Monday, 8 October 2012

Unique Freak & Proud!

Yes... That's me!

Why do I say that? Well there's a few reasons but the top being my epilepsy - I've always had it my original Dr said I was just prone to black outs, but it took a change of surgery & then to 2000 after a referral to the Old Radcliffe when I was 26 to get first diagnosed, then just after I had Anneliese in 2007 there was much debate from my then neurologists if in fact I did have epilepsy & it took countless appointments, tests, scans to this September (21st, 2012) to have it 100% confirmed & permission to start taking medication to control the wretched condition!

Now as if that isn't bad enough..... I yet again am one of the 'rare' cases that has a severe allergic reaction to the medication they've tried to start me on - I had a severe allergic reaction back in 2006 (I was covered in hives from my thighs to my ankles) when they tried to put me on Fluoxetine (Anti-D meds) & had to come off them gradually (tablet every other day for a week I think it was).

Almost an identical reaction happened this time (I've had various side effects since starting on the lowest dose (2.5 weeks ago), I had only just got 1/2 way through the first week of 1 x 25mg Lamotrigine tablet twice a day) but this time I was starting my Anti-Epileptic meds, this major reaction came on out of the blue last night so straight to Dr's this morning & told in no uncertain terms Do Not take anymore! I was obviously worried about coming off to quick & risk of seizure, but Dr said this was better than being weaned off as reaction could be MUCH worse if I did that.

I dread to think what might've happened if I'd continued to take them?! So now I have to take allergy meds for the next 4-5 days or so till the reaction clears & I get to start another Anti-Epileptic med in 1-2 weeks time when this is safely out of my system.

It's hard to describe how intense the burning itch feels, I've hives from my belly button right to the soles of my feet & a few odd ones on my arms... It's hideous!!!

Check the pics if you don't believe me - the foot on the beige sofa was at 2:15 this afternoon, the others were taken just before I wrote this blog at 22:55, not much improvement from the allergy pill is there???
Still I'm uniquely me & like to be different!


  1. Hey guess what - I finally got an email notification through that you'd posted your blog! First time ever! lol x x

    Hope the meds will be settling down a bit by tomorrow! We've got lunch at Maba to look forward to!

  2. Yay you got an email alert! Whoop:0)

    I will have dosed up on allergy pills tomorrow morning, so should be good till 4/5pm when they start to wear off! It's all good bestie xXx