Thursday, 10 January 2013

Getting older & Getting colder!

I'm 39 this year (July 29th) so believe me a big ass party is on the cards for 2014 or at least it better be?! Hint, Hint...

Now I for one at the moment have no problems with getting older, it just doesn't bother me as apart from my health issues I still feel pretty young & hope that I look it too!

What I do have a problem with is the cold though... The older I am getting the more & more I am feeling the cold - I uses to think it was to do with the amount of padding one has: ie/ the thinner you were the more you felt the cold whereas if you are more rounded you are better insulated therefore do not feel it as much

Wrong!!! Since quitting smoking in October (3 months ago) I've gained a good stone in weight am I any warmer??? Not at all if anything I am much colder & don't go telling me it's colder now than it was then either. I'm basing my findings on previous January's & Years I am like a freaking ice queen!!!

For example: right now it is 1pm, the heating is on, the lounge door is shut, the cavity walls have good insulation, I have my snow boots on, skinny jeans, a long sleeved top, a thick hoody but yet I am sat here bloody shivering & my hands n feet are like ice blocks, my nose even feels frozen - what's that all about?

Am I the only person that things about this??? I have to say I'm glad I quit the tags as just the thought of standing outside is about unbearable, I know that sounds dramatic but I really wish you could feel exactly how cold I am!

It's not as if it is THAT cold today, it's around 2'C so not even freezing but to me it may as well be -2'C or colder for how I'm feeling.

Is it normal to feel colder the older you get??? Answers on a post card to:

The Ice Queen
Freezing Lane
Cold City

I'm going to go get a quilt in a minute & cosy up as I feel ridiculously cold, still being cold has a great advantage for pastry making if only I needed pastry today?! I've a cake to do for Sunday I just hope my hands warm up a little as too cold hands don't help when kneading fondant to make it pliable!!!

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