Wednesday, 28 March 2012

On a roll...

Yes, I'm most definitely on a roll... Not a white roll, brown roll, toilet roll or drum roll, but a blog roll!

The blogs are flowing abundantly, but that's because I've had a few stored up for some days & as a tightly coiled spring my blogs have bounced out & sprung to life!

So far this is the fourth today, I have another for this blog, one for my cake blog & another installment for my fairy blog, that if I manage to get them all done will bring me up to seven blogs in one day - impressive huh?!

Or do I just write a load of shite?! You decide & let me know via the comments to this blog please??? Not that it'll stop me writing as I actually quite enjoy it!

Blogger extremist - is it an addiction, obsession, compulsion?! Either way in my eyes it's all good & I personally think more people should blog, gets it all out there & hopefully brings enjoyment to others in the process =)

Well, I suppose I'd better get on with the next blog to continue my roll... Actually I may even have another blog up my sleeve for here come to think of it, that'll make it 8!

1 comment:

  1. Blogging is a wonderful thing, therapuetic for the soul and no yours are definitely not a load of shite! I always enjoy them and I know you like mine too. You are right, everyone should do it! x