Tuesday, 24 April 2012

No Photos...

Not really a big blog this post, but a quick blog to say that although I am currently trying to up-date my blog & get some of the dozen blogs that are stored in my head up out on to this page, there will actually just be words for the time being as I am currently sat round bestie's house minding Jamie while he is at a meeting & Claire is on a training course (waste of time writing this blog, bestie Jason has just returned, only just finished typing this up... lol).

I don't mind not having photos on my blogs, but a few of the blogs I am going to put up do actually have photos on my laptop at home, so I will have to add the photos in the next day or so instead - I do hope this doesn't detract from my blog at all?!

Now I don't always put photos in my blogs, but I do feel they add to them in a lot of cases - sometimes a blog is nothing without a photo to compliment it, I wish I had taken a photo for my 'Herman causes kitchen chaos!' blog... Now none the less it was a funny blog, but it would have been absolutely hilarious with photos so you could actually see the amont of chaos Herman actually caused!!!

Enough said on this matter I feel, on with the blogs - just hope they turn out ok, as it's weird using bestie's laptop which is an Acer like mine although a different model & a couple of inches narrower than mine, I am not typing as well as I do on my own!

Don't forget to read the small print below, hahaha

NB/ bestie you really need to clean your keyboard with the hoover... it's giving me issues (I won't add a picture to this blog, but I will point it out to you when you return) Lol!!!


  1. I do love a good photo, but writing can work just as well without, good luck with gettign your posts down and published

  2. Awww thanks Sarah, as you can see I haven't got any further than this 1 blog so far today - My life tends to go like this it's one thing after another & busy, busy, busy... I do like it like that though, better than being bored eh?! I thought you may enjoy a blog that I wrote back in December last year, it's titled Photos, photos, photos... If you get a few minutes look it up!