Thursday, 3 January 2013

Christmas is gone, the New Year has dawned!

So Christmas 2012 was just 11 days ago?! Not really that long ago is it, but yet the decs are down, hubby is back to work, Creme Eggs are in the shops & it's all just a bit of a blur really!

Shall we take a look back at the highs n lows of 2012? No let's not, I want to focus on all the positives this year so what great things happened for me last year then???

My eldest child Cameron started secondary school, my middle child Hermione gave an amazing performance in her school play, my youngest child Anneliese moved into year 1 at primary school, my good friend JoJo got engaged, my biatch Elaine found love, my niece Tiffany turned 18, my wifey Becky gave up smoking (as did myself & my hubby Duncan), I made some amazing new friends both online & in the flesh (too many to mention, but if they're reading this they should know who they all are), I learnt some new decorating skills, made some cakes to be extremely proud of, survived some very troubled times so all in all it wasn't such a bad year!

I didn't make any resolutions for New Year, what is the point anyway?! Most get broken so it is just better to try & stay true to yourself. I am going to try my hardest to look at all the positives in life rather than the negatives, this won't always be easy as I know all too well that things can get on top of you & drag you down, but I will try my hardest - I've managed to stay focused through some very bad difficulties while quitting smoking, but through sheer determination I've stuck to my guns & not crumbled on that, so I should be able to do this too.

I'm also going to really try n keep up with my blogging, didn't do too bad last year did I?! I think I managed 50 blogs on here alone, as for my other 3 blogs I've not checked & my brain is not as good at keeping all these statistics as my bestie Jason's brain - maybe he will chip in on the comments of my overall blog count for 2012?!

Well that's the highs of 2012, I wonder what lies in store for 2013??? Only time will tell I suppose!!!

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