Wednesday, 28 March 2012

It's just NuTs!!!!!

Quite frankly roasted salted nuts should not be messed with in my honest opinion... It's just plain NUTS to mess with them!

Now dry roasted peanuts are acceptable, there's something about them but they have to be KP nuts... No other brand will do. The hot peanuts they do in pubs, Sahara's hot nuts, are a peanut encrusted in a crisp shell which has an exotic blend of spices that give them a little kick are acceptable too - they don't smell so pleasant, but they actually taste rather nice indeed!

I love Marmite but Marmite cashews are rather random, so best avoided - Marmite perhaps in most cases shouldn't be messed with either, I must say Marmite cheddar is amazing though... So much so the mini snack cheeses in this range are to die for, I'd even go so far as to say they're orgasmic!
Now stupidly in Tesco the other day I got over excited by my love of most things foody that contain lemon & coriander, I spotted on the nut shelf a new product... lemon & coriander cashews, so I thought oooh they sound nice let's try them!

HUGE mistake!!! What was I thinking?! They were not the nutty gorgeously tasty jumbo salted cashews that I love... 

They were a randomly tasting drab cashew, not a patch on the old faithfuls & I was soarly disappointed in them "/

Needless to say these cheeky rogues that tried to tempt my taste buds, will not be entering my basket, trolley, house or mouth EVER again!!!!!

The only other way I like to eat cashews is if they're in a chicken, pineapple & cashew dish from the Chinese takeaway - moto of this story, stick to what you know & don't deviate for gimmicky alternatives!

Now my bestie will not appreciate this blog so much due to his nut allergy, so here's a little tribute to him & his love of Eastman's Cheese Balls...

I never ventured by the crisps or maize snacks area so sadly didn't get to investigate if the huge Tesco at Aylesbury still stocked your beloved favourite cheesy snack. However, I still have a packet of the more expensive (but exact same product in Tesco packaging) sat in my cupboard waiting for you - I've included a picture of the said packet, just to tease you!!!


  1. are you sure these are the actual same Tesco balls? As the packet you have here is green whereas to my knowledge they have always come in Orange Packaging? Not that I am complaining, the picture looks accurate enough.

    As for the marmite cheeses, 100% with you on that. However I can't claim ever to have reached the heights of ecstacy you imply whilst consuming them. Perhaps the mood wasn't right, maybe I might take a couple up to my room when I get a quiet hour sometime and see what develops! lol x

  2. Yes, sorry these pictures were taken at around midnight & the lighting wasn't right - couldn't be ass'd to take new pics in the daylight, lol x

  3. Phew that's a relief, thought it might have been some horrible new lemon and coriander variant!

    What the use by date on these balls as you've had them a while now (sounds rude but serious question). Don't want them going out of date, do we?

  4. 07/07/12.... Think you're ok for a while yet & cheek of it, they were only brought beginning of this month!!! Tut - I may just let my cherubs eat them instead or feed them to the birds :P

  5. now now now!!!

    Dry roasted not for me.

    Lemon and coronation street Cashews, they were ok ish, would never buy them again I love the old faithful too much.

    Cheese Balls, love em and I promised them to Jason with cider during a manly get together so we may have to re-mortgage and buy some more. I will research and find out where you can get em.

    Marmite cheese nice very nice but they don't get me stiff let alone the full monty.

    Cashews in chinky.... yes please sounds like a date

    Hot nuts in pubs, they are ok, but you never know how long they have sat in that nasty looking machine

    Think thats it