Thursday, 1 December 2011



Now this would be funny if it hadn't stressed me out so much in the first place... 

Imagine the scene, I place a large bath sheet, 2 bath towels, a hand towel, a bath mat, a pedestal mat & 2 flannels in the washing machine with my detergent dosing ball/cap/lid/thingamajig (whatever you want to call this device) & switch on the machine to wash my load of towels while I pop down town to meet my bessie Jason & good friend Jo for a nice chill out & Costa.

A large skinny latte (what is THAT mug all about?!)

The morning was most enjoyable, we drank coffee (I will never upgrade my medium skinny latte for large again as the mug is just too random for me), we chatted & then we went our separate ways, I did a spot of shopping before heading home.

Now on returning home, I dropped off my shopping in the lounge & then went to put my freshly laundered towels in the dryer... as I remove them one by one from the machine, I can't for the life of me find this blasted dosing contraption - where the hell has it gone, it can't just disappear?!

I proceed to shake the towels individually, thus removing any bunched up corners etc & to see if the offending article falls out to the floor... but alas, the thing is nowhere to be seen.  So, I shake my head & think ok I will check the machine again, I spin the drum round, nope it really isn't in the machine - odd???  So I then one by one shake each towel/flannel/mat individually again, but STILL there is no sign of the blasted thing!!!

The offending article - stupid dosing thingamajig!

Now by this point I am thinking it's no good it must have disintegrated in the washing machine cause I used a 40 Cotton wash instead of a 30 Synthetic & these things are not that heavy a plastic... Crazy I know, but I figure there is no other logical solution as I have triple checked everywhere & it hasn't appeared yet.  So I go off to the tumble dryer, thinking oh well I have another in the cupboard & start to load up the towels - I decide that I may as well just put them in I have checked them more than enough times & they were hanging directly over my arm...

I put in the flannels, followed by the mats, then goes the hand towel & low & behold when I put in the first bath towel what should fall to the floor?!  Yes, you guessed it the bloody stupid little dosing thing!!!  At that very moment I quoted my bessie's favourite line 'Unbelievable' - Jason, I am sure you would have been in fits of laughter had you been here.

My lovely freshly laundered towels

You really wouldn't believe it would you???  So unbelieveable I HAD to blog about this as I am STILL laughing about how stupidly crazy this actually was!!!