Saturday, 2 February 2013

Positively Calming

So I'm now relaxing in the bath with a 'Twilight' bath bomb from Lush, I have an app on my iPod to help me relax, I have a subtle scented candle lit, soft lighting & generally I'm starting to melt into it all...

I have decided I need more relaxation time to get rid of the daily stresses & strains of everyday life, believe it or not I used to listen to whale music & gregorian chants which both if which are very relaxing.

I am currently suffering with an extremely bad head cold, I ache, my nose is streaming, my head is crushed by the congestion this cold has brought with it - so I need to pamper myself & that's what I intend to do!

I've got my facial exfoliator & a warming mineral mask to help my skin feel better. Stress has caused a lot of blemishes to which my medication is not helping much, so self help is now required...

The gentle movement of the warm water around me is calming along with the app which is helping immensely - I shouldn't be blogging as I'm not relaxing completely doing this.

So with that, I shall finish this blog & drift in to tranquility, pampering myself fully - hopefully helping the cold shift a little too!

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  1. I had a lush bomb tonight was, well, for want of a better word - lush!!!