Saturday, 2 March 2013

Crapple, smapple, apple, apps n crapps!

No expletives in the title, hence the double PP's... But arghhhh, I despair I really, really do!

So long story short, phone is defunct after an accidental launch into orbit & crash landing on a bedside cabinet - not 100% defunct just 75%, ie/ most apps are now not playing ball despite restarting phone countless times (hence blogging from iPod as at present I can). Twitter has gone tits up, Farcebook is now Assbook as app gone belly up, blogger has been flushed down the bog too! Noooooooo, it's not funny!

As for Apple, Smapple apps being a pile of crapple (the main reason I will NEVER get an iPhone like the majority of Sheeple) it is preposterous!!! The Blogger app is currently working... Just, the txt is tricky to type as the autoscroll function is intermittent & the keypad keeps blocking my view of the text - so apologies for any typos that may sneak in here!

Assbook just isn't playing ball at all, if after 10 attempts the app launches then my posts go missing, I can't like or comment & it's drove me more mental than a March Hare... So it can Ass right off now!!! I knew I should've stayed off it & never reinstalled the stupid social media site.

Twitter won't load properly either so outta touch completely today, I don't like this at all as my fondly growing love for Twitter is now Tweetless.

A lot of games I used to play on my iPod the apps won't open or crash do much that I've just given up now too... But I do miss the old favourites like Bejeweled Blitz, Scramble, Words with Friends, Dream Zoo etc, etc.

At present I can still use Magic Piano, , Tree World, Candy Crush, Bubble Witch Saga, Word Trick & a few others but they all have their moments if crashing or not loading too.....

.... I think it is time to get the laptop out & back-up the iPod so I can wipe the data & reinstall to see if that helps?!

I'm due to upgrade my phone soon & it has insurance so if it keeps playing up I shall make use of the insurance I have been paying & get it repaired so when I upgrade later on I have a decent spare that is fully functional!

I'm getting more n more frustrated with technology these days, I can see the advantage in certain respects... Very good for businesses, mass inviting for events & such like but generally it is a royal pain in the ass!!!

We all rely on it far too much, smart phones, iPods, tablets, kindles everyone is becoming slaves to these machines - glued to them permanently. Well tonight I shall be without, my phone will be in my bag for contact with the babysitter but that is it.

Back to basics, I say... Children were more engaged in life & the great outdoors, people spoke to one another more freely & the world was a much brighter place!

Sorry it's a bit of an anti-techno rant kinda blog today, but it has become an ever increasing bug-bare as there are so many glitches & flaws, what's the point in it all?!

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