Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Notes of Positivity

What a nice pleasantry I was greeted with as I went too post a letter this morning...

There stuck to the post box was a post-it note style heart with a little quote!

It brightened my day as I'd had a bit of bother before school with Miss Hermione & I was feeling a little deflated with the weather, not having smoked for 29 days either so I couldn't stress relief (don't get me wrong, I'm NOT going back to that EVER) - the note said: The most time wasted is the time spent thinking we are alone :)

'The most time wasted is the time spent thinking we are alone'

At that moment I thought to myself 'not a truer word said' I'm not the only parent that goes through battles with their children before school - but actually when you're at home having whatever issues/arguments/battles with your child/children it sometimes actually feels like you are!

I bumped into bestie Jason & pointed it out to him, saying I'd been inspired by it to blog: both on here & also on my photographic blog too!

We walked down Sheep Street I spotted another on the bench (opposite D2), then another on the town clock & bestie spotted another down Crown Walk on 'The Works' window!!!




As we parted ways bestie said to keep my eyes peeled for more post-it hearts... I spotted 3 others but the 2 I read weren't as inspiring as the 4 I'd already took photos of & the third I didn't manage to get close enough to even read it!

I am curious as to where these notes came from, as the handwriting is different on each note... Was it a project? Did someone think it was just a nice idea? I just don't know!!!

All I know was: it caught my attention & brightened my day, for which I am thankful... How many other people spotted these little cute quotes dotted around town today?!

A truly delightful little surprise on what turned out to be a dreary day, my find is STILL making me smile :0)


  1. They certainly brightened up "just another day" in Bicester x

  2. Yes they did bestie, I have one stuck on my kitchen cupboard above the kettle... it says "Keep Smiling" x