Thursday, 7 June 2012

Photographic Blogging

Yes, I'm going to venture into this too - it seems like the next step for me to take, due to the fact I love to blog & I love to take pictures with my cameras!

I say cameras as I own more than just 1... 1st there's my semi-pro Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 it's a few yrs old, but I love it even though it's only 10mp (it does have an 18x optical zoom). Then there's my pocket Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS42, now this is showing it's age, again it's a 10mp but only has a 4x optical zoom (pictures are ok, but sometimes not so sharp) & finally I have the camera on my phone, the HTC Sensation XL it's only 8mp, but takes wonderful pictures!

Now why a photographic blog?! Well I've actually been inspired by another blogger here, the wonderful Sallyann Rigby (you can find her blog here: Photographic Memories/ ) - now how did I get tempted into this blog of photography that I'm about to embark on???

Well, Sallyann stopped me in the street on 04/06 after the towns Jubilee procession (separate blog coming up about the Jubilee) & asked if she could take my photo for her blog! Being a fellow blogger & also a photo freak (what I like to call myself as I take so many shots of things) I said sure, just give me a link to your blog as I love a good blog!

Well, I've been following her blog on WordPress & I had to sign up to comment on the blog featuring me & I was inspired...

I thought oooh a photographic blog would be good, it doesn't have to be a lengthy blog like a lot of these blogs tend to be... I can just take a picture, publish it on my photographic blog & write a few words about my shot, what it symbolises to me, why I took it etc.

I'd still not 100% thought of a name for this blog when I started writing this entry for this blog & it's being hosted on WordPress rather than Blogger, so it's all new to me - but I'm rather excited by the new blog venture & hope you'll like it too?!

Here's a link to it & my very first blog entry is on it now 16/06: Photographic Opportunities

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