Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Lightening does strike twice...

Well it does in this house! Just almost 6yrs to the day my youngest Anneliese had the mildest case of chicken pox ever - 1 solitary spot on her head, bear in mind she was just over 2 months old, so I was rather pleased with this!

If you look through my previous blogs, back to 2007 you'll see an entry titled 'Why Does It All Go Wrong?!'

Hermione was the first to get 'The Pox' on April 30th 2007, she would've been a cute almost 3yrs 9mth old then! Cameron got it next on May 16th 2007, he was 5yrs 10mth old & suffered awfully - he was covered head to toes & the spots were all over even in every mucus membrane too, including the whites of his eyes!

I don't have a record to hand of the exact date I noticed Anneliese's solitary spot back then, but I think it was only a day or two after Cameron broke out in his rash. I remember the health visitor saying she may have got away with this mild case & never get them again, but she could actually suffer with them later in life if this wasn't the case.

I had actually thought myself lucky up until today as since she started nursery in September 2010 we've seen 'The Pox' come & go each year through the school but never had it return to the house... That was until now, getting ready for school this morning Anneliese complained of an itchy spot on her left foreseen  & another above her left breast bone (not that she has boobs yet), on inspection we counted 6 spots of varying sizes from tiny to just over the size of a pin head - to me these two itchy spots looked like chicken pox, but hubby was thinking insect bites... The more I looked the more I was concerned & decided to keep her away from school.

I myself had an epilepsy meds review this morning, so thought I'd try n get her in with the Dr to double check while there... I managed to get her an appointment 40 minutes after mine, not too bad. Before leaving home I decided to recount spots & draw around them - this way I'd know if any new spots appeared, there were 10 spots now!

So the Dr confirmed 'The Pox' & we're now stocked with calamine lotion, the two main spots are starting to blister fill now & more first stage spots are appearing, no doubt in a day or so she will be spotty all over.

I know she's itchy & with just a few spots she's not complaining that much yet, I think she is mist chuffed to be home with me alone, no school & just to be able to not do much at all.

I'm going to try n get photos throughout, got 3 this morning & going to take a few more now... I'll take some more maybe twice daily for the next few days at least, I'll do a collaboration collage with a blog write up once she is all crusty & scabby - she won't be contagious then x

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