & there is much fear that the blog material I have will get jumbled up between 2 or 3 blogs, this  will then end up being a very random blog that makes NO sense at all!

Mind your would you notice any difference in my blogs?! Lol

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