Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter Exertion

Arghhhhhh, school holidays... I dread them! Not because I don't love my children, I absolutely adore them 100% but life with a special needs child is extremely demanding.

Easter holidays are particularly troublesome with all the extra sugary confection, now had I only had one child I could quite happily get around this problem... But, I have three - I cannot withhold treats from one, that just wouldn't be fair & as for withholding from them all?! Where's the fun in that???

I'm going all out this year, as I want my children to have a happy childhood that they remember with fondness. Fun, Fun, Fun that's what it should be like for a child.

My eldest however has high-functioning autism which in itself is challenging, but add excitement, visual stimulus & high quantities of sugar well that just adds to the equation.

Hyperactivity runs rife & is very tiring for the rest of the family... Try to withhold favourite tasks such as electronics games from him & then you get meltdowns, but what can you do?

If the weather had been warmer then I would've got the families Merlin passes for this year (we had a year off last year so the Theme Parks are calling) so that would make it a little easier to manage with something else fun to do with the children.

We had to prize the iPad from number one son today, just to get him in the bath... Now it's time to get him out that very bath, which always prove much 'fun' to whomever is assisting - fortunately, I don't have to do this so much now given he is almost 12 & it wouldn't be correct to carry on when his father is usually available to do the awkward task!

Well, here's to a Happy Easter to all... Don't over-indulge in too much chocolate, but most of all if you have children enjoy the time you spend with them for the next fortnight x

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