Tuesday, 13 March 2012

March MaDnEsS... Yes, I think I'm cRaZy!!!

Hahahahaha, made you look!

I knew the title would grab your attention, but then I figure a little part of you would want to read my blogs anyway - am I right?!

Now I've been blagging behind on the blog front, so much so my bestie seems to be ploughing ahead (now I am a little competitive) we can't possibly have that can we??? Jason, prepare for some blog wars!!!!!

On with the blog, what shall I bloggage about anyway I wonder?!

Well, you will get a complete random mixed bag today... I don't have a specific topic & my mojo has gone walk abouts!

March is well under way, can't quite believe it's the 13th already. I feel as mad as a March hare, I don't know whether I'm coming or going... I'm here, there, everywhere with so much going on - it really is madness & I don't have time to think!

I've got parents evening this afternoon, which I'm quite looking forward to... It's always nice to see where your children's talents lie & how they're progressing through school, it is however a little hard to comprehend that Cameron will be going to secondary school in September - Eeeek, where have the last 8 yrs gone???

I think I need a break away from it all, couple of days at the Spa would be nice (only problem being I have to have adult supervision in the pool because of my epilepsy)  - oh well, shall dream about that one then!

Only about 3 weeks or so till Easter, Mmmmmm all that chocolate... Bit I must be good, I've worried hard to get my weight down & I'm fairly happily with it at the moment (just another 1/2 - 1 stone, should do it) - just got to maintain it comfortably now.

Well, this blog has been started & stopped, started & stopped, then started again... So on this note, I think this sitting I really should try & wrap it up!

Patents evening went extremely well, all 3 cherubs are coming along very well in school, I couldn't be prouder of them! So scary to think that Cameron only has 4 months left at primary school!!!

This weekend celebrates not only St Paddy's Day, but my Dad's 65th Birthday & of course Mother's Day too... So I'll be going out Saturday night to party & see all 3 in with style!

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