Friday, 9 March 2012


Yes, apologies are very much in order my fellow blog followers... I started the blog year very well & was on a complete roll, then wham!!! I got hit out of the blue with a major whammy, it knocked me for 6 & alas the blogs had to take a back seat for a while (this is about to be rectified now).

I also need to apologise for not being myself the past 3 weeks, but my closest friends will know I've had a lot of turmoil going on of late so I think I can be excused to some extent?!

I'm slowly picking myself up, I have good days (yesterday for example, maybe it was the full moon though), I have bad days (manageable) & I even have very black days (these are never good). Today is a relaxed day, so its good & I'm blogging, what more could I want for right now?!

Apologies also go to my three cherubs, it has been a rough few weeks especially the 1st week where I had to have a little break away from you all again. It was so hard for me too & I can promise you that I Love You all so dearly, even if at times you try my patience to the extremes I really would never, ever change any if you. Cameron, Hermione, Anneliese, you are all so precious to me & have your own unique personalities, don't ever think I don't love you & carry on being yourselves, you are all wonderful!

Final apologies are for anyone's birthdays that I may have accidentally missed in this whole shebang, I know I've definitely missed a few but I can't for the life of me think who... Little brain dead at present, too much information overload & my head can't cope with it all - sorry & belated birthday wishes!

Now all my apologies are out of the way, I really should get on to some proper blogging as I have been neglecting them for a while now. On with the blogs!!!

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