Saturday, 22 June 2013

Theme Park Frustration

Now if you've followed my blog for some time, are friends with me on Facebook or are privileged to know me in person you will know I'm a complete thrill seeker...

I love rollercoasters FACT!!!

Now last year we took a year out from getting Merlin Passes, we'd been avid Merlin Pass holders for 3 maybe 4 consecutive years (I forget as I'm getting older, that & my frazzled epileptic brain there's no hope for an elephants memory in all areas)...

So needless to say when the opportunity arose to renew our passes this year thanks to my thrifty saving up of Tesco clubcard vouchers & Nectar points, we had enough to get the whole family of fives passes!

We went to Legoland on June 8th & had a fantastic time with the children, the weather was perfect - this year it was even better, thanks to being non-smokers we didn't have to head over to the only smoking area ironically at The Fire Academy - more fun ride time & we watched the 'Pirates of Skeleton Bay' from a good vantage point.

Of course we still ran out of time to get everything covered in a day, but with Merlin Passes that's no big issue - Windsor is not so far away & we can go as and when we please within reason.

Sadly for the unforeseeable future there will be no more theme parks until we get family transport now... You see our beloved trusty family car has died a horrible death on June 11th.

Arghhhh, to have but a teaser taster of a theme park day is torture to me... I've been tracking progress of Alton Towers new epic World First fantastic ride 'The Smiler' for months & months - now I can't see getting there, let alone try out the new ride.

Looks awesome right??? I so, so, so want to go on it... Forget the epilepsy, I'm riding it - I've not officially had any indication of photosensitive epilepsy in previous tests (even though since my medication started this year I've had quite a few unexplained incidents which could possibly indicate I'm getting an epileptic problem in that area of my brain too) but NO, epilepsy does NOT own me & I shall ride The Smiler!

I'm just increasingly frustrated having not done Alton Towers since 2011 & it's by far my favorite theme park (of all I've tried, aside Disneyland Paris) - I want to go!!!

So if & when we are mobile again that's where I'm heading for sure... Who's up for coming with me???

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  1. I got a trip to Thorpe Park a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome.

    I actually enjoyed it more than Alton Towers, but maybe that is because it was my first ever visit, and AT has been done to death.

    Al is always asking if we are going to ALton Towers this year. It's one of his favorite questions.

    I really liked The Swarm (is that the right name) at TP, and it is now my favorite ride. I rode it several time, once in the front row, and once in teh rear row facing backwards. The front row is best!!!

    Still need to get to Falmingo Land. It is not to far from us, and peopel say it is good, but I have never been.