Saturday, 2 February 2013

A curse that cannot be avoided...

... So it seams I was right, Facebook is to take over the world & try as you may to break free from it's chains, you cannot avoid being part of it however hard you try!

I had started playing a game 'Word Trick' like Scrabble (or the other well known app Words With Friends) but with a tricky twist (much higher scoring) & this was linked to my Facebook account (which I deactivated) but as we know both Facebook & Apple rule the world, I was still getting notifications on my iPod to take my turn in these games or I would forfeit them! Arghhhhh

As if this wasn't enough to drive me to distraction, I couldn't play 'Words With Friends' with my good friend Sharla as that too was linked to my Facebook & it would not let me play unless I was logged in... This frustration goes further still, stick with it!

Then after writing a blog here & a blog on my photographic blog at Wordpress yesterday I get eMail through saying my blog syndication had failed as my blogs are set up to go to my Facebook page too! Grrrrrrrrr, getting majorly peeved with it all now!!!

But to top it off, even though my account was deactivated & I'd removed the app from both my phone & iPod (yet it reappeared as factory programmed to my phone) I got a text alert on a subscribed status (now this was my cousins so I wasn't too miffed about that, but it did tip me over the edge) Farcebook Rage!!!!!

Reluctantly I reactivated my account purely so I can get it closed down properly, all I want is a profile for my cakes... I don't mind having a personal profile for friends & family that live miles away but for anyone local I just don't see the point at all?! - I mean I see my friends at karaoke, on the school runs, meet for coffee... I have a phone, I don't need Facebook to contact my local friends.

You will not see any activity from me on the reactivated account unless its preprogrammed (like this blog) to syndicate up - so don't expect a reply or like from me, I'm not being rude & I'm not ignoring anyone I am not being ruled by Farcebook... Period!!!

Reasons for deactivating are on yesterday's blog, go have a read - it is not personal, nor have I blocked anyone... So don't take this to heart or think you've done anything wrong please.

Now I've got this out the way, I shall blog about what I was going to blog about & try to get in a more calmed state of mind, lol!

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  1. Yes, I have been trying to remove myself also and run into the same sort of problems. I was getting emails to tell me people had posted on my wall etc but have disabled that.

    I see facebook now as an interface - where links to my blogs can come through.

    As far as interation goes - my participation is now restricted largely to certain groups that I am a member of - for example, the racing group, and also the groups that relate to happenings at the Courtyard and at school. i.e. areas where I will find information relevant to my life - not the endless twaddle posted by other people that's of no interest to me.

    The only people I encounter in the racing forum are people who are interested in racing which is my number one "hobby", so that's a natural place for me to hang out.

    If I can get to the point where I NEVER look at the news feed, then that's an achievement.

    Plus I'm sick of the bitching, self-seeking drama queens and all that.

    You are also right in that it's hard to play interactive games without it.

    Facebook - I am kind of seeing it as a sort of necessary evil - but it's going to work for me, not the other way round.

    As for interaction, that's like you say, coffee, face to face, telephone (landline only in my case as I've ditched the mobile too - the only real use I have for it now is checking racing results when I am out).

    Anyway you've made the first steps towards breaking free! Remember facebook is YOUR slave, not the other way around! x x x