Thursday, 5 September 2013

Back to the Blogger app

As you may know from my last blog here I'd swapped from an unstable version of the Blogger app over to Bloggeroid...

Now it was ok as an app, but any photos I'd posted using that app magically disappeared (must get round to re-adding these sometime soon) so I figured, let's reinstall the Blogger app & see if it's more stable again these days?!

So far, so good... I'm currently using the app while cooking the minions dinner, yes it's later than usual but Youth Group doesn't prevail me making it earlier as I like to spend time with the little lady while the older siblings are having fun at the hub.

Quick tea tonight, pasta, pesto & frankfurters... They're all happy with that, so that's what they're getting!

Another gloriously sunny day today, caught up with not one, not two but three good friends which was lovely.

First a final dog walk with Sam & the wonderful Tommy, he sure is going to make a brilliant guide dog - I will miss him as will Sam & her family, but the walks won't stop as me & Sam want more energy & to be healthier :)

Next I went to see Sally with some wool for her next masterpiece creation ooak for me... We had coffee, chatted & it was bliss!

Finally, walking through town I briefly bumped into the lovely Kay... We had a short but brief catch up, which was well overdue & we're going to try & squeeze a coffee in somewhere, who knows where but we will try so we can really catch up.

Dinner is cooked & I must serve up, so I bid you a good evening.

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